Color Club Matte-ified Metallics Collection


Whew! It’s been a while! Well, a while to me. Maybe you haven’t noticed, maybe you don’t care. But it’s been a WHILE. Couple quick life updates because as always, this is my blog and I can talk about what I want. (I promise we’ll get into the polish).

ANYWAYS. Firstly, I was wrapped up in a project! My old boss puts on art shows once a year, and he messaged me saying to submit a piece! (I graduated with a degree in design and am in the art field for my real job). As I haven’t at all changed, I procrastinated and then my whole weekend before this past one was a full one of just madly finishing a piece and getting it sent out. And it was sent out early because I had a family wedding this weekend in Tennessee! It ended up being so much fun and I was so glad to see family members that I hadn’t seen in so long. All good things all around, but of course, all things that took up my time! Now I’m back and getting my shit together and getting back on schedule.

And that schedule includes lots of polish to talk about and lots of reviews on their way!


Now this lovely collection, I posted about it quite a while ago – and then life got in the way, see above – and these beautiful swatches were just sitting and waiting for me in all their beauty. It’s finally time to get them on out.

This is the Color Club Matte-ified Metallics collection, and as you can tell, it contains 6 shades of matte metallic finishes. I grabbed these from the Color Club website when they were 50% off. They’re $8.50 each normally, but Color Club is always having sales, so definitely watch their Instagram, and you can always grab the polishes for at least 30% off pretty regularly.

Let’s get on into the swatches and let them talk for themselves! Also, can we talk about those frosted bottles? You wanna sell me something, put it in a frosted bottle. *drools*

Up first, we have ‘Matte-erial Girl’ (all of these names have some great wordplay with matte, I’ll say), a light yellow gold shade. There was some nail line after 1 coat, but it was easily opaque in 2 coats.

These polishes were all so interesting. They were more opaque than I was expecting, and had thicker formulas, but they were still so easy and smooth to paint on. As you can see, any brushstrokes disappear, and it dries with a stunning matte metallic finish. The polish is smooth in texture as well, and almost feels velvety on the nails.

They of course dry more quickly because of the matte finish, but it’s not so quick that you can’t work with it. You’re able to paint it on smoothly and with straight strokes.

Color Club – Matte-erial Girl

And I found these polishes looked wildly different in their normal matte finish than with a glossy top coat. It’s almost like 2 different polishes, and you get two distinctive looks. I loved it so much! And with this one, the glossy shine almost brings out a touch of a purple flash to it. So beautiful.

With a glossy top coat, the shimmer just pops, and it’s so stunning. I can’t wait to wear these both ways – it’s almost hard to choose which finish I like more.

Color Club – Matte-erial Girl + Glossy Top Coat


Up next, we have this gorgeous shifty green-gold metallic, ‘What’s the Matte-r?’. This could be opaque in just 1 thicker coat – the polish is thicker so it’s easy to control and won’t flood with a thicker coat. If you do thinner coats, it’s an easy 2. I noted that it can get some faint brushstrokes, so you’ll want to paint straight, but as you can see they mostly disappear and are hardly noticeable.

Color Club – What’s the Matte-r?

This shade has some shifty goodness, and you can see the gold to a darker olive green shift at different lights and angles. I loved this, and so unique to my collection.

Color Club – What’s the Matte-r?

With a glossy top coat, that shimmer really pops, as well as that shifty goodness. It looks even more gold-green, and you can see that darker green shade around the outside.

Color Club – What’s the Matte-r? + Glossy Top Coat


‘You’re My Soul Matte’ is a warm purple base with a subtle rose gold shift. On one coat, it seems pretty well opaque, though the color is lighter than what is in the bottle. With a 2nd coat, the base builds to full color and brightens on the nail.

Color Club – You’re My Soul-Matte

We love a shifty polish. I’m so glad that rose gold shift can be picked up on the nail.

Color Club – You’re My Soul-Matte

With a glossy top coat, that shift is less noticeable, but the purple really pops and glows on the nail. And of course, you get that gorgeous shimmer.



Now, the shade I know everyone was most excited about when they saw this collection. And I’m so glad to say it doesn’t disappoint. This is ‘Don’t Be So Dra-matte-ic’ and it’s a stunning bright teal shade. This is a touch more sheer than the others, so it will definitely need 2 coats, but it was easily opaque in those 2.

I was so happy to see that this shade matched the glow in the bottle and was just as stunning on the nails!

Color Club – Don’t Be So Dra-matte-ic

And with that glossy top coat, it glows even more. I think this just might be my favorite shade of the bunch, though it’s so hard to choose.

Color Club – Don’t Be So Dra-matte-ic + Glossy Top Coat


‘Matte About You’ is a deep blue-green jewel tone. This would be perfect for these rainy autumn days. This had one of the thicker formulas of the bunch, so it was opaque in just 1 easy coat. It’s easy to control on the nails and self-levels nicely.

Color Club – Matte About You

And a glossy top coat. It becomes more of a deeper blue base with a stunning green shimmer, and is so dimensional on the nails. I think I loved the glossy version of this one more, surprisingly.

Color Club – Matte About You + Glossy Top Coat


Last but certainly not least, we have ‘Been There, Done Matte’. This is a rich metallic sapphire blue. This was another thicker formula, so it could skip if there wasn’t enough on the brush. It was good with 2 thicker coats, and as you can see it’s the most uneven of the bunch and left some ridges. Painting straight, and flooding the polish onto the nail can help smooth it out.

Overall a stunning formula, but the most finnicky. Nothing crazy, but it’s not as smooth as the others.

Color Club – Been There, Done Matte

This was another that I preferred glossy, as a top coat smoothed out all the ridges and made that small shimmer just stand out.

Color Club – Been There, Done Matte + Glossy Top Coat


Alright, it’s time for me to gush. Honestly, I loved all of these shades so much. They were all easy 1-2 coats and were so smooth and beautiful. I loved how different the matte and glossy versions of each looked. These might be my favorite matte formula I’ve seen in quite a while, and I’ll definitely be looking into more Color Club collections coming up. I swear, try em and you’ll love them all.


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2 thoughts on “Color Club Matte-ified Metallics Collection

  1. The formulas on these look stunning! The lack of visible brushstrokes? Delicious! Honestly can’t even decide which is my favorite, they all look so, so good!

    P.S. I cannot wait for your review of the Orly winter collection because it looks like there may some stunners in there :]

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