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As I’ve mentioned many times before, Colourpop fully has me by the wallet, and I’ve picked up a ton of their palettes lately, so there are a lot of Colourpop reviews that are going to happen. I’ll sprinkle in other brands in between as well, but it’s mainly going to be Colourpop. They just have such affordable prices, and are constantly putting out interesting color stories, and I’m just a sucker for all the eyeshadow palettes. Alright, let’s get onto another one already.

Today we’re reviewing the companion palette to ‘Gimme Butterflies’ that I reviewed a little bit ago (see that review here). These 2 palettes released as part of an Ulta exclusive trio, along with one other more orange toned palette.

As I said, these were released as Ulta Exclusive palettes, though I’m sure they will show up on Colourpop’s website eventually, in the same manner that the ‘Love Bird’ 9-pans did. I still wanted to put up this review for that notion, and because there’s a chance they’re still up in store at Ulta. (And I just had to finish the review for myself, okay.) It retails for $18.

It has very similar packaging to ‘Gimme Butterflies’ (makes sense as they’re in the same series, eh?), except with a more purple theme.


It has silver glitter accents on the butterflies and the roses. This glitter is pretty smooth, and well glued down, so you can tell it won’t flake off or leave behind glitter in a drawer.


It’s cardboard packaging and does not feature a mirror, which isn’t a problem for me.

And this is one of their 12 pan palettes. It features 4 mattes, 2 mattes with glitter, 4 shimmers and 2 pressed glitters.

‘Overpacked’ and ‘Island Hopping’ are marked as not intended for use in the immediate eye area because they do include glitter. ‘Fleet’, ‘Silk Street’, and ‘Reckless’ are also marked as “not for use in the immediate eye area” but this is because they contain pigments that can stain around your eye after wear.






And here are the swatches! As you can see, this one does lean deeper and more cool-toned than the other palette, ‘Gimme Butterflies’. (As I mentioned above, I swatched the two next to each other so you can really see the difference).


‘The Big Three’ is a white base with a green shimmer to it, and you can see how strong that green flash is. ‘Fleet’, next to it, has an almost satin-matte base with tons of larger bright pink shimmers all throughout.


‘Overpacked’ is one of the two glitters. It’s also featured in the other palette, ‘Gimme Butterflies’. It’s smaller pink glitter pieces that flash gold and green. I first thought of their glitter single in ‘Indio’ but comparing the two, ‘Overpacked’ is much more pink and has finer glitter pieces.


And then the other glitter, ‘Island Hopping’. This is similar to the glitter in Gimme Butterflies as well, though it shifts more gold than pink. It’s a more shimmery gold base with larger iridescent hexagons.


Now onto the eye looks!

Look #1: Bright Pink Pop of Color

For this look, I used ‘Stay Golden’ in the crease, ‘Reckless’ to deepen up the outer corner, ‘Fleet’ all over the lid, and then ‘Island Hopping’ in the inner corner. And then ‘Stay Golden’ and ‘Reckless’ on the lower lash line. You can really see in this one how ‘Fleet’ can swatch more satin-matte, but once the light hits it, the shimmers in it really sparkle and shine.


Look #2: Matte mauve with a pop of Shimmer

I used ‘Stay Golden’ in the crease, ‘Silk Street’ all over the lid and blended up into the crease, ‘Reckless’ in the outer corner, ‘The Big Three’ on the center of the lid and ‘Island Hopping’ in the inner corner.


Look #3: Cool Toned Silver & Purple

I used ‘Made to Last’ in the crease, ‘Silk Street’ in the outer 3rd and blended into the lower crease, ‘Night Dream’ to deepen the outer corner, ‘On a Whimsy’ all over the lid and ‘The Big Three’ in the inner corner (look how much that green flash pops!).


And now the review! As always, I talk about the shades in groups based on their formulas: so the glitters, mattes, and then shimmers.

Up first we have the glitters. For every pressed glitter, I’ll give the same information. Technically no cosmetic glitter has been approved by the FDA as eye safe at this point in time. Because of that, Colourpop always labels each one with “not for use in the immediate eye area.” It’s a nice warning, not every brand will do that, and it gives that you’re using it at your own risk. Pressed glitters can very much cause eye information and irritation, especially if they get into your eye at any point during wear. So as always when using pressed glitters, it’s to be used with caution. I choose to wear them at this point, and I like to add them to a look, but most other people choose to avoid them and that is everyone’s own choice. I’m not going to force either way, and I’ll just give the information about it each time. In the end, it’s about your decision and your own eye safety.

Alright, onto the formula and performance of the glitters. ‘Overpacked’ has smaller pink glitters that flash blue and green. It has less of a base, but a more concentrated, smaller glitter distribution than ‘Island Hopping’, the other glitter in the palette. It picks up easily and adheres to the lid nicely. I wore it pressed over other lid shades, and it spread out evenly and wasn’t clumpy. I didn’t have to use a glitter glue or other adhesive, and it stayed on my lid throughout the day with minimal fallout. If you want more assurance and adhesiveness, of course, I recommend using a glitter glue.

Now for ‘Island Hopping’, this is a different kind of formula of pressed glitter. While ‘Overpacked’ feels more sandy and textured, ‘Island Hopping’ feels more creamy and almost like a balm. It has more of an emollient base that is full of gold shimmers and glitters. That shimmer creates more of a base and adds that gold glitter on top of any shade you place it on top of. Because of this, it can be a little more difficult to pick up with a brush, and spread evenly on the eyes. I preferred to pick it up with a finger and press it onto my lid or inner corner. The one thing I didn’t love about this shimmer were the larger iridescent hexagon pieces. These could definitely cause issues if you were to get them into your eyes, because of their larger size and flimsiness, and they were the part of the glitter that flaked off and moved around more during the day. Especially being in a more emollient base, they’re harder to pick up. Not my favorite, and I think they could have been left out of this glitter formula. I think this glitter would work best as a more extreme festival look, spread across the cheeks or around the temples.


Now onto the mattes. As always I had no issues with these mattes! They built up nicely, and blended out well.

‘Silk Street’ and ‘Reckless’ do feel a little more dry than the other mattes – I believe this is more from the color as purples can notoriously be more difficult to formulate. I was still able to easily use them though. ‘Reckless’ is very pigmented and picks up a ton of product and pigment with just the lightest tap. They can take a touch more blending out, but nothing even close to extreme.

‘Made to Last’ starts out a little more sheer at first, but provides a nice wash of color to the crease. It does build up and blends out very easily. I really enjoyed it to blend out the darker colors and create more of that gradient look. ‘Stay Golden’ is the same, where it starts out more sheer and builds up well. It’s another good transition shade.

‘Details’, the deeper brown, and ‘Night Dream’, the black, are two mattes with smaller glitter in them. I still counted them as mattes because once blended onto the eyes I really didn’t notice the small little glitters. When you tap off your brush, a lot of the glitters will fall off as they’re heavier than the pigment. They blended nicely like mattes, and weren’t especially sparkly unless you packed them straight onto the lid. ‘Night Dream’ is a solid black shade. It’s not so incredibly pigmented when you first dip into it, which I prefer in a black eyeshadow. It builds up slowly and blends out nicely, making it easy to add depth without a look, without feeling like it’s out of control immediately.

Overall, no problems, and they were a solid foundation within the palette.


Now onto the shimmers!

I’m going to talk about ‘Fleet’ first, the deep pink shimmer. I believe this falls right in between a matte and a shimmer, and is basically a satin formula on the lids. It seems to have a matte pigment base thats combined with tons of fine shimmer. It’s more matte than a normal shimmer, yet when the lit hits you can see the shade is filled with tiny even glitters. It can blend out nicely as a matte, and I did like using it as one, though of course there will be shimmer where you blend it. When I did decide to try it packed on the lid, it can feel a lil “stickier” and I chose to pack and press it on with a flat packing brush, instead of spreading the shade across the lid. It did seem to fade a touch more than all of the other shades all throughout the day, but it was still 85% there by the end of a long workday. Definitely an interesting formula, but very usable overall.

The clear star of this palette is ‘On a Whimsy’, the silver shade. This was so goddamn creamy and metallic and foiled on the lids. It’s absolutely one of the best shadows Colourpop makes. You can see it in my eye look, but it just glides across the lid and is immediately foiled – no need to build it up, wet it or use a glitter adhesive. Stunning, and I don’t have enough good words. It’s also available as a single, and if you don’t have a silver metallic in your collection, I highly recommend picking this up.

‘The Big Three’, the white with green flash, and ‘Paradiso’, the purple, are both a thicker feeling shimmer formula, yet are still very creamy to the touch. They pick up easily on the brush but I did feel like I had to dip in back and forth a couple more times to pack and spread it fully across the lid. They can also definitely blend away when blending them out, so I just reapplied after I finished blending. I did prefer to press these shimmers on with my finger for the most impact. They were still easy to use, but not as creamy or buttery feeling as ‘On a Whimsy’. That shade really just ruined the curve for the rest of the class. It’s only compared to that shade that I’m a little more hard on them, but they’re nice shimmers to add to any look and were still easy to use.


I also wanted to show this palette compared to its companion, ‘Gimme Butterflies’ as well. When I first saw these palettes, they can seem a little similar, but once I had both next to each other, I saw they ran a lot more different.

So we have ‘Gimme Butterflies’ on the left, and ‘Butter Me Up’ on the right. ‘Butter Me Up runs deeper overall, with more cool-toned and purple shades.


Especially swatched out (not including the glitters), you can really see the difference and I can fully convince myself that I obviously needed both palettes.


Also showing the glitters – they’re the one thing that is basically the same between palettes. In fact, ‘Overpacked’, the top smaller glitter is included in both palettes. I do wish that one of them was switched out – they had to know there are a lot of people out there who will grab both. The glitters are the shades I’m using less, so obviously having more of one just means more that I won’t ever use up.

The two other glitters included ‘Island Hopping’ in Butter Me Up on the left, and ‘Get Lost’ from Gimme Butterflies on the right are the same type of formula, though just with different shimmer colors. They both have that more emollient base with larger iridescent hexagons. ‘Island Hopping’ has a more golden toned shimmer to it, and ‘Get Lost’ pulls more pink.



And whew! That’s all of it. Honestly, overall it’s another solid release from Colourpop. I love their shadow formula, and this is consistent with the quality of the other palettes I’ve reviewed. The mattes all blended out smoothly and easily on the lids, and built up to create a nice foundation for the shimmers. Most of the shimmers were smooth and creamy, and ‘On a Whimsy’ is just an incredible shade on its own.

I did like the shimmers in this one a touch more than Gimme Butterflies, as they just seemed creamier and more foiled on the lids. But in the end, it’ll depend on your color preferences and which color story interests you more. I didn’t have really any major complaints with either palette, so choosing either one will work out.


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  1. Wait Colourpop has another palette out? I can’t keep track anymore! While the colors don’t appeal to me personally as something I would wear I love the looks you created with it! The first one is my favorite 💕

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