Lights Lacquer – Individual Shades Swatches

Lights Lacquer is showing a trend of releasing individual shades outside of their collections, and I’m showing a trend of picking up every single polish they release. Listen, I’m a blogger and I’m just CURIOUS, OKAY. And for the first two, okay I was ordering anyways and just chucked them in, save on shipping and everything. Either way you’ll be getting swatches of them in case you’re curious how they look and if you want to order them, so it’s all about helping the reader, really.

They’ve now released two* (at the time of originally writing this, I’m sure there will be many more) of these individual shades. I’ve picked up both so far, and as they continue to release, and I pick them up, I’ll be adding onto and updating this post with swatches of each new shade! That way it’s much easier to find them all in one place. There’s also links to my reviews of their full collections at the end, so it’ll be like a whole Lights Lacquer resource. WOO!

As always, these are available on the Lights Lacquer website, and each polish retails for $9.50 each.

Onto the swatches!

Cold Turkey
Release: November 2019

The first individual shade they released was ‘Cold Turkey’ and as you might have guessed by the name, it was released right around Thanksgiving of 2019. This is a nice dusty teal cream shade. This had a stunning formula, and was basically opaque in 1 easy coat. So smooth, and just floated onto the nails so easily.


And for your reference, here it is compared to ‘Jefa’ from the GRL PWR collection. ‘Cold Turkey’ is much more blue than ‘Jefa’, though they’re the same depth of color.


Release: Jan. 3, 2020

‘Moonstone’ is a clear jelly base with larger iridescent flakes that shift between green, bright blue, and purple.


Here is one coat over ‘Emerald’ from the Polished Gems collections. I think this topper definitely shines the best over darker cream bases.

This is definitely an interesting topper, I will say. The flakies are much bigger than I was expecting, so they were a little more finnicky. Painting it on, you can get pretty good distribution, though you may need to pick up more flakes and place them on the nails with the end of the brush.


You can see in this picture especially that they can stick up, and be a little more uneven, since they are larger. So they’ll need a thicker coat of top coat to fully even out and smooth the surface of the nails.


Here, over ‘Cold Turkey’, you can see more of the distribution issues. I think if you’re trying to just go quick and paint it on bim bam boom, it’s not going to look great. It’ll be uneven, the brush can pull off flakes that were already there, and you get a weird little look. So I definitely recommend doing a slow thicker coat over the nail first, and then taking time to pick up and place more flakies onto the nail as needed. It can be a wee bit of a learning curve, and a little hit and miss with the few first uses.


So I’m definitely not sure how I feel about it. I do think it can be beautiful over certain polishes, but it can definitely be more finnicky. I feel that not everyone is going to love this, so it’s about the look overall and whether thats something you’re interested in. And knowing these are chunky flakies and can take a little more placing and finagling. It’s all up to you!


As I said, I’ll continue to update this post with the individual releases as they come out! So stay tuned, and they’ll be posted on my Instagram as well.


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3 thoughts on “Lights Lacquer – Individual Shades Swatches

  1. For some reason, I expected the flakes in Moonstone to be smaller! I do love an iridescent topper, but would expect better from a more indie/boutique polish. Cold Turkey on the other hand looks like absolute perfection! So delicious!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, I was definitely most surprised at the size and it definitely made the polish a little more work to use! And omg yes, I absolutely love Cold Turkey so much. I hope they continue to give us more shades in this depth, lots more dusty-toned colors!

      Liked by 1 person

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