OPI Scotland Fall 2019 Collection


I don’t know if you’ve read or realized yet, but I love fall. The deep vampy colors of polish and makeup are my FAVORITE. I’m a pale girl so these deep shades make me look even paler and witchier, and I’m ready to let my gothy inner self out. WHICH THIS COLLECTION REALLY LETS ME DO.

This post took a little longer than planned, as I had a freelance project come in that I holed up in my apartment all weekend for, and I still haven’t fully figured out how to pre-plan and have posts saved up like a good blogger. This blog will always just be a hobby, and my “real job” will always come first (I’m a graphic designer), so I’m glad you guys are always patient!

This is OPI collection for Fall 2019 based on Scotland. So there are fun puns and fun facts about Scotland ahead, prepare yourself. We have the 12 polishes from the collection, and then 2 exclusive shades. As always I grabbed these from polishpick.com (If you ever buy from polishpick.com, there’s a dropdown where you can put my name in as a referral! It’s not an affiliate code, but does still help to show where people are coming from!)

We got a lot of nail polishes to talk about today, so let’s just start talking already.

‘Edinburgh-er & Tatties’ (I had to google, apparently Tatties is mashed potatoes) is a nice light neutral brown cream shade (not quite potato colored). This had a stunning cream formula, pretty well opaque in 1 easy coat. You might need a 2nd to cover any last nail line if you do thinner coats, but it’s smooth and easy.

It’s with a thinner formula like this that you can see my nail ridges peeking on through, so if you want to cover those up, you can use a ridge filling base coat!

OPI – Edinburgh-er & Tatties


Up next, we have the cooler end of the spectrum. This is ‘You’ve Got That Glas-glow’, a nice purple toned mauvey cream shade. I had some nail line and ridges after 1 coat, but it was an easy 2 coat overall. So stunning!

OPI – You’ve Got that Glas-glow


As soon as I saw this pumpkin-y orange autumn goodness, I had to get my grabby hands onto it. This is ‘Suzi Needs a Loch-smith’ and she’s all I need in the way of fall goodness wrapped up into a polish. Can you tell I love this?

This was pretty well opaque in 1 coat, 2 easy ones, and just so smooth on the nails. I can’t get enough of burnt oranges, and I’ll collect them all, thank you.

OPI – Suzi Needs a Loch-smith


You may not know this about me, but I am, in fact, a redhead, so I’m already biased. We need more representation, thank you.

This is ‘Red Heads Ahead’ and she’s a bright red cherry cream shade. And she’s a typical OPI red formula, and an easy 2 coats.

Now, this is a pigmented red, so as you can see around my cuticles, it’s a messy clean up. So definitely be careful with removal, or you’ll end up smearing it all your skin. Like the red head gene, you can’t quite ever get rid of it all.

OPI – Red Heads Ahead


‘A Little Guilt Under the Kilt’ is the other red shade of the group. This a deep shimmery red, and I hate to say it, will make a great shade for the holidays. There was some light nail line and sheerness after 1 coat. It was easily opaque in 2 coats, and the color deepens up to the shade in the bottle with that 2nd coat.

OPI – A Little Guilt Under the Kilt

‘Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green’ (again, more googling, Aberdeen is a city in Scotland and I get it more now, so clever), is a beautiful deep dusty forest green cream. I drool.

This could be a little streaky with a thinner 1st coat, but it easily smoothed out with a 2nd coat. Another beautiful cream formula that just floated so easily onto the nails. So stunning and I can’t wait to wear this more.

OPI – Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green


‘Rub-a-Pub-Pub’ is a deeper gray cream. This has a touch thinner formula than the others, but it’s still an easy 2 coats.

Another deep vampy shade, perfect for being witchy.

OPI – Rub-a-Pub-Pub


Shifting to a lighter feel, we’re getting into the blues of this collection.

Up first we have ‘OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn’ – did you know that the Unicorn is Scotland’s national animal? I respect it.

This is a dusty medium blue cream shade. This was more sheer and almost crelly like. But again, still an easy 2 coats. It has a nice squishy look to the nails, and an almost softness. A different type of fall color, and I love it.

OPI – OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn


Next, we have the shade that I know a lot of people were excited for, and for good reason. This is ‘Nessie Plays Hide and Sea-k’, (I see what you did there), a dark blue base with a stunning green-teal shimmer. And with a stunning formula to match, being pretty well opaque in 1 easy coat. With a 2nd, the shimmer really pops out against the base, and it’s just so good.

OPI – Nessie Plays Hide and Sea-k

Just look at that beauty. Give me more shimmer.

OPI – Nessie Plays Hide and Sea-k


‘Nice Set of Pipes’ brings us over into the purples. This is a beautiful cool-toned deep purple cream. Another beautiful formula, opaque in 1 thicker coat and smooth on the nails. I feel like I’m repeating myself, but all of these formulas have just been so good. I can’t even pretend to come up with a complaint.

OPI – Nice Set of Pipes


I also learned that the thistle is Scotland’s national flower. I’m learning more and more about Scotland here, and honestly loving them more. I mean, thistles and unicorns, they’re basically the witchy fall aesthetic that I’m trying to be.

‘Boys Be Thistle-ing At Me’  is a nice shimmery, more warm toned deeper purple. Another that was pretty well smooth in 1 coat, or 2 thinner ones.

OPI – Boys Be Thistle-ing At Me

The shimmer in this is a little smaller and less apparent, but it still gives the polish a nice metallic look.

OPI – Boys Be Thistle-ing At Me


The last of the purples, and the last of the core shades of this collection is ‘Good Girls Gone Plaid’ (I immediately get that Cobra Starship song in my head, anyone else?). This is a super deep, almost black dark purple shade. There were some patches on the 1st coat that could need a 2nd, but easily covered and opaque in 2 coats.

Another that can get a little messy with removal and cleanup, so paint carefully.



And now we have the two exclusive shades! They seem to be available at both Ulta and Sally Beauty! These both dry with a matte velvet finish, and that seems to be the trend of the season – there have been a few other releases with the matte velvet finish and I NEED THEM ALL. I normally pass on the exclusives for a collection, just because they’re normally not as widely available or popular, but I’ve seen a lot of buzz about these ones. Let’s get into these beauties.

Up first, ‘Clash of the Tartans’. This is a beautiful fuchsia jewel-toned pink shimmer. This had a stunning formula and was opaque in 1 easy coat. I did two here to cover up the ridges a little more, but so easy to paint on.

OPI – Clash of the Tartans

These do dry more quickly, you’ll have time to paint straight and smooth it out a touch, but not a ton of time to work with it. Would definitely recommend painting smoothly and straight on and not messing it with it too long.

But just look at it.

OPI – Clash of the Tartans

And here it is with a glossy top coat as well. As you can see the shimmer definitely pops out more with that glossy top coat.

OPI – Clash of the Tartans + Glossy Top Coat

Beautiful each way really.

OPI – Clash of the Tartans + Glossy Top Coat


The other exclusive is ‘Nailed It by a Royal Mile’. This is a bright blue-purple matte metallic, and just unf, look at it. And this one was INCREDIBLE. Even more of a beautiful formula than ‘Clash of the Tartans’, this painted on so opaquely in just 1 coat. So smooth and I can’t say enough good things about it.

OPI – Nailed by a Royal Mile

And with a glossy top coat. If you only pick up one shade from this collection, make it one of these mattes.

OPI – Nailed by a Royal Mile + Glossy Top Coat


Whew, we made it through! As I’ve said many times before, fall is my all time favorite season, and this collection had some BEAUTIFUL fall colors. There wasn’t a bad formula in this entire collection, and so many were pretty much one coaters. It’s a typical OPI cream formula and I’m not mad at all.

What were your favorites?


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4 thoughts on “OPI Scotland Fall 2019 Collection

  1. I am with you about fall! Best season in general, best season for nail polish, best color palette, best everything!!!

    I adored this collection so, so much, I got 11 of the polishes, which is quite rare for me. I am so happy to know that the formulas are just as stunning as the colors! I am planning on doing a blogstravaganza where I do a post on each of these polishes that I got and include vacation photos where relevant (I was in Scotland for a few days in 2016, it was amazing, I could live there).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh that sounds so cool! Scotland seems so beautiful, and I’m so jealous. It’s on my list to see one day! I would love to do that with any of my OPI polishes – post them in the places they’re named after. I’ve seen others do that and I love! And I’m sure you’ll love them all!

      Liked by 1 person

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