LA Colors Color Craze Shimmer Gel Polishes

Helllllloooo everyone from my holiday break. I have had entirely too many days to just sit around and relax, and for that I’m very grateful. But now it’s time to be productive as well and get some posts taken care of! There are palette reviews coming at you, as well as a ton of comparison posts for all of the previous holiday collections coming! 2020 will be about decluttering and keeping my collection under control, so I need to get back on my comparison post game for sure! I’ll be putting up a post all about my 2020 blog goals, explaining all of that, so stay tuned for that.

Since I finally finished up all of the holiday collection reviews, and before we get into spring releases (I know, already!) I’m getting to other collections that have been sitting on my desk for entirely too long. And that includes this one.

This is the LA Colors Shimmer Gel collection and it includes 8 super sparkly shades with holographic sparkles. The lovely Melissa of Accio Nails (see her blog here, she posts amazing swatches!) enabled me by sending me 3 of these shades. And then I just had to pick up the rest of them, as well as some other polishes off the LA Colors website! They’re so affordable at $3 each, and the shipping came so fast as well. I saw Melissa’s swatches of them and fell in love with them all, so I can’t believe I waited this long to try them. But they had gotten pushed aside for other collections. Now that I finally feel caught up again, it’s time to bring these babies out into the light!

Let’s get into the swatches!

The brush did take some getting used to. It’s definitely shorter, because of the shorter handle, and it’s a very thick, wide brush. So if you have thinner nail beds, it can easily cover them with 1 swipe, but it can also be messy with darker shades. It’s a little harder to control, so I definitely did have to employ my cleanup brush with this. Not the worst, but it does take just a little more maneuvering.


Up first we have ‘Giddy’. This is a light champagne shade with larger holographic sparkles all throughout. This is a more sheer formula so it did take me 3 coats to completely the nail line. But since it’s a soft neutral, the more sheer formula works well. Even with some nail line showing on 1 or 2 coats, it’s still a soft “your nails but better” look. It works at however many coats you choose to wear it at, and it’ll depend on your preferences.

But overall, it’s an easy 3 coats to opacity, and it’s a nice more “subtle glam” look.

LA Colors – Giddy


Next is ‘Hyped’. This is a deeper brown version with champagne shimmer throughout and those same scattered holographic glitters. This has a deeper, more opaque base, so you can get it opaque in 2 thicker coats. I did end up doing 3 thinner ones, just to make sure all of the patches were covered and smooth.

So stunning, yet still a little more modest if you want something a little more office appropriate.

LA Colors – Hyped


‘Beaming’ was one that ended up surprising me with how much I loved it on the nails. This is a bright yellow gold shade with tons of scattered holographic sparkle to it. This is one of the ones where the holographic is the strongest, and it’s just a more unique color.

It is a more sheer base, so this was 3 coats built up to opacity. But like ‘Giddy’, it’s smooth so even with fewer coats and some nail line peeking through, it’s still a nice look. A favorite in the collection.

LA Colors – Beaming


‘Crush’ is a deep fiery red shade with silver shimmer and more scattered holographic sparkles. I do wish that it had more dense holographic sparkle like ‘Beaming’ above, but it’s a lovely shimmer overall.

Again with the brighter color, it had a more opaque base so this was easily opaque in just 2 coats. Super easy to paint on and super sparkly.

LA Colors – Crush


‘Knock Out’ is a bright fuchsia pink shade with lots of pink shimmer and more holographic sparkles. This is another that can be opaque in 2 thicker coats, but I did 3 easy coats and had no problems.

LA Colors – Knock Out


‘Burst’ is a stunning light purple base with larger silver holographic glitters. This one definitely had the largest glitters and thinner base, so overall the formula did need to be built up the most, and was a touch more textured than the others. But this was still 3 easy coats and was smooth on the nails.

Again, I love the more super sparkly ones more, because they’re just so beautiful. I mean, I like them all, but these are just next level. Especially for such a low price!

LA Colors – Burst


‘Blast’ is an example of the ones that have more scattered glitters, and while the finish is still beautiful, I do wish it matched the ones with scattered holo more. But don’t get me wrong, this is still stunning, and I’ll love her. I do just wish that all of these polishes had the same formula and finish as ‘Beaming’.

‘Blast’ is a deep purple base with silver shimmer and scattered holographic sparkle. This is the deepest color of the bunch, so it definitely had the most opaque base and was easily opaque in 2 coats. This was one, because of the deeper, pigmented base that was more messy to apply with the brush, so you’ll definitely need some cleanup with this one. Or to just be more careful with application than I was.

LA Colors – Blast


Last but certainly not least, we have ‘Riot’. This is a beautiful aqua blue shade with tons of sparkle all throughout. This reminds me of just like a mermaid look on the nails, and I couldn’t stop staring at it!

This had a more sheer jelly base like the first shades of the bunch, so it did take 3 coats to build up. But so easy, and so worth it! Just look at that sparkle!

LA Colors – Riot


And there are the Shimmer Gel polishes! I think they were all just absolutely stunning, and I loved all of these. I know my favorites were the ones with the denser holographic sparkles, but they were all shimmery and sparkly in a beautiful way.

I think LA Colors showed that they’re definitely a brand to keep on my radar this past year, with their Creamy Neons, and the metallics and these shades. I’ve been loving what they’ve been releasing and with their affordable price, it’s so easy to recommend.

(And I’m on the hunt for their new glitter polishes that I’ve seen released, and hope they come online so soon!).


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