Essie Fall 2019 Collection


You know when you have a wild Friday night in, swatching polishes and drinking tea? Just me? Whatever, I had a great time. And then the next night I was out with my friends until 2am because I like to keep everyone guessing. It’s about balance.

Speaking of wild amounts of swatching, I finished up the last two fall collections we have to talk about. So there’s one more after this, and then we’re diving head first into holiday collections! I’m going to keep bringing it up so you’re fully prepared all around.

Now onto this first fall collection we have to talk about that I’m so glad I finally got into my hands and onto my nails! This is the Essie fall 2019 collection, and it’s of course 6 polishes. I picked mine up from – they still have all the shades in stock as of this post, and I love their site for always having the newest Essie collections! Super quick shipping and I love them overall.

This is a lovely fall collection with some yellows, greens and warm tones! We have some beautiful colors to look at, so let’s get right into it!

Up first is the shade a lot of people were interested in. Essie doesn’t release a lot of yellows so anytime another one drops, it’s snatched up real quick.

This is ‘Hay There’, a butter yellow cream. The first coat was definitely a little streaky and uneven, but that can be expected with lighter yellow shades like this – they can definitely be more finnicky to work with. It was pretty well opaque with a 2nd thicker coat – though I did still have some patches and ridges that were showing, so I ended up doing a 3rd coat to smooth out any last imperfections.

This is definitely a polish that you’ll want to just float the coat onto the nails and then leave it. Overmanipulating it can definitely create more streaks and uneven patches. Overall, a little more work, but a stunning color! It’s honestly a good formula for a yellow, and I enjoyed adding it to my collection!



Next up, we have ‘Homegrown’. This is a peachy nude shade with stunning golden shimmer all throughout. This had a good 1st coat, but I definitely noticed some unevenness, and my ridges were peeking through. But it was an easy 2 coats to opaque and just so smooth on the nails.


This also doesn’t have brushstrokes like some other shimmery polishes can have. So pretty on the nails, and a perfect warmer color as it cools down.



‘On the Bright Cider’ was another shade I was so excited to try. (I mean, I love me all types of cider, it’s imperative that I drink like a gallon of apple cider every fall time, so only fitting I put it on my nails as well). This is a beautiful warm brown cream shade. This had a very smooth formula and there was only the slightest touch of nail line after 1 coat. A 2nd coat easily covers it up and makes the application beautiful. We love a unique, almost ugly-pretty color.



‘Easily Suede’ is a cool-toned brown gray cream shade. Another beautiful formula, and it was easily opaque in 1 thicker coat. It’s so smooth and easy to control, so that thicker coat isn’t going to flood your cuticles or get all over. A lovely shade for fall.



And now the other 2 shimmery polishes!

First up, we have ‘Rust-worthy’, a gorgeous rust orange shimmery metallic. Another stunning formula, just 1 easy coat and it was opaque on the nails. It just almost glows on the nails, and I love that shimmer all throughout. No brushstrokes, just beauty here.



Last but certainly not least, we have the polish that has broken the polish world. This bad boy has been flying off shelves and sold out everywhere, and honestly I get why.

This is ‘Sweater Weather’ and she’s a stunning forest green metallic. And even better, it had another easy 1 coat formula to go with it. And again, any brushstrokes smooth out, so overall just one of my favorites of the fall!


Who couldn’t fall in love with this polish?



And that’s the Essie Fall collection! Overall, there were some absolutely beautiful formulas here – ‘Hay There’ was the only one that I had a little more trouble with and needed 3 coats, but that can be expected with a lot of yellow shades. I think there were some more unique colors here as well, and I can’t wait to continue to wear these for fall and the cooler weather! You can’t go wrong with any of these shades if the color is something you’ll love!


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