Sally Hansen ‘Shine Like a Diamond’ – New Miracle Gel Shades


Sally Hansen is a brand that’s always been on the edges of my radar. Whenever they release new colors or formulas I’m always interested, and want to try them. They can be more expensive, so that has deterred me a couple of times from just grabbing from their permanent line, or buying ALL of the shades of a new line (exept for the incredible Crayola collaborations that I snatched up all of them -pls bring out more, Sally. And the Jelly Belly collab was also amazing and unique.) They’ve had so many different formulas and finishes and lines, from the Mega Strength to the Matte Metallics and the plant based polishes, and they seem like they’re constantly putting out new and unique products. Now I have been lucky enough to receive some PR from Sally Hansen but it’s been sparse, and I’ve purchased most of the shades I own at this point myself, and will continue to buy things I’m not sent. I know I seem like I’m blabbering and gushing over Sally Hansen, but I’m mainly here to say that they’ve come out with some cool things and I’m always excited to try out the new things they’re coming out with (which does fully include their new Plant Based lacquer – I will def be picking some of those up to try them at some point).

So when they recently released 6 new shades in their Miracle Gel line in a collection they’re calling Shine Like a Diamond, I was very intrigued. Half are entirely new shades, and half are ones that were previously released that they brought back by popular demand. I’m not sure if they’re all permanent to the line now, but they haven’t said anything about them being limited edition either. I decided to pick up 5 of the 6. The one I left behind was ‘Mocha Me Crazy’, a light beige cream shade. It just didn’t grab my attention, and I’m trying to be a *touch* more selective with my polish buying (outside of the mainstream brands I regularly review, okay).

Their Miracle Gel line is said to be their long wearing polish, that mimics a gel finish without a UV lamp. Now, I don’t ever wear my polish for long enough to truly test the longevity, so I can’t say if it lasts longer than normal polish – however, polish is definitely personal and it can vary from person to person how long certain formulas will wear.

I hadn’t found these in store yet (they were just announced recently), though they’re showing online at, and – and I’m sure they’ll eventually be in each of these individual stores. I ended up buying these online off the Target website for $7.49 each (because I have no patience to wait). This was definitely the cheapest price for them, as they retail for $9.99 at both Walgreens and Ulta.  Target also has a low threshold for free shipping so they all shipped free – though I will say that I was thoroughly surprised that none of the shades were broken. Target, and Ulta, and other brands really need to be better at shipping polish instead of throwing it all in one bag with just 1 big air pack. My complaint for the day.

ANYWAYS, the polishes. They have the wide rounded Sally Hansen brush that definitely makes it very easy to just paint on easily and smoothly.  Now let’s get into the individual shades!

The first two shades I have are entirely new ones released in the collection.

Up first we have ‘Quartz and Kisses’. This is a shimmery pink shade with a purple shift to it, subtle larger multicolored glitters scattered throughout. It had a sheer 1st coat, but was smooth, so it could easily be a 1 coat, quick & easy nail look. It built up nicely in 2 coats – and continues to brighten even more with a 3rd. At that point the nail line was covered and it was an opaque look.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Quartz and Kisses

I ended up loving this one more once I had it on the nails! As you can see it has a stunning purple shift to it that I didn’t expect, and makes it so much more exciting than just a normal pink on the nails.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


‘Eternally Grapefruit’ is a shimmery peachy pink shade with a strong gold shimmer. It had a very similar formula to ‘Quartz & Kisses’ above, with a more sheer, yet smooth first coat that can make for a nice 1 coat nail look. It built up easily in 2 coats, though it was still a touch sheer. I added a 3rd and it was entirely built up and covered any nail line.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Eternally Grapefruit

Again, I loved this shade even more once it was on the nails as well! It shifts between more peachy, and more pink, and that gold shimmer adds some warmth to it. Was so surprised at the shift on this one and wasn’t expecting it at all!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Eternally Grapefruit


These next 3 shades are ones that were previously released, and then Sally Hansen brought them back. And there’s a good reason for that!

Up first is my favorite of the group for sure. This is ‘Sundown Socialite’ and it’s a gorgeous fiery copper orange shimmery base with an incredible red shift to it. This was originally released in the summer of 2018 with the Sunset Splash collection.

This could be a little uneven on the 1st coat, but it built up nicely in 2 easy coats. I found this one dried quickly, so any additional coats were so easy.

And just look at that shift!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Sundown Socialite

I couldn’t stop staring at this shade on my nails because it was so shifty, and even in indirect lighting I could see the full shift from orange to red.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Sundown Socialite

You’ll just get a million photos of it because it’s so goddamn gorgeous.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Sundown Socialite

Just look at it. If you’re going to get just 1 of these shades, make it this lovely one.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Sundown Socialite


Continuing right along, we have ‘Sprinkled with Love’. This is a foiled teal blue shade with tons of silver sparkle all throughout. This was originally released in the Decadence collection for Holiday 2018.

This had a beautiful formula and could basically be opaque in just 1 coat. I could build it up with 1 coat if you just paint on a couple more strokes with the polish left on the brush – it’s very easy to control and is so smooth on the nails. I did 2 coats here just to be sure, but it was a lovely formula overall.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Sprinkled with Love

This does remind me of Holiday, or just winter in general, so it’ll be nice for the rest of the gray winter we’ll be having here for what feels like the next 4 months.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Sprinkled with Love


Last but certainly not least, we have the shade that I was most excited was making a comeback. I knew I wanted to pick this up, and it basically led to me picking up the other 4 shades, so we can blame it for everything here.

This is ‘Metro Midnight’ and it’s a gorgeous purple toned scattered holographic shade. This also released in the Sunset Splash collection with ‘Sundown Socialite’, and it’s easy to see why it was brought back.

This had a more sheer 1st coat, though like the others it was smooth and could be worn as an easy 1 coat look. It built up nicely and was pretty well opaque in just 2 coats, and the color deepened a touch more with a 3rd coat. Overall a super smooth formula and so easy to paint onto the nails, even when adding additional coats.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Metro Midnight

I was so happy with how much that holo jumped out on the nails, and was so glad I got a 2nd chance to pick up this shade. I’m a sucker for any sort of holo that any mainstream brand puts out, so this didn’t disappoint!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Metro Midnight


I’m so glad I decided to pick up these shades! There were a ton of interesting finishes, and between those shifty shades and the scattered holographic, these add some unique polishes to my large collection. Sally Hansen has been putting out some really cool finishes lately, so I can’t wait to see what they continue to put out!


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  1. I will definitely be on the lookout for Sundown Socialite on my shopping trip tomorrow, yesssss, so glad they brought it back! Looks absolutely stunning!!! Sprinkled With Love is interesting too, I could see myself not being able to resist it if I happen upon it *__*

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