Sinful Colors x Bebe Rexha ‘Velvet Obsession’ Collection

At this point in time, every time I go back to my parents house in Michigan, they fully expect and understand that I’ll disappear at some point, on an adventure to Walmart for Walmart exclusive polishes and makeup. They might not quite get it, but at this point they no longer question it. Who would have ever thought I would miss Walmart while living in Chicago?

Most of the time on these quests, it’s to find the newest Sinful Colors collection, and this last visit was no different. I zoomed on over and almost gasped audibly when I found the display, and snatched all the colors up with my little grabby hands.

The collection I’m talking about, and that we’re looking at today, is the new collection from Sinful Colors in collaboration with Bebe Rexha. It’s called ‘Velvet Obsession’ and features 8 shades with a “Velvet Matte Finish”. 3 of the shades, ‘Glam N Roses, ‘Dark Romance’ and ‘Twisted Obsession’, have the sticker “Bebe’s Shade” on them, and I believe those are the 3 Bebe helped to create herself.

They’re in frosted bottles, and I’m a sucker for any sort of frosted bottle. I’m like the -Homer Simpson voice- “Mmmmm, frosted bottles”. They just look so classy.

These can be found exclusively at Walmart stores right now. I do wish they were online like their other collections, but definitely look for the displays at your Walmart store. They retailed for $2.99 each.

Let’s get right into the colors!

These are dry with a velvety matte finish. They dry more quickly, as any matte will, but you still have enough time to paint them on smoothly and straight. They’re all a base color with tons of silver sparkles all throughout.

Up first, the lightest shade. ‘Glam N Roses’ is a soft peachy pink base with the silver shimmer all throughout. This was pretty well good in 2 coats, though it could still be streaky with thinner coats, so you might need a 3rd on there to cover up any last nail line underneath.

As you can see, this one is definitely the most uneven out of the shades. It didn’t self level as well, so I suggest thicker coats, and just floating them on in order to avoid the bumpiness.

Sinful Colors – Glam N Roses

And with a glossy top coat – a thicker one than I had will help cover up those bumps a touch more, so definitely recommend that. A glossy top coat does bring out the shimmer and make it contrast against the nails more. Overall, just a touch more work than you’ll have with the others, but she’s still pretty.

Sinful Colors – Glam N Roses (Glossy)


The other pink shade is ‘Plum Lush’. This is a gorgeous deep wine burgundy base. (They all have the silver shimmers all throughout so I’m going to stop typing that out every time, and just go for the base color).

This is a beautiful formula, with it pretty well opaque in just 1 coat. The color does deepen up on the 2nd coat, and any bumps are leveled out easily.

Sinful Colors – Plum Lush

As you can see, it’s much smoother than the first shade, and self-levels so nicely. (You can also see the end of my pointer finger that I always forget to cover, make sure to wrap all the tips!)

Sinful Colors – Plum Lush

And with a glossy top coat! Like you’ll see with the other shades, a glossy top coat will make that shimmer just pop and contrast even more with the base shade, especially on the darker shades. So stunning.

Sinful Colors – Plum Lush (Glossy)

I can’t tell which way I like wearing this one more!

Sinful Colors – Plum Lush (Glossy)


‘Gold Jewel’ is the, well, gold shade of the bunch. This one also has some of the strongest contrasting shimmer even when in its matte finish.

This was a little thinner and more sheer than the others, but it was still smooth. It’ll need 2 coats to get fully even – and with that thinner formula, it can flood the cuticles if you put on too thick of a coat. But it’ll self level nicely, no matter how thin a coat you put on.

Sinful Colors – Gold Jewel

She’s just a beauty – they almost look textured, but they’re smooth on the nails.

Sinful Colors – Gold Jewel

And of course, with a glossy top coat. It just looks so rich and sparkly on the nails.

Sinful Colors – Gold Jewel (Glossy)
Sinful Colors – Gold Jewel (Glossy)


‘Steel Velours’ is a more cool-toned, almost taupe shade.

This could be opaque in 1 thicker coat – it’s very smooth on the nails. I did 2 coats here to cover up any last ridges on my nails, and she’s just so soft and velvety on the nails.


(Again, you see where I forgot to extend it all the way to the end of my nails here. I’m showing you the real stuff here, folks.) These polishes can skip a little if there’s not enough polish on the brush, so make sure to dip in and pick up enough.

And with a glossy top coat. It makes the base a little deeper, and that shimmer really pops out. I loved this one with a glossy top coat. It’s almost like 2 different polishes.


Sinful Colors – Steel Velours (Glossy)


‘Dark Romance’ is the deepest of the shades, and it’s a deep dark black-brown base with the silver shimmer as well as red glitters as well.

This had an absolutely stunning formula and was opaque in 1 easy coat. So smooth, and so easy to paint on.

Sinful Colors – Dark Romance

This one was one of my favorites matte, with just how that shimmer and glitter really popped against the base.


And a glossy top coat really makes that shimmer come alive on the nails. This one is stunning with either finish (I mean, they all are).

Sinful Colors – Dark Romance (Glossy)



‘Empire Green’ is the deep emerald green shade. It’s a touch thinner, so you will need 2 easy coats to get it fully opaque. Another smooth formula on the nails.

Sinful Colors – Empire Green

You can see a touch, on my ring finger, how you could need a 2nd or 3rd coat to cover up any last patches or nail line. The coats dry quickly, so its easy to throw on another if you’re seeing any patches.

Sinful Colors – Empire Green

A top coat on this one really makes it look metallic with all of that shimmer packed in. Again, a fave. They’re all a fave.

Sinful Colors – Empire Green (Glossy)


‘Gothic Ink’ is a stunning deep royal blue shade. Another that was so easily opaque in 1 coat. The formula is thicker, so no matter how thin of a coat you apply, it’s still smooth and completely opaque on the nails.

Sinful Colors – Gothic Ink

I can’t stop staring at this one, it’s so beautiful. And perfect for vampy fall looks.

Sinful Colors – Gothic Ink

And with a glossy top coat, the sparkle really just pops on the nails.

Sinful Colors – Gothic Ink (Glossy)

And of course, even more photos because I just can’t get enough of it. Just feast your eyes.


Last but certainly not least, we have ‘Twisted Obsession’, the deep royal purple. This was pretty well good in 1 coat, though there could be some patches that might need a 2nd. Another easy formula to apply onto the nails.

Sinful Colors – Twisted Obsession

And of course, this beauty with a glossy top coat. As with the others, the sparkles just pop more against the base colors.

Sinful Colors – Twisted Obsession (Glossy)
Sinful Colors – Twisted Obsession (Glossy)


I will always say, I love how Sinful Colors continually experiments with different finishes and formulas. They’re constantly doing such cool polishes, and for such a low price. I’ll never stop going on about how much I love them as a brand. As always, continue to throw everything you’ve got at me, SC.


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6 thoughts on “Sinful Colors x Bebe Rexha ‘Velvet Obsession’ Collection

  1. “I’m showing you the real stuff here, folks” – you crack me up! I don’t think I would have even noticed the teeny application issue if you hadn’t pointed it out :]

    I really hope I don’t come across these in stores, I won’t be able to resist! *__*

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad I make someone laugh with my jokes! 😂I just want to make sure I’m always being honest with everyone! And they’re one of my favorite collections that came out this year. They knocked it out of the park with the colors – I probably shouldn’t be encouraging you more, right? 😂😂😂

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