China Glaze x Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Holiday 2019 Collection


I can’t believe it’s a week into December already! The time is just flying by and it’s crazy to think that Christmas is so close. It’s probably because it’s still so warm here – In fact it was 45 today while we were out shopping and that just doesn’t seem right. Chicago is normally so cold and snowy, so I want snow, dang it! (See if I still say that after we’re buried in it). It just doesn’t seem right to not have a White Christmas, so I can only hope for some snow. What is Christmas weather like for you???

Now, today we’re talking about a big ol’ glitter fest of a collection, and that helps keep up the festive spirit even in this unusual weather!

China Glaze once again collaborated with Sesame Street to continue celebrating their 50th anniversary. It’s a 12 piece collection filled with so much sparkle, it’s even just fun to look at.

I picked all of these up from! It’s where I get all of my China Glaze collections now as well – they have incredibly fast shipping and always get the collections in so quickly! They retail for $3.25 each.

Of course, we have a lot of polishes and a lot of glitz and sparkle to look at, so let’s get right into it!

Each of the caps are decorated, just like the last collection. These ones feature the little character heads of Cookie Monster, the Grouch and Big Bird, along with swirls and patterns. I always love the printed caps, and this is printed directly onto the cap instead of being a wrap around.


Up first we have ’50 Shimmery Years’. This is a clear base with a dense champagne glitter. With one coat, you have a soft “Your Nails But Better” look – it’s sheer but so sparkly. There is some nail line after 2 coats, but built up with 3 coats, it’s pretty well opaque. It’s a sparkle bomb perfect for New Years.

China Glaze – 50 Shimmering Years

Since this is a dense glitter, there is a touch of texture on this when it’s built up. It feels a little more like sand, but it’s not the most rough textured polish out there. One coat of top coat should do it in smoothing it out.



This next one is one of the metallic foils of the collection. This is ‘Giggling All the Way’ and it’s a bright warm-toned pink foil shade with silver shimmer all throughout. This had some sheerness and nail line after a 1st coat, so it will need at 2. I was able to fully smooth it out and build it up with a 2nd easy coat.

China Glaze – Giggling All the Way

It’s still sparkly, but definitely the most “subdued” shade of the collection.

China Glaze – Giggling All the Way


With all of the glitters, I’m choosing to show them built up in 3 coats. Obviously they can be used as toppers as well, but I chose to show them as looks on their own.

First up, we have ‘Gift Fur You’. This is a bright fuchsia pink glitter, with different sized metallic round circles in a clear base. You can see there are two main sizes, and it’s a pretty dense glitter overall.

I found for this one that making sure to wipe off the brush, and some of the base helps it apply and distribute better on the nails, as well as making the glitter more dense. It’s a more runny base, so it can flood the cuticles if you’re applying thicker coats.

China Glaze – Gift Fur You

This is 3 coats built up, and as you can see, it’s not entirely perfect – there are portions that are more opaque than others, but it’s not entirely noticeable especially with all the sparkle and shine. If you want a full opaque look without having to do multiple coats, I do suggest dabbing the glitter on with a sponge.

China Glaze – Gift Fur You


‘On the Nice List’ was definitely a more interesting polish, and I know it might not be for everyone. This is a clear base with red metallic bar glitters, as well as red metallic glitters. This one definitely distributed and built up more easily than others, and I didn’t have to place the glitters as much. But as you can see, with 3 coats it’s definitely a more.. unique look. I think I’ll be sticking with this one as a topper.

China Glaze – On the Nice List

I also definitely recommend a top coat over this one if you do choose to wear it on its own, as it can get a little bumpy with the thinner base and the bar glitters. Overall not my favorite, but that was more with the polish itself, not the formula.

China Glaze – On the Nice List


‘Cele-bert’ (I think my favorite name out of the bunch) is a bright green-yellow metallic glitter. I found this to be one of the most dense glitters, and so even after 2 coats it built up pretty well. There was some nail line still peeking through, so a 3rd could be needed.

China Glaze – Cele-bert

This was one of my favorites of the bunch for sure, just because of the more unique color. I love adding new glitters to my collection.

China Glaze – Cele-bert


Up next we have ‘A Grouchy New Year’. This is a clear base with different sized metallic forest green pieces, and larger holographic lime green hexagons, as well as silver shimmer.

This is one I definitely recommend as a topper over another base, as this was 3 coats built up and it’s still more sparse on the nails. This was one that I again recommend wiping off the brush and some of the base to get a more dense distribution. I did have to place the glitters a little more, as painting them on can be more uneven, and if you continue to paint, you can pick up glitters previously placed and move them around. It’s not the most complicated glitter ever, but to get a more smooth and even distribution, you will need to use the brush and place them more.

China Glaze – A Grouchy New Year

I do love the look, and I think it’ll be easier as just a topper, so it’s worth the work.



This is another one of the full color polishes. This is ‘Brought to You By…’ and it’s a stunning teal shimmery metallic shade. This had a stunning formula and could pretty well be opaque in just 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones. It was so smooth and easy to paint on the nails, so overall it’s a win for me.

So beautiful and one of my favorites!

China Glaze – Brought to You By…


‘Me Ate Santa’s Cookies’ is a frosty metallic sky blue shade. I know this shade won’t be for everyone because of the more pearly and frosty shade, but it’s so icy and reminds me of winter. I’m always here to give more divisive polishes a chance.

This can flood the cuticles and be a little uneven with thicker coats, so I do recommend thinner coats. It was an easy two coats and it was fully opaque. As you can see, there are some brushstrokes, which is normal for a metallic polish like this, so try to paint as straight as you can to minimize them.

China Glaze – Me Ate Santa’s Cookies

Overall I ended up liking it – mainly for that color and “glow” on the nails, but I know it won’t be everyone’s favorite. How do you feel about it?

China Glaze – Me Ate Santa’s Cookies


Continuing right along with the sparkle, we have ‘Fa-la-ah-ah-ahhh!’ (another of my favorite names, and quite the time to type out). This is a light purple base with tons of gold shimmer. It’s a more sheer polish so again one coat is more of a “Your Nails But Better” look. It can build up pretty well in 2 coats, though there will still be some nail line. Here is 3 coats built up, and as you can see it is going to be a more sheer look. If you have especially prominent nail tips, they will show through.

China Glaze – Fa-la-ah-ah-ahhh!

But from most angles, it’s still going to look opaque and just sparkly on the nails. I love a purple with a gold combo, so it’s still a good polish to me.



‘Since 1969’ is a more smoky glittery gray shade, with just a touch of teal blue to it. This had a more sheer 1st coat that helps just place all the glitter down. But I was so surprised at how well and easily it built up with a 2nd coat.

China Glaze – Since 1969

It’s a thicker glitter so it builds up well, and it’s going to be a little more textured on the nails. It’s so sparkly and beautiful, and any texture can be taken care of with a glossy top coat.

China Glaze – Since 1969


‘T is For Tinsel’ is the frosty, icy version of ‘Since 1969’. This is a stunning silver glitter with larger pieces. It’s the same formula as ‘1969’, with a more sheer 1st coat that builds up so easily with a 2nd. Just because of the color, this one does look a little more sheer than ‘1969’ so it might need a 3rd coat to cover any last patches.

China Glaze – T is For Tinsel

This was another one of my favorites, and it so reminds me of winter and Christmas. It’s so icy on the nails, and is just so lovely.

China Glaze – T is For Tinsel


And now last, but certainly not least, we have ‘#ThisIsMyStreet’. This is a clear base with larger holographic multi-colored glitter pieces. This was definitely the most scattered of the glitters, so it’ll definitely be a topper look.

This was one that I did have more issues with it distributing evenly on the nails. As I would try to swipe on the nails over and over, and add more glitter, it would pick up the previous glitter pieces and move them around and make it uneven. It definitely required more placing and dotting with the brush.

This was 3 coats, and as you can see, it’s still very sheer and there are patches of more dense glitters all over. This might be a good contender for sponging on the polish, so you can place them more without the base. I’m sure it will also look better and less noticeable over an actual base.

China Glaze – #ThisIsMyStreet

Overall, again not my favorite, just for the uneven distribution, and my personal preferences. It’ll depend on if you like this look or not!

China Glaze – #ThisIsMyStreet


And that’s the wonderful, sparkly, glitter-filled collection! There’s a ton of different textures in this one, and a lot of toppers. Overall, I think it’s perfect for a holiday collection, especially a Sesame Street Holiday collection, and I loved that they really went for it with the glitter and sparkle.

There were a couple that I didn’t love – both preference and application-wise. Some of the more sparse and bigger glitters were harder to distribute evenly, and did take a little work. And some of them were just more unique finishes that I know everyone won’t entirely love. But I can’t complain, I loved the look of the collection overall and I always love when mainstream brands do something different!

And who doesn’t love glitter for the holiday season.


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4 thoughts on “China Glaze x Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Holiday 2019 Collection

  1. I definitely LOVE Me Ate Santa’s Cookies. Super cute name and yeah, it’s a bit frosty, but it looks pretty saturated for a metallic like that. And it’s such a gorgeous shade of blue. Yum!

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    • I sometimes feel like I’m in the minority of loving more frosty polishes, but this one just had something special to it! It was pulled off in a beautiful metallic way, and just glowed on the nails. So unique and I loved it so much!

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