Orosa Beauty ‘The Winter Blues’ Bundle – Swatches + Skittle Manis


I first won a giveaway of Orosa Beauty’s fall collection, which is how I got to try out their formula originally. I fell in love with the shades then, and the square bottles just get me for some reason. They feel so classy and just so pretty on display. And of course, the polishes inside are gorgeous as well.

They’ve been so lovely to send me more of their shades, and I’m so thankful! I love getting to try out more of their shades, and am very tempted to pick up the rest of them off their website… Stay strong, Quinn.

Anyways, let’s look at this newest little bundle they sent me!

They call this the ‘Winter Blues’ and “it’s the only winter blues you need”. Living in Chicago where it’s just so dang cold and GRAY, I fully identified with that. It’s a selection of 5 of their cream shades, that’ll pair together in a lovely little combo mani.

I already had 2 of these shades previously, so the duplicates will be moving onto a good home with a friend. But I was excited to try out 3 new shades! I showed individual swatches of the polishes included, as well as some manis at the end!

First up we have ‘Moon’. It’s a lovely light warm-toned nude shade. It had a smooth easy formula and I got it pretty well opaque in just 2 coats. I did add a 3rd to cover up the patches I had from the ridges in my nails, but it was nice to paint on the nails. It’s a lovely neutral, and palette cleanser after all those deep vampy shades!

Orosa Beauty – Moon


Next up we have ‘Snow’. This is a very light, yellow-toned white sheer shade. Now this is meant to be more sheer on the nails, so it’s not going to be a fully opaque, intense white shade. It’s got a more squishy and jelly look on the nails. This was 3 coats built up and you can see that it still has a look of translucency to it.

I didn’t end up loving this shade on my nails, and that was fully just my nails. I think this would look very nice on someone with smoother nails, or if I used this with a ridge-filling base coat (I like to show shades completely on their own, as any normal buyer would wear them). Because my nails are so ridged, this shade was very uneven, and they continued to show through. I continued to try to build it up to fully smooth it out, but it was still uneven.

Overall not my favorite – and I think it’ll look better on other people.

Orosa Beauty – Snow


The other new-to-me shade was ‘Twilight’, a nice mid-tone cool toned blue cream shade. This had a beautiful formula and was an easy 2 coats on the nails. No complaints, and it’s a lovely shade!

Orosa Beauty – Twilight


Now we get into the two shades I already had. They’re part of their Fall 2019 release, and I reviewed them her in this post: Orosa Beauty Fall 2019 Collection – so check that out to see a more detailed review, as well as the other shades in that collection.

But let’s still quick talk about these 2 shades!

First up, we have ‘Wisteria’. This is a very light lilac cream shade. This was a smooth cream formula. Most people could easily get it opaque in 2 coats – I ended up doing a 3rd to fully smooth it out over the ridges in my nails. But this would be perfect for the spring coming up!

Orosa Beauty – Wisteria


The other shade I had received previously, also from the Fall 2019 collection, was ‘Midnight’. This is a super deep navy blue cream shade. This had a super pigmented formula and is basically opaque in just 1 easy coat. Nice and vampy for the rest of the cold winter days we’re going to get.



Now there are the individual shades – in this bundle Orosa curated these for wearing in skittle manis, so of course, I had to try that out! “Skittle Manis” are when you have a different shade on each nail to create a lovely little color story. I’ve done 1 or 2 now, and loved it and want to continue trying them out, especially to use more of my polishes at once!

So up first we have the order suggest by Orosa – with ‘Moon’ on the thumb (I cannot find a way to include my thumb in photos without it looking real silly, how do people do that?), then ‘Snow’, ‘Wisteria’, ‘Twilight’ and then ‘Midnight’. I did love this, and it really is a lovely “Winter Blues” mani. It reminds me of the snow and cold!


I also tried one popping ‘Moon’ in the middle. So it goes ‘Snow’, ‘Moon’, ‘Wisteria’ and then ‘Twilight’. ‘Moon’ gave it a pop of warmth, and I didn’t expect it to go together so well! I ended up loving this combination, and can’t wait to continue to wear these shades.



I’ve been loving getting into more simple and creative manis, as well as super simple nail art, so I can say you’ll definitely be seeing more of that on the blog! Everyone’s gotta start somewhere with nail art, and we can head on this journey together! I loved this lil bundle of shades, and thought it was a cool way to pair up their colors! Obviously ‘Snow’ wasn’t my favorite, but that’s a personal preference. Overall, there were a lot of lovely formulas here.


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4 thoughts on “Orosa Beauty ‘The Winter Blues’ Bundle – Swatches + Skittle Manis

  1. Twilight is so pretty, I love its dustiness! And I also love that you are dipping your toes (well, actually fingers :P) into nail art. I don’t know how people are able to take nice pictures that show thumbs either, they must have nicer hands than I do because yikes, no!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad to hear that! I’m definitely still very much a beginner so we’ll see how I improve! And my fingers are so long that it’s so hard to naturally get my thumbs in there for a photo 😂😂I want to know their secrets!

      Liked by 1 person

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