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The Colourpop extravaganza continues! What if I just turned this blog into reviewing Colourpop products? Honestly, that would be a full time job all on its own. I hope you guys have been loving the addition of more consistent makeup reviews because I’ve been LOVING THEM. I feel like I’m really getting to know and use the palettes I’m bringing into my collection, and I’m passing on information I get from purchases to you guys! It’s been really fun, and I can’t wait to continue it! (But don’t worry, the nail polish will always be a priority. I still got a lot of that to talk about as well.)

This week’s palette is the Sweet Talk palette! This is a neutral palette with a strong peachy tones, and I surprised myself with how much I ended up wanting this. Is that a neutral phase I smell coming? I mean, I’m loving neutral eyes more and more as I’m challenging myself to wear more of my bright lip colors! But heck to it, I’ll wear colorful eyes AND lips, I can’t be stopped. I love all eyeshadow, and don’t discriminate between colorful shades and neutrals, there’s plenty to love with both.

Like I said, this is the ‘Sweet Talk’ palette and it retails for $18. It’s a couple dollars more than their regular 12 pan palettes, as it contains 2 pressed glitters and their new Super Shock shade. As always, we’ll look at swatches, eye looks and then a full review! (You can always skip right to the review with the link above as well).

This is one of those palettes that I’m absolutely in love with the packaging for. They made it stunning, and all of the little details on it, I just love. It’s their standard cardboard packaging, and the standard size of their 12 pan palettes.


I know you shouldn’t buy makeup just for the packaging, but I will say this packaging was a nice little bonus that made me like it even more. I mean, who doesn’t love the little “you’re pretty” on the inside cover. As a graphic designer myself, designing makeup packaging would definitely be a dream job.

ANYWAYS – this palette has the continued design on the inside cover, and doesn’t contain a mirror. That really doesn’t bother me as I never use the mirror, even really when traveling. It keeps it cheaper and easier to throw into bags for travel.


The inside packaging around the 12 pans is metallic and holographic, and adds more fun details.


There are 9 pressed powder shades – 7 matte shades and 2 metallic shimmers; 1 Super Shock shade, and 2 pressed glitters.


As mentioned above, included in this palette is ‘Side2Side’, Colourpop’s first ever Super Shock shadow in a palette, that doesn’t need to be covered, and won’t dry out. If you’ve ever felt any of their Super Shock shadows in the little pots, it feels exactly like that. It’s creamy, and almost bounces back.


They also have two pressed glitters, ‘Prima Drama’ and ‘Early Mornin’. Now, it’s not labeled on the actual palette anywhere, but on their website, listed under the ingredients, you’ll see the phrase “Not intended for use in the immediate eye area” on both of the glitters. It’s listed on all of their pressed glitters on their website.

Now, this can seem intimidating, or confusing, especially when including them in eyeshadow palettes and showing looks containing those glitters. Based on what I’ve read up and seen, no glitter can be officially called “eye-safe”, even “cosmetic grade” glitters like these. Technically, any of these glitter pieces can fall into your eye and cause some eye watering and irritation.

Colourpop puts this warning on all glitters mainly as a way to protect themselves in case of any super extreme cases. Obviously this will be a product that you’ll have to decide to go ahead with at your own risk – especially if you wear contacts or have super sensitive eyes. BUT, I will say that I’ve worn them multiple times and haven’t had issues with it getting into my eyes or causing irritation. That can vary from person to person, and I would never downplay the risk and I can’t guarantee that it won’t irritate your eyes. What I choose to feel is that if it was completely unusable and crazy, they wouldn’t be putting them in eyeshadow palettes in the first place, and neither would any other company. It’s like with their brighter colors, that are labeled as not eye safe because their pigments can cause eye staining. I’m choosing to go ahead and still use them, as I love glitters, and have been loving using them even more, but of course, I always want to give you all of the full information to make the end decision yourself.

No matter what, glitters are a dividing topic, and you either love them or you hate em. That’s just my two cents before we get into them more, and I’ll talk about them fully when I review them down below!


And now the swatches! From bottom to top: ‘Catch Me’, a browbone cream matte; ‘Side2Side’, the light champagne glittery Super Shock formula; ‘Garden Date’, a peachy gold shimmer; ‘Work It’, a yellow toned light brown matte; ‘Prima Drama’, a taupe brown pressed glitter; ‘Meadow’, a peachy darker brown matte; ‘Early Mornin’, a olive toned gold pressed glitter; ‘Dream Maker’, a light peach matte; ‘ICYMI’, a darker red toned matte; ‘Melody’, a peach toned gold shimmer; ‘West Side’, a warm toned darker matte; and ‘Feel Free’, a dark rusty brown matte.



Showing the two pressed glitters up close. ‘Prima Drama’ is mainly taupe based glitters with pink flashes, and silver-blue glitters. ‘Early Mornin’ is more olive toned silver and gold glitters.




And the eye looks! I definitely wanted to get each of the different formulas into the looks.

Look 1:
This was a look using the Super Shock Shade, ‘Side2Side’ all over the lid. I then used ‘Dream Maker’ in the crease and ‘ICYMI’ in the outer corner to deepen it up.


Next I used one of the pressed glitters. I started with ‘Dream Maker’ in the crease, ‘ICYMI’ in the lower crease, and ‘Feel Free’ in the outer corner to deepen it up. I then used ‘Garden Date’ all over the lid, and layered the glitter ‘Prima Drama’ on top of it. You can see over those shades, it really picks up the peachiness in the colors. And you can see in this pic that by the time I took this picture, after a long day of work, the glitter was creasing on my hooded eyelid. This was with a glitter base underneath it, but it’s definitely something that will happen with “thicker” shadows on a hooded lid.


The last look is just using the pressed shadows, and creating a more golden brown look. I used ‘Work It’ in the crease, ‘West Side’ in the lower crease and then ‘Feel Free’ in the outer corner. I then used ‘Melody’ on the lid.



And now onto the review!

There are 3 separate formulas in this palette, so I’m going to give 3 separate mini reviews.

First up, the pressed powder shadows. The mattes in this palette were all pretty up to standard for Colourpop’s palettes. They blended beautifully and smoothly on the eye, and built up well. They were so nice to have when building looks with the shimmers and glitters. They have some kick-up in the pans, but I didn’t experience any fallout.

The only one I had a little bit of a problem with was ‘Feel Free’, the darkest matte shade. This was the only one that didn’t feel as pigmented as the others, and even after building it up in the outer corner, it wasn’t as dark as it was in the pan. It still worked to deepen a look, but it took a lot more work, and just seemed harder pressed in the pan than normal. I didn’t have this issue with the other shades.

The shimmers picked up easily on a brush, and I used the method of placing and pressing, more than swiping. They built up so smoothly and easily, even without foiling or glitter glue. Overall, the pressed powder shades impressed me and were easy to work with.


Now, the Super Shock Shadow. Like I mentioned above, this had the same creamy, slightly bouncy texture that their normal super shock shadows have. I always apply these with my finger, as they can be hard to pick up with a brush, and you get the most impact when applying with fingers. This is definitely a topper shade, with a more sheer base, and lots of small glitters all throughout. It applied smoothly on the eyes.

I love the regular Super Shock shadows in the little pots, especially for adding pops of glitter and brightness to the lids. They dry down and set, and I don’t have any problems with them fading or creasing (and am tempted to grab more, especially in the glitter finish). Now, I think there’s something a touch different in this formula in the palette, in the way they had to formulate it so it wouldn’t dry out. I found on my hooded eyes after 4-6 hours, the shade would start to crease. Even when I tried to apply lighter layers, or over a glitter glue, and with shadows underneath, I still had creasing. I normally don’t have a problem with shades creasing, especially when over primer, so I think something in the formula here with it having to stay wet, didn’t fully set on my eyes. If you don’t have hooded eyes, obviously this won’t be a problem. I had no other issues with it fading otherwise, it was just the shadow that was in the fold of my eyelid. So it wasn’t my favorite, but I haven’t fully given up on em yet.


And finally, the pressed glitters. Like I said with my little spiel ahead, these are of course, shades to use at your own risk. If a piece lands in your eye, they can be irritating.

Anywho, as I’m fully on the pressed glitter trend, I was excited to test these out more. When you put your finger into these, they do move around, and they do feel like they have some sort of adhesive to them. They pick up and stick easily to a finger, but it’s not a glitter suspended in vaseline. These are glitter pieces that adhere.

I applied the glitters over a glitter glue that I layered over shadow. It applied evenly and easily, and stuck the whole day, with very minimal pieces falling down throughout the day. I didn’t have any pieces fall into my eyes. However, as you can see in my eye look, I again had issues with these creasing on my hooded eyes. I did wear another shade as a lighter layer without glitter glue – it adhered nicely, without fallout, and didn’t crease on my eyes. SO if you’re going to use these on hooded eyes, I suggest a light layer over shadow, or a light layer tapped over glitter glue on a bare lid. I believe when it’s too thick of a layer that isn’t allowed to set, it’s going to crease. You’ll get enough shine and sparkle even with a lighter layer.

They got the messiest when I was removing my makeup at night. I found it was better to take a makeup wipe to hold over the glitter on the eyelid, and swipe to pull it all off. Don’t rub back and forth, or else you’ll end up with glitter all your face (and in your hair line). It’s better to contain it and almost just swipe it off the lid.

But overall, I thoroughly enjoyed these, and thought it was an easy way to incorporate glitters into more looks! Like I mentioned before, it’s going to be all based on personal preference whether or not you’ll end up liking these! I say they’re worth a shot. An idea as well, taking a page out of Temptalia’s book, try them along the lower lashline if you’re worried about it dropping into your eye (like you can see here in her Orange You glad review!)


In conclusion, I ended up liking this palette – even with the few little notes here and there. Like I’ve said, I love the Colourpop formula, and this was right up in their standards, especially in the pressed powder shadows – though ‘Feel Free’ was slightly drier and lighter in pigment. I appreciate that they tried something new with the Super Shock shadow, and though it wasn’t my favorite because of the creasing, I’m interested to continue to see it in palettes, and work with it more. The glitters can be a little finicky, but they’re stunning once applied and stay so well on the eyes.

This is even more of an example of deciding on a palette based on your own preferences. I gave you all of the nuances and thoughts on each shade – but it’s really if you like the color palette and the idea of the different formulas. Overall, I was pleased, but it’ll vary from person to person!


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