Colourpop Uh-Huh Honey Palette Review

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Listen, I love eyeshadow and palettes. A LOT. Some might say I have a problem, but there are worse problems to have really. I recently hauled a bunch of new palettes, and I’m promising myself that along with those, it’s time to get up some reviews that have been on the backburner for far too long! I’m telling myself that reviewing the palettes on my blog will help offset all of the new ones I buy (it makes sense to me, okay, let me have this).

I definitely let my eyeshadow palette reviews slip a little bit, and want to get back into them more regularly. They can definitely be more “intimidating” to write since they take more work, but I’m working on tackling them one chunk at a time in order to get them out in a more timely fashion in the future. This is first and foremost a nail blog, so I’m still nailing (sorry) down the makeup review routine!

Now let’s talk about this palette! This one has been on the backburner far too long, and it’s about time I get it up!

This is an “older” palette now by Colourpop standards, but I’m working on not letting that stop me from reviewing things! There’s such a focus on having the newest things constantly, I think it’s good to go back and talk about things that I still have and like even if they’re not “new”. This is a permanent palette, and you can still buy it on the Colourpop website. I know I do review a lot of limited edition things, but I do like talking about permanent buys as well – you don’t have to rush out to buy it and you can really think about your decision and whether it’ll fit into your collection. I’m always just trying to help make more informed decisions for purchases, and overall, it all depends on your preferences!

Alright onto the palette. This is the ‘Uh Huh Honey’ palette from Colourpop and it’s one of the 9 pan palettes from their monochromatic series. Like I said, it’s a lil “older” now, but still available, and who doesn’t love yellow all year round! I love wearing this palette with a deep burgundy red lip, so it’s still perfect for the upcoming winter. It retails for $12 and is their traditional square plastic packaging like the others.

Like all other eyeshadow palette reviews, I have swatches, eye looks and then the review! You can skip to any part of it with the links above. Let’s get into it!

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Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette

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The Colourpop extravaganza continues! What if I just turned this blog into reviewing Colourpop products? Honestly, that would be a full time job all on its own. I hope you guys have been loving the addition of more consistent makeup reviews because I’ve been LOVING THEM. I feel like I’m really getting to know and use the palettes I’m bringing into my collection, and I’m passing on information I get from purchases to you guys! It’s been really fun, and I can’t wait to continue it! (But don’t worry, the nail polish will always be a priority. I still got a lot of that to talk about as well.)

This week’s palette is the Sweet Talk palette! This is a neutral palette with a strong peachy tones, and I surprised myself with how much I ended up wanting this. Is that a neutral phase I smell coming? I mean, I’m loving neutral eyes more and more as I’m challenging myself to wear more of my bright lip colors! But heck to it, I’ll wear colorful eyes AND lips, I can’t be stopped. I love all eyeshadow, and don’t discriminate between colorful shades and neutrals, there’s plenty to love with both.

Like I said, this is the ‘Sweet Talk’ palette and it retails for $18. It’s a couple dollars more than their regular 12 pan palettes, as it contains 2 pressed glitters and their new Super Shock shade. As always, we’ll look at swatches, eye looks and then a full review! (You can always skip right to the review with the link above as well).

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Colourpop Main Squeeze Palette Review

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I’m going to say Sorry, NOT SORRY, for the amount of Colourpop that will be coming on these Makeup Sunday posts. I’ve just been loving all of their products and releases lately, and they’re all so affordable, it’s so easy to just make another order. I’ve picked up a lot of their new palettes lately, and it’s all just made me excited about new makeup again. This is an affordable makeup blog always, and Colourpop just fits right into that, while coming out with such unique and fun things.

And this is the first of a series of Colourpop palette reviews! I got a stack of them, and this palette was the first one I knew I had to play with.

This is the Main Squeeze palette, and it’s the red addition to Colourpop’s monochromatic palette series. It’s one of their 9 pan smaller square palettes.

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Swatch/Review: Colourpop ‘Zingara’ Quad

Whaaaaattt? Makeupppp?? On the nail blog? That’s right, makeup! Makeup is another one of my great loves and I want to start featuring it on my blog more. And, you know, it’s my blog so I can do what I want.

This blog will still be focused primarily on nail polish, so don’t worry. I will be posting swatches of the mainstream collections and other finds I have as I can, first and foremost.

I can’t say that I’ll have all of the newest releases when it comes to makeup – because I’m already trying to do that with nail polish. I don’t got all the money in the world. Nah, it’ll be little finds here and there that I pick up, that I just want to talk about in case anyone else is curious. And it’ll always be drugstore (or drugstore priced in this case) makeup, since I truly believe you can create a full, beautiful face all at the drugstore. But that’s a whole other blog post.

So welcome to Gingerly Polished, a blog all about nail polish. And the other side of Gingerly Polished, where you can create a fully polished you at the drugstore.

Now onto my first makeup feature!

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