Sista Chic Lacquer Santa Baby Holiday 2019 Collection


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday! What deals did you pick up? I picked up entirely too much makeup, especially eyeshadow, but I can’t wait to swatch it all for you guys when it gets here.

I got back to my apartment today as there was no way in hell I was battling the Sunday travel chaos, and I am definitely excited for an extra day to be productive. You know I say that, and then I also immediately took a 2 hour nap when I got back. Honestly sometimes you have to schedule in a nap.

Being an adult is very exciting.

Anyways, we’re being productive and continuing on with the holiday collections and releases. We got a fun post today! We’re looking at the newest release from Sista Chic Lacquer, a company I’ve been swatching for quite a while.

We have quite the big collection for Sista Chic. This might be one of the biggest releases she’s ever had, and there are so many fun finishes here. She’s releasing 9 shades in her new holiday collection called ‘Santa, Baby’. She talks about “stepping away from traditional Christmas polishes that you see” and I think it’s certainly done here! There are so many unique colors and finishes to look at.

These will be available on December 1st on the Sista Chic website. They’ll be $10 each, and the linear holographic will be $12. As always, part of the proceeds from each polish goes to Project Rescue, an organization that helps out with girls and women rescued from sex trafficking. Always a good cause!

Now let’s get right into the polishes.

‘Slip a Sable Under the Tree’ is a deep warm-toned brown cream shade. This had a good 1st coat, though there was still some unevenness. But it was easily covered up and smooth with a 2nd coat. A very smooth and creamy formula!

Sista Chic Lacquer – Slip A Sable Under the Tree


The other cream shade of the bunch is ’24K Gray’. This had more of a crelly feel to the formula, so it was a little more squishy on the nails. This had a more uneven first coat, but I was able to get it opaque and even with a thicker 2nd coat. If you’re doing thinner coats, you might need a 3rd, but overall it was easy and smooth to paint on the nail.

Sista Chic Lacquer – 24K Gray


‘The Lapis of Luxury’ is a bright cobalt blue cream base with copper flakies all throughout. This had a jelly formula, so it’s more sheer in order to let the flakies show through. I was able to get this opaque with a 2nd thicker coat, but I do want to warn that it was a little more messy with applying thicker coats. It can flood a touch, so 3 thinner coats can do it as well.

Sista Chic Lacquer – The Lapis of Luxury

I love how the flakies pop against the base, and it just gives it a little more unique touch.

Sista Chic Lacquer – The Lapis of Luxury


‘Cashmere Crush’ is the most subdued and subtle of the shades. One coat of this can give your nails a “Your Nails But Better” look, evening them out and adding a touch of color. This was 2 easy coats built up`and it’s so nice on the nails. Nice subtle shimmer and perfect if you’re not looking to wear anything too crazy.

Sista Chic Lacquer – Cashmere Crush


On the opposite end we have ‘Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight’, a bright purple linear holographic shade. This had a sheer 1st coat, but was able to get it opaque with 2 thicker coats, or 3 thinner ones. The color deepens with each coat, and it helps build up the linear sparkle.

Sista Chic Lacquer – Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight

Ugh, just look at this beauty. I’m a sucker for any type of holo, and I love that this one appears even without flash.

Sista Chic Lacquer – Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight

But of course, had to show a picture with flash as well, so you see some more of that sparkle and glitter. This might be one of my favorites of the collection.

Sista Chic Lacquer – Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight w/ Flash


‘A Ring, Not the Kind on a Phone’ is a more sheer gold metallic polish. Sista Chic Lacquer describes this as a more sheer shade, able to be worn as a topper, so the formula did take more building up if you want to wear it on its own. There was still some nail line after a 2nd coat, but it was opaque and even after a 3rd.

Sista Chic Lacquer – A Ring, not the Kind on a Phone

I will say the one thing I didn’t love about this polish were the bigger flakies in it. They were too sparse and scattered, and so when they were picked up on the brush, it looked more like a mistake than intentional. I would prefer more, or just no flakies at all. (I do promise you that I’m always honest even about polishes I receive for free).

Sista Chic Lacquer – A Ring, Not the Kind on a Phone

And here it is as 1 coat over a black shade! This is really stunning, and it pulls more olive-gold and shows off the shimmer inside it. And you can still see a touch of the base color underneath. Overall I ended up liking both ways of wearing it!

Sista Chic Lacquer – A Ring, Not the Kind on a Phone over Black


‘I Want a Platinum Mine’ is a smoky silver metallic shade. This had a great formula and was pretty much opaque in just 1 coat. It’s a thicker formula so it’s easy to control on the nails even with more polish on the brush. It does have some brushstrokes as any metallic will, but a lot disappear as it dries, and as you can see it’s easy to paint the on straight as you apply.

Sista Chic Lacquer – I Want a Platinum Mine


The namesake of the collection, this is ‘Santa, Baby’ and she’s a beautiful mix of all sorts of fun going on. This is a fiery red-orange shimmery base with gold shimmer, and larger blue glitters. Another with a more sheer 1st coat, but it built up easily in 2 coats. A 3rd does deepen and build up the base color, as well as all of the sparkles and glitters.

Sista Chic Lacquer – Santa, Baby

I ended up loving this once I had it on the nails, and it’s really a unique polish and finish to add to my collection! Perfect for a more unique Christmas shade.

Sista Chic Lacquer – Santa, Baby


Lastly, we have ‘Come and Trim My Christmas Tree’ and this ended up being a surprise favorite for me. This is a clear base topper with all sorts of different multicolored flakies. Here I showed one coat over ‘Slip a Sable Under the Tree’ and the deeper color just makes it burst and shine.

Sista Chic Lacquer – Come and Trim My Christmas Tree

I’m not normally a topper person, but this one is so beautiful and so interesting. It makes it so easy to add a whole new look to any base you put it over.


And of course, here it is over ’24K Gray’. Over different bases, different colors of the flakies really pop and it’s just so fun.


Like I said, it surprised me with how much I loved it, and I think it was my absolute favorite of the collection!

Sista Chic Lacquer – Come and Trim My Christmas Tree


And that’s the Sista Chic Lacquer ‘Santa, Baby’ collection! I think we had all solid formulas, and there was only one that I had a minor complaint with. Overall, there are some fun and unique colors for a holiday collection and I loved it.

If you only want to grab a few, my favorites were ‘Santa, Baby’, ‘Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight’, and ‘Come and Trim My Christmas Tree’.

Are you interested in picking up any of these shades?


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3 thoughts on “Sista Chic Lacquer Santa Baby Holiday 2019 Collection

  1. As I was reading your post, I kept thinking about how beautiful 24K Gray was and then you went and put that flakie topper over it – SO DAMN PRETTY! Wow, I love the way your mind works! The Lapis of Luxury is gorgeous too, I love those shades of blue and… copper flakies! There are not enough of those in the polish world. Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight also looks just downright lovely, what a fun and varied collection!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thank you! As I’m swatching it’s just about pulling toppers in like “what would it look like over this one”. I was in love with that combination as well!! And yes, give me more deep blue with copper! It’s a combination of colors you really can’t go wrong with! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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