Lights Lacquer Polished Gems Collection

I’m slowly getting all organized and back on a set blogging schedule, and ready to get out even more content this year. I’ve really embraced my Type A personality so far in 2020 and I have about 6 notebooks and lists going keeping me organized and honestly, I LOVE IT. Who doesn’t love lists? And of course, I hope this means more efficient blogging, and more consistent and timely posts for you! WOO! Enough rambling, let’s get into the main focus!

And so with that, here’s the first nail collection post of the year!

This is the newest collection from Lights Lacquer, KathleenLight’s nail polish brand. This was released for Winter 2019, and it’s called the ‘Polished Gems’ collection. There are 6 shades and they’re all themed off of different gemstones.

Listen, I originally was going to practice some self-control and pass on this collection. And I did for a while. But then I started seeing more and more swatches and just feeling more and more swayed, and alright I caved. I bought myself the bundle – as well as the two individual shades they have out as well, Cold Turkey & Moonstone, expect swatches of those coming as well. They were just so PRETTY on the nails and I just wanted them, okay.

The bundle was $52 for all 6 shades, or they’re $9.50 each for individual shades. They are only available online at the Lights Lacquer website currently.

Up first we have ‘Smokey Quartz’. This is a deep cool-toned brown base with gorgeous orange shimmer. It could easily be opaque with just 1 coat, even covering the ridges in my nails easily. It’s a thicker formula so thicker coats won’t flood the cuticles. This had an incredibly smooth formula and was just so easy to paint onto the nails.


I do wish the orange shimmer was just a touch more visible and bright, but that’s just getting nitpicky.



Now, my favorite of the collection for obvious reasons. This is ‘Amethyst’ and she’s a stunning deep purple scattered holographic. This had a good 1st coat, but you will need a 2nd to make it fully opaque, and to make that holo sparkle really pop. But another smooth, beautiful formula.

This does dry with a little bit of a satin finish, so a good glossy top coat will just really make it pop and sparkle.


I was so pleased with how much the holo sparkle in this just popped! I was worried it would get lost, and overall it’s just gorgeous. I love any sort of holographic and hope we see more of it!



Next is the one straight up cream of the collection. This is ‘Emerald’ and it’s a, well, deep emerald green cream shade. This had an absolutely stunning cream formula and was easily opaque in just 1 coat. I have nothing else to say because it was just so beautiful on the nails. I hope this is the cream formula we can continue to expect.



‘Citrine’ was the other shade I was just so excited about because, you guessed it, it’s ugly. This is a dirty yellow-gold shimmer shade and I can’t explain it, but I LOVE IT. Give me all of those ugly-pretty shades that others might not love.

This had a more sheer 1st coat, but it built up very well in a 2nd coat. There could still be some nail line peeking through, so I did do a 3rd coat. It brightens up even more with a 3rd and almost glows on the nails.


There’s just a touch of brushstrokes to it because it is a more metallic shimmer, but just the tiniest amount really. Overall it looks so smooth on the nails and just lovely. How do you feel about this color?



‘Alexandrite’ has been the crowd favorite lately, and looking at this photo I understand why. It’s a deep purple base with bright blue shimmer all throughout.

To be quite honest, I was surprised at how sheer this polish was, especially on the 1st coat, especially for a shade this deep. It was uneven over the ridges on my nails and will definitely need multiple coats. It built up pretty well with a 2nd thicker coat. I ended up doing 3 coats and the color deepens to that of the bottle.


Overall not my favorite formula just because of how sheer. That might be to let the shimmer truly shine through, but ‘Smokey Quartz’ had more of a traditional cream formula that still let the shimmer shine through.

It’s a beautiful color so it is worth the little extra work.



Lastly we have ‘Ruby’. This is a super deep wine red base with larger metallic red flakes. This had a good 1st coat, but was definitely a little uneven. It’s more of a jelly like base, so especially with a deeper color, it’ll need another coat to fully smooth out.  The 2nd coat definitely deepened up the color to match that in the bottle.

With this one, the flakies do unfortunately get lost in the polish. They’re pretty scattered so once it was on the nail, I just didn’t notice them at all under the base color.


You can see it a little more in bright lighting, but overall I think this one fell a little flat, and could have been a little better.


And as you can see here, I think the problem is that the flakies are just a little too heavy in the jelly base. The bottle has been laying on its side in the package, and so all of them are now collected on that side. So I think it needed just a little thicker base to suspend them more.

It’s a lovely color and formula, just not as unique as I was hoping.



And that’s the Polished Gems collection! There were some lovely formulas in this – ‘Smokey Quartz’, ‘Emerald’, and ‘Amethyst’ had such stunning almost one coat formulas, and ‘Citrine’ was a favorite just for the unique color. ‘Alexandrite’ was good, just not my favorite for the more sheer formula, and ‘Ruby’ fell a little flat for me on the flakies. But overall it’s a lovely collection and color story that works together well! As always, it’ll depend on your own color preferences!

I especially love that she’s been releasing more unique colors in each of her collections, and I can’t wait to see how it continues!


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    • I don’t know how I missed this comment earlier, but yes this is the first holo! I definitely hope they continue more, especially with the success of this first one! I’ve been loving that she’s doing more unique finishes and colors, so I really hope that continues!

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