Orly ‘Dreamscape’ Fall 2019 Collection


I’m currently on ‘vacation’! I’m home to my parents house for my cousin’s wedding this weekend, and I have a lovely 3 days of just doing nothing before and after the wedding planned ahead of me. I think I’m more excited to have time to just sit down and catch up on blog posts than anything. I know right, a pretty exciting vacation. But sometimes the best ones are where you can just disconnect and catch up on life! Vacation is about relaxing, right?

And of course, I’m catching up and working through a constant stack of polish and makeup that’s on my desk. We’re slowly making our way through fall collections, and there’s only a few more to look at after this! Then we’ll get Halloween collections, which I also love so much.

But getting ahead of myself, let’s talk about today’s review! We’re looking at the Orly Dreamscape collection for Fall 2019! I’ve had this box sitting on my desk for a little bit, just waiting for me to open up the goodness inside.

As always, it’s a 6 piece collection. It features soft neutrals and moody cool-tones that I think will be perfect for the cooler weather. Let’s get into it already!

As I’ve said a million times before, I have the Orly Color Pass. This is a service where you pay a 1 time fee up front – $110, and then the 4 Orly collections are delivered throughout the year, along with added goodies in each box. I always say, it’s a good deal if you fully know you want to buy all of the collections (like I do to review). But if you’re not sure and only want individual shades, they’re also up on head2toebeauty.com. If you’re looking to sign up for Color pass, you’ll get the fall box, and then 3 other collections after it.

Let’s look at the Fall 2019 box! It came with the ‘Dreamscape’ collection, as well as a Scrub & Cleanser stick, and a striping brush.


The scrub is the Yes To Coconut Energizing Coffee 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser stick. As you can see, it’s a big scrub, and you get a lot of product.


I haven’t used it yet, but you just rub it all over you face, and add water to simultaneously clean your face and scrub away dry and dead skin!


The other product that comes with the box is the Orly Striper brush. It’s a weighty silver plastic, and comes with a cap on it as well.


As you can see, the brush is extremely thin and will be perfect for creating stripes across your nails.



Now into the polishes!

Up first we have ‘Dreamweaver’. This is a nice blush toned cream shade. It had a smooth 1st coat, though there was some nail line left showing through. A 2nd coat easily covered it and made it fully opaque. A nice easy formula, and a lovely neutral.



‘Ethereal Plane’ is a light soft pink cream shade with a bright purple shimmer and flash throughout. This was very sheer, and I found thicker coats can flood the cuticles, so it’s best to go with thinner coats and build it up. There was still some nail line and ridges after 2 coats, so I ended up using a 3rd to smooth everything out. This is a formula that you don’t want to overmanipulate or else you can get some streaks.

It’s a little more finnicky, but the end result is a nice soft neutral shade on the nails.


That purple flash is more subtle, but it’s enough to give the shade a little more glow to the nails. I can see this being perfect for winter as well.



‘Free Fall’ is a very light, almost purple toned soft gray cream with subtle silver shimmer. This had a streaky and uneven 1st coat. It was pretty well opaque in 2 coats, though it might need a 3rd to cover up any last nail line or patches.



‘Astral Projection’ is a gorgeous medium gray cream shade. This had a more crelly formula, so it was so smooth on the nails but did need a 2nd coat to cover up any last nail line. But it was an easy 2 coats, and so nice to paint onto the nails. If there’s anything I especially love for the fall, it’s a good gray nail polish, and this doesn’t disappoint.



‘Into the Deep’ is a deep dark gray shade. It can look almost black on the nails, but there is a touch of gray to it that keeps it from being an absolute stark black. It had a little more sheer 1st coat, but was easily opaque in 2 coats. Another smooth cream formula shade.



Last but certainly not least, the shade that caught my eye immediately when photos of this collection dropped! This is ‘Air of Mystique’ and she’s a deep dark teal metallic shade. This had a beautiful formula and was fully opaque in 1 easy coat. So smooth to paint on.

As you can see, because it is a metallic, it does have a lot of brushstrokes, so that can be one negative. You’ll definitely want to paint straight to help avoid them, or if you’re really looking for a smooth finish, you can sponge a coat on top.


They’re not super noticeable from farther away in day to day life, so I’ll still be enjoying this beautiful vampy metallic.



And that’s the Orly Fall 2019 collection! There were some beautiful cream formulas in here, as well as the more subtle shimmery polishes. My favorite is ‘Air of Mystique’ for the color alone, but you can’t go wrong with any of the cream shades!


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