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Listen, I love eyeshadow and palettes. A LOT. Some might say I have a problem, but there are worse problems to have really. I recently hauled a bunch of new palettes, and I’m promising myself that along with those, it’s time to get up some reviews that have been on the backburner for far too long! I’m telling myself that reviewing the palettes on my blog will help offset all of the new ones I buy (it makes sense to me, okay, let me have this).

I definitely let my eyeshadow palette reviews slip a little bit, and want to get back into them more regularly. They can definitely be more “intimidating” to write since they take more work, but I’m working on tackling them one chunk at a time in order to get them out in a more timely fashion in the future. This is first and foremost a nail blog, so I’m still nailing (sorry) down the makeup review routine!

Now let’s talk about this palette! This one has been on the backburner far too long, and it’s about time I get it up!

This is an “older” palette now by Colourpop standards, but I’m working on not letting that stop me from reviewing things! There’s such a focus on having the newest things constantly, I think it’s good to go back and talk about things that I still have and like even if they’re not “new”. This is a permanent palette, and you can still buy it on the Colourpop website. I know I do review a lot of limited edition things, but I do like talking about permanent buys as well – you don’t have to rush out to buy it and you can really think about your decision and whether it’ll fit into your collection. I’m always just trying to help make more informed decisions for purchases, and overall, it all depends on your preferences!

Alright onto the palette. This is the ‘Uh Huh Honey’ palette from Colourpop and it’s one of the 9 pan palettes from their monochromatic series. Like I said, it’s a lil “older” now, but still available, and who doesn’t love yellow all year round! I love wearing this palette with a deep burgundy red lip, so it’s still perfect for the upcoming winter. It retails for $12 and is their traditional square plastic packaging like the others.

Like all other eyeshadow palette reviews, I have swatches, eye looks and then the review! You can skip to any part of it with the links above. Let’s get into it!

Colourpop always has the cutest packaging, and honestly I want to meet their designers. They deserve a raise.

This was the outer box packaging, and it pretty well matches the inside of the palette.


It’s packaged just like their other monochromatic 9-pan palettes, with the colored thicker plastic. The name is one the outside in large gold letter, printed directly onto the packaging, so it won’t wear away easily.


It has the large mirror like all the others – this doesn’t usually matter to me, but great for when you’re doing your makeup on the go and don’t have another mirror to look into.

And now the actual shades! This palette obviously contains a range of tones and finishes of yellows. There are 5 mattes, 3 shimmers, and 1 pressed glitter.


And the close up. As you can see, it goes from bright butter yellow, to more coppery and yellow-brown shades. There’s only so much you can do in the range of monochromatic yellows, so I think it’s a good selection!


And of course, we have a pressed glitter, ‘Palooza’. This is the one shade that is labeled on the back as ‘not intended for use in the immediate eye area”. Technically no glitter can be called eye-safe, and that is why Colourpop includes this warnings on any of their glitter shades. It’s definitely to be used at your own discretion and safety, as it’s possible that pieces can fall into and irritate the eye. I do find these stick on their own, but a glitter glue will help them stick even more, but overall it’s at your own risk. Eye safety is no joke, so definitely be careful with this shade.

I personally love glitters (and you can pry them out of my cold dead hands, I love adding them to any look to be a little extra), but of course, I have to give the warning and wouldn’t fault anyone for not wanting to use them!

It also came out as a single in their ‘Headliner’ bundle, so that’s also something to note if you’re a serial Colourpop collector. Or if you just want that glitter only.


And now the swatches! I went from left to right across the rows top to bottom.

I will note that ‘Sunburst’, that 2nd shade is really interesting as it’s a lighter yellow base with a gorgeous blue shimmer/shift to it.


From L-R (of the 4 swatches fully in the photo): ‘Sweet Spot’, a bright yellow matte; ‘Dandy’, a bright yellow gold; ‘Palooza’, a shifty yellow-green gold glitter; and ‘Queen B’, a more yellow toned copper shimmer.


In this photo from L-R: ‘Queen B’; ‘Totally Buggin’, a more orange toned mustard matte; ‘Oh Beehave’, a traditional mustard yellow matte; and ‘Buzz Kill’, a warm toned yellowish brown matte shade.



And now the eye looks! These are all over Milani’s eyeshadow primer – I always wear primer or else my shadows crease on my hooded eyelids.

For this first one, I used ‘Stinger’ as a light wash all of the crease, ‘Totally Buggin’ to deepen the crease, ‘Buzz Kill’ in the outer corner, ‘Queen B’ on the lid, and ‘Sunburst’ on the inner corner.


For the 2nd look: I used ‘Sweet Spot’ and ‘Totally Buggin’ in the crease, ‘Buzz Kill’ on the outer corner, ‘Dandy’ all over the lid, topped with ‘Palooza’ glitter, and ‘Sunburst’ in the inner corner.


For the last look, I tried to make sure to show the deeper matte and more brown-toned looks you can get out of the palette. I used ‘Totally Buggin’ in the crease, ‘Buzz Kill’ patted on the inner and outer third of the lids, and ‘Dandy’ patted on the center of the lid, and ‘Sunburst’ in the inner corner.



Now onto the review!

I found this palette to be right along the lines of normal Colourpop eyeshadow quality. ‘Stinger’, ‘Totally Buggin’, ‘Oh Beehave’ and ‘Buzz Kill’ were a touch powdery, but were smooth and built up easily. ‘Sweet Spot’, the bright yellow matte was a touch less pigmented and harder pressed in the pan, so it needed to be built up more. I didn’t ever get full bright yellow pigmentation, and it was a little more sheered out, but that is pretty standard with matte yellow shades. I would say it was the weakest matte of the palette, but again bright yellow mattes can be more difficult.

‘Buzz Kill’, the medium yellow-brown matte shade also did need to be built up a little more when used over other shades. On it’s own it was fine, but over other shadows it seemed to not stick as well, and just took a little more building. Nothing crazy, and it was still easy to use.

All of the shimmers were nice and smooth and pigmented as well. ‘Sunburst’ can feel a touch more crumbly than the other two, so it can take a little more pressing and blending into the skin, but overall it’s still beautiful. It’s nothing unusable and just more noticeable since the other 2 shimmers are so smooth and pigmented. ‘Dandy’ and ‘Queen B’ were both so stunning on the lids. They picked up easily and applied so nicely.

And now for ‘Palooza’, the glitter. I found it did pick up easily and adheres to the eye very well. There was a touch of glitter migration when I used it on the lids, but I didn’t find it dropping down throughout the day. However, as you can see in my eye look if you do built it up on the lid, I found that it did crease a little more on my hooded lids. So I recommend a glitter glue if you’re looking to build a thicker layer on the lid, and keep it more solidly in place.

They wore well for an entire day of work + more. I didn’t have any problems with fading or creasing (except for the glitter). As mentioned above, I always wear my shadows over Milani’s eyeshadow primer, as otherwise any shadow will crease on my hooded lids.

Overall, I did like the quality of this palette. So it’ll come down to color and look preferences! Obviously it’s a monochromatic palette, so most of your looks, as you can see with mine, will look similar. There’s only so much you can do with various shades of yellow. I will say this wasn’t my favorite just because of the more limited color choices, since yellow can be more difficult to make different tones of than other shades. I was looking for something deeper than ‘Buzz Kill’ to add more depth and variety to looks. The mattes can blend into each other and look very similar – it helps to make more seamless looks – but for someone like me who is constantly changing up looks and looking for a variety of colors, this can seem more boring. If you are looking for more easy, yellow-toned looks, or just to add more yellow shades to your collection, this will be the perfect palette. As always, I’m just here to talk about quality, but in the end assess your own needs and preferences!

I will continue to use this and add to other looks, but it wasn’t my favorite just because of the more limited color choices – of course, what did I expect with a monochromatic yellow palette haha!


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