Lights Lacquer GRL PWR Collection

I’m currently battling a gnarly chest cold, and hacking up a nice dry cough, so you know, perfect time to hole up and talk about nail polish! I feel like I use a lot of things as excuses to hole up and swatch and talk about nail polish, but it’s fine, everything’s fine.

In this post, we’re talking about the polish release that we’ve all been waiting for! This is the first collection from Lights Lacquer, the new polish company from Kathleen Lights. Kathleen originally owned and released with KL Polish – and then there were issues with the investors and she ended up pulling out, and then eventually forming the new company Lights Lacquer.

I never ended up trying KL Polish while it was still a thing. I had so many other polishes that I was always trying, it was just never on my list or in my budget. But now with so much hype around this new release, I knew I had to try it out.

Their first release is the ‘GRL PWR’ collection, and it features 6 shades based around badass and strong ladies (who doesn’t love that). It features 3 straight creams, 2 more shimmery creams and then 1 glittery topper. These retail for $9.50 each or $52 for the full 6 polish bundle, which saves you $5. These can be found on the Lights Lacquer website.

Let’s get into these pretties already!

First up, we have ‘Rosie’. This is a nude brown base with a gorgeous bright orange shimmer throughout. This did have a sheer 1st coat, with some nail line still showing through. But it was easily opaque in a 2nd coat, and so smooth on the nails!


That orange shimmer makin’ me feel some type of way.



Next up we have the namesake of the collection. This is ‘GRL PWR’, and it’s a more sheer, super shimmery yellow polish, with an orangey-green shift. Idk, this one is hard to describe, just look at all that goodness.

Like I said, this is more sheer, but it still does build up if you want to wear it on its own. This is 3 coats, and it’s pretty opaque. I wore this throughout the day after swatching it, and just couldn’t stop staring at the shimmer.


In lower lights you can really see that green flash pop. Overall, I ended up loving this one even more than I thought I would.


I also love it as a topper! It’s sheer enough that it lets the base color pop through, but adds a whole new look to any shade. This is one coat over ‘Woman’ (coming up below, listen I had to do it in box order).


And 1 coat over ‘HBIC’. As you can see over different bases, the different flashes in the shimmer really pop, so it’s definitely so fun to add over different colors.



Now the shade I was truly excited for. This is ’11’ and it’s a lovely chartreuse green-yellow cream that’s so weird to describe. And I love it. This had a good 1st coat, though it did still have some unevenness with the ridges on my nails peeking out. But it had a beautiful formula and that 2nd coat easily made it opaque. So smooth and easy to paint on the nails!

Listen, I know this is a dividing color, but I love colors like this, give me all of the weird shades. All I think of is John Mulaney’s voice saying “Awww she’s ugly”. I love it, I know not everyone will, and that just means more for me.



Next up, the other shade I was most excited about was this dusty minty green goodness. This is ‘Jefa’ (Spanish for boss) and she’s a lovely dusty mint green cream shade. This was stunning and was pretty well opaque with just 1 easy thicker coat. So smooth, and with that wide brush it went on like a dream. (I’m a sucker for a wide brush what can I say).

Overall I was so pleased and can’t wait to wear this shade more.



Next up we have ‘Woman’, a beautiful cobalt blue cream with just a touch of dustiness to it. This had another beautiful formula, and was pretty well opaque in just 1 coat. I did 2 here to smooth out any of my ridges – if you have some smooth nails you’ll be set with just 1 coat.

So pretty and perfect to be a lady boss.



Lastly we have ‘HBIC’ (Head B*tch in Charge, how I like to describe myself honestly). This is a black base with silver shimmer all throughout. Broken record, this had another beautiful formula and was easily opaque in just 1 coat.

I just love that shimmer in there that gives it an extra dimension outside of just a plain black. Sorry for all the gushing, but it’s well deserved.



If you couldn’t tell, I ended up loving this collection. They were all stunning formulas, with a lot of them being opaque in just 1 coat. I know some of these shades and colors might not be for everyone, but I especially loved the more unique colors that came out in this first release. I hope she continues to experiment with colors and finishes, and gives us some more uglies!

As they released one by one, I wasn’t so sure about the collection – but seeing them all in the box, I think the shades work so well together. Overall it’s a unique color story, and I cannot wait to see the future releases from Lights Lacquer!


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