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Hey look! A Wet N Wild post up before they’ve announced another collection! You know, it’s about continuous improvement, and I knew I would get it someday. It’s obviously only up from here.

Kidding aside, I’m still figuring out how to tackle these monster posts in a more timely way. I need to work on just writing my thoughts on each product as I use them, so I’m not just overwhelmed by how much information I have to type and procrastinate (aka my entire college career).

There’s a lot to get into, so enough self-reflection, let’s just talk about it already. Today we are talking about the Wet N Wild Pac-Man collection. This is a full collection obviously themed after the most popular arcade collection. It features 2 brushes, 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 blush palette, a Blushlighter, a Bronzer, 4 Ghost Glosses, and a lip scrub and lip balm.

Unfortunately many of the individual products are sold out on the website. However, I’ve seen these around in drugstores like Walgreens, and CVS, and all of the products are still available in kits on the website.

There’s a full box still available for $70 that includes all parts of the collection (don’t let the cool packaging sway you and only consider this is you’re absolutely sure you would use everything). The other 2 sets that are not mentioned in this post are the Lip Kit, which features all 4 glosses, the lip scrub, and lip balm for $23; and the Powder Kit, which features the face brush, the blush palette, and the bronzer pellets for $20.

I’m trying to be better about grabbing products that I know I’m interested in and want to use, so I did pass on a couple of items from this collection: The face brush – I knew I wanted one of the brushes, but I would use the eye brush more; The Bronzer pellets – I don’t ever use bronzer, and this one looked pretty deep and pigmented for my fair skin; and the lip balm and scrub – I never use lip scrubs (I’m still making myself work through the one from the Flights of Fancy collection) and I don’t ever use lip balms in that sort of container, no matter how cute. All of the rest of the products included in the collection are reviewed below. Let’s get on into it.


First thing I grabbed was the ‘Shine’ Kit. This had my top 3 wants all in one little package, for a bundled discounted price. It comes with the eyeshadow brush, the Blushlighter, and the eyeshadow palette for $19 – a $25 value. This is still available on the website.


Up first is the eyeshadow brush! It’s a thicker and more dense flat eyeshadow brush, with duo-tone black to yellow bristles. This retails for

I’ll be honest, this was pretty much purely for collecting sakes. I do have a lot of Wet N Wild brushes that I love, but I will say the #1 reason I got this is for the design. It’s a clear handle with different sized metallic pieces – INCLUDING PAC-MAN PIECES – that flow through it. Who can say that’s not cool. If you were waiting for me to say this phrase that I say about every Wet N Wild limited edition collection – I LOVE THE LITTLE DETAILS. I’m not sorry for getting this, and I don’t regret it.


It’s a fluffy packing eyeshadow brush. I’m not sure how much I’ll use it, but I ain’t sorry for getting it.


Now onto the actual color products! Up first, we have the ‘Power Pellets Blushlighter’. This is still available individually on the website and retails for $6.99.

It’s a plastic square packaging, with the Pac-Man game screen printed on top.


It contains little “pellets” of color, held in by a sponge on top to keep them secure. These are larger than other pellet products I’ve gotten, so they’re a little more secure in the container, and won’t spill over as easily.



It’s a bright peachy pink shade.


Since it’s a ‘Blushlighter’ it is very shimmery. I’ve been having a MOMENT with shimmery, glowy blushes, so I definitely had to grab this bad boy.


The way I use this is just by swirling my brush on top of the pellets to pick up the product, and then tapping off excess onto my arm or hand before applying. This product is VERY pigmented, so just barely swirling my brush into them and going straight onto the cheeks definitely gave me a statement blush look if you know what I mean.

It does blend out easily and smoothly, so it keeps you from having just straight dots on your cheeks. But definitely be careful and go slowly when applying this, especially with a fairer skintone like mine. It’ll be super glowy, so if you’re not into that and the look of blush toppers, you won’t love this. But I want all of the glowy blushes, so my grabby hands were all over this.


And now, of course, the piece I was most excited for. This is the ‘Game Over’ eyeshadow palette, and it’s been the piece that everyone’s been going crazy for – and for good reason. This is the most colorful palette Wet N Wild has released in quite some time, and I was so interested to see how the formula performed.

I have swatches and then an eye look, and then the review will be under those. Click on any of these if you want to jump around.


It contains 9 shades in different sizes. There are 7 mattes and 2 shimmers.


Each of the 4 corner shades has a little imprint of the 4 ghost characters from Pac-Man, while the middle yellow shade has a Pac-Man imprint. The imprints are pretty deep, and for the mattes will take awhile to wear away, while the shimmers will fade away more quickly.


And here are the swatches! These are using my finger on my bare arm, with no primer. From bottom to top: you have a bright pink matte; a warm-toned purple matte; a shimmery deeper orange; a mint green matte; a bright yellow matte; a warm toned brown matte; a cooler toned peach matte; a deep navy blue matte shade’ and a light white shimmer.




And now the eye looks! I wanted to include more than my usual 3 to make sure I used and showed all of the colors in the palette – to see how they look once on the eye, and to show how they perform.

Look #1: matte neutral brown in the crease, matte mint all over the lid, matte navy blue in the outer corner.
Look #2: matte orange in the crease, orange shimmer all over the lid, matte purple in the outer corner
Look #3: matte yellow in the outer crease, matte orange in the lower crease, white shimmer all over the lid, matte orange and browns on the outer corner
Look #4: matte pink in the crease, white shimmer all over the lid, matte navy blue in the outer corner
Look #5: matte pink in the crease, white shimmer on the lid, matte purple in the outer corner.

Alright, you’ve seem them all swatched out and in action and looking pretty, now it’s time for the reviews.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this palette. Their others in the past haven’t been bad, but the mattes have been very light and mostly neutral. I didn’t know exactly what to expect with a full palette of colorful mattes, but they surpassed expectations I came in with.

There are only 2 shimmers in the palette, so let’s go over those. The white shimmer has a more sheer base, but doesn’t look patchy or uneven. It nicely picked up whatever color it layered over, and paired well with all of the mattes. It’s definitely very glittery so I do notice a little bit of glitter fall out at the end of the day, but it’s not super noticeable unless you’re up close. For both of the shimmers, they were a little more hard pressed in the pan so I did have more success using a denser flat brush, or my finger to pick them up and place them on the lid. They built up easily and lasted well without creasing.

And the mattes. The mattes really impressed me. They were more sheer and lighter out of the pan, but built up very nicely. The yellow and mint blue were the most sheer, especially the yellow, and will take the most building, but they do build up and blend out smoothly. They won’t be full opacity unless you pack them fully onto the lids. I wouldn’t expect full neon shades, but they do build up nicely on the eyes. Yellows can be notoriously hard to create, and this one wasn’t close to the worst I’ve used, and it was smooth on the eyes.

The only shades I had a touch of problems with are, unsurprisingly, the matte purple and the dark navy blue shade. Dark purples and blues can be tough to do, so I was expecting a little extra work with them. The purple did take a lot of building up, and I found it could blend away easily. It was better to place it down, and then blend slightly on the edges, instead of full windshield wiper motions over it with a fluffy brush. It’s the driest feeling of the mattes. The deep navy is very pigmented, so you definitely have to be careful, or it can be too crazy. It can take a little extra work to blend out the edges, and they can get a little patchy if you go too crazy, but it’s still doable. It was more pigmented than the purple, but you’ll still have to be careful with it.

But overall, even with those couple of shades, this has been the best palette Wet N Wild has put out in a while. The mattes all blended well and were pigmented, and as you can see, I created a variety of looks with much less work than I’ve had to use with their other releases. I was very pleased, and think you will be too with this if you’re looking for a colorful palette. I hope they only continue to improve with their shadow palettes like they did with this one.


The ‘High Score’ Blush Palette was another piece I was excited for. I have a ton of Wet N Wild blushes, and they all have great formulas, so I was hoping these were no different. This retails for $7.99 on its own, or is included in the Powder kit for $20. It comes in a plastic compact with a clear top. The top has the various fruits you can pick up in the game printed on it.


Inside you get 4 pretty large pans of different blush colors.


They also feature various scores embossed into the pans. Again, these are pressed pretty far down, so they won’t wear away for a while.


And now for the swatches. I swatched right to left, then top to bottom in the pan, and they’re from the bottom up on my arm. First, a nice rosy pink satin, a shimmery bronze, a neutral with slight rosy undertones, and then a bright coral with golden shimmer.


There are 2 more satin shades, one super shimmery shade, and then one matte shade: the neutral rosy tone. As you can see, the 2nd shade has small golden glitters, but they fall away when you tap off your brush, and I don’t notice them on the cheeks.


Overall, I ended up really loving these shades. They can all be worn individually, or mixed together to create new shades. That shimmery peachy shade was the glowy blush I have been loving all summer.

They are less pigmented than the Blushlighter, so they will definitely need to be built up. I prefer this, especially because I’m ghostly white, and I prefer building up blush slowly. They do build up, and you can still get a statement blush look with a couple layers. I used a denser blush brush, and they applied beautifully and smoothly on my cheeks, and were easy to blend out. And these babies lasted. I looked, and at the end of my workday and when I got home, they were still apparent and pigmented on my cheeks, after 10 hours. They still looked smooth and I’m so glad to add more shades in their formula to my collection.


Next up, we have the ‘Ghost Glosses’. These come in their normal plastic tubes. These retail for $5.99 each, or in a pack of 4 for $23.


Each one features one of the Pac-Man ghosts, and the shades both are named for the ghosts and match their color.


They also have the game layout printed right onto the caps as well.


And now for swatches! From top to bottom we have: ‘Blinky’, a bright cool-toned red; ‘Clyde’ a peachy orange; ‘Inky’ a deeper blue; and ‘Pinky’, a more purple toned pink shade.


As you can see, these lean more into liquid lipsticks than glosses. They’re highly pigmented with one swipe, yet don’t dry down and retain their glossiness.


From left to right, top to bottom: ‘Blinky’, ‘Clyde’, ‘Inky’ and ‘Pinky’.

They’re all more of a liquid lipstick, or a highly pigmented gloss on the lips. They swipe on with higher pigmentation, and stay glossy on the lips. If you’ve tried their ‘High Shine Liquid Lipsticks’, these have the same formula as that. They’re a little thicker on the lips, in the way that you will be able to feel them on. I have to dip in a couple times to build them up, but that’s mainly because not a ton of product comes out on the applicator. But they feel very moisturizing and not at all sticky. They’re smooth when you rub your lips together and feel nice overall. There will obviously be transfer, but the shine lasts pretty well through light snacking and drinking. With their glossiness, they’re easily reapplied after they wear away, and will build on existing layers. Overall I really love these, and if you’re into the glossy lip trend, these are super great.

But pigmentation wise, these vary from color to color. ‘Blinky’, the bright red shade, surprised me with how opaque it was. It swiped on in full color with one dip, and was smooth and even. It wears away in a nice even way, and will leave a nice bright more pinky-red toned stain behind. You’ll definitely have to be careful with application (and with windy days) but I’m a sucker for a bright red.

‘Pinky’, the light purple pink was also very opaque. This is also smooth on the lips, and wears away nicely. It leaves a touch of stain on the lips. You can get a little bit of a ring around your mouth as it wears away, but it’s not super noticeable, and can be easily touched up.

‘Clyde’ is a little more streaky, as you can see in the photos. It needs to be built up a little more to be smooth. However, since it’s a lighter and more sheer color, it’s not as noticeable. This one is easy to throw on as a quick lip look.

Lastly, the problem child, ‘Inky’. This was the one shade that was a total pass. No matter how much I built it up, it was streaky and uneven, especially after putting my lips together. And especially with such a unique and out there color, the streakiness is very noticeable. It’s the one shade to pass on.


Whew! We made it all the way through! There were some hits and misses, as with any large Wet N Wild collection – and why I fully review them for you really. As always, look at my experience and your own preferences, and let that help decide whether you would use any of these products! I think this is a fun collection, they really nailed the theme and there’s some great products. As always, I love Wet N Wild and will continue to review their new products.


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