China Glaze ‘To Catch a Color’ Halloween 2019 Collection

Heyooooo, we got another post! We’re still finishing up a couple fall posts, and then we’re going straight on into Holiday reviews already. Scary, right?

SPEAKING OF SCARY, today we’re looking at the China Glaze Halloween release. (Seamless transition). Listen, I know it’s November 1st, Halloween was yesterday, blah blah blah I DON’T CARE. Since I’m celebrating this weekend, Halloween continues until this weekend, thank you.

And come on, we can all be spooky all winter. It’s spooky enough that it was snowing yesterday on Halloween.

So let’s talk about this China Glaze collection! This is a 6 polish collection called ‘To Catch a Color’ and it has a variety of true-crime inspired names. So of course, while swatching, I pulled up my trusty 21 streaming seasons of Law & Order: SVU. I know y’all love Benson & Stabler as much as I do. Again, combining my two loves of nail polish and true crime. LET’S GET INTO IT. DUN DUN.

I picked this whole collection up off (if you purchase anything from there, you can put in my name as who sent you – I don’t get any commission off this, it just helps the website to see where people come from). Now into the swatches!

Up first we have ‘Pathological Liar Liar’. This is a metallic orange with soft scattered holographic all throughout. This had a sheer, more jelly feel to it, and it can pool and flood the cuticles if you do too thick of a coat, so I definitely recommend building this up with thinner coats. It was pretty well good in 2 thinner coats, though the color did brighten up even more with a 3rd.

I love that soft delicate holo, though it can be a little harder to see unless you’re in direct lights. So I do wish it was a little more prominent just to make it even more fun. But I still enjoyed it overall!

China Glaze – Pathological Liar Liar


Up next, ‘Green With Jealousy’ is a gorgeous forest green foil with a touch of blue to it. It’s also got a bright green-gold shimmer running throughout it as well. This had an absolutely stunning formula and was easily opaque in 1 coat. The color deepens up with a 2nd coat, but it was so smooth and easy to paint onto the nails.

China Glaze – Green With Jealousy

She almost glows on the nails. So beautiful!

China Glaze – Green With Jealousy


‘You’ve Got Blackmail’ is a deep gray-toned purple shade with silver glitter. And as you can see, it’s a very textured pretty! I know that most people have a love-hate relationship with textured polishes, and I must say I’m on team love, give me all of those sandy nails.

This was almost opaque in 1 thicker coat, though I do prefer to do thinner coats with a textured polish. I found it really helps it dry more quickly, and let the texture stand out better. But 2 easy thin coats does it.


Honestly perfect for some spooky nails, or expressing how spooky it is that it’s already snowing, really.

China Glaze – You’ve Got Blackmail


The other full color polish in the collection is ‘Private Side Eye’. This is a very deep purple base with that same soft scattered holographic as ‘Pathological Liar Liar’. This was another with an almost crelly formula, so I did find it could flood the cuticles and be a little uneven with a thicker 1st coat.

It did surprise me with how well it built up in 2 thinner coats though. Easy 2 coats and it was deep and vampy. The scattered holo shows a little better in this polish with the contrast against the base, and just looks soft and delicate. I ended up really loving it!

China Glaze – Private Side-Eye


And now we have the two toppers! I showed these over 2 bases, and then later they’re compared on their own!

The first one we have is ‘Get Off My Cold Case’. This is a clear base with various sized round black pieces, and a red shimmer. Here’s one coat over ‘Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith’ from OPI.


China Glaze – Get Off My Cold Case

And one coat over Orly’s ‘Free Fall’, a lighter gray. Over this shade you can really see the red-orange shimmer pop. One coat gives a very nice distribution, while still showing the base underneath. Definitely a fun topper!



The other topper is ‘Arrest in Peace’. This is a slightly black jelly base with the same sized black pieces, as well as red metallic pieces and larger black hexagons. Here is one coat over that orange.

China Glaze – Arrest in Peace

The larger black hexagons were definitely a little harder to fish out, and I didn’t even realize they were in there until one popped up in application. But I do like the more splattery look of this one.

And like I mentioned, this has a touch of black to the jelly base, so it did darken the gray a little bit. But just like the other one, this had good distribution with one coat.

China Glaze – Arrest in Peace

I wanted to show the two toppers next to each other, since at quick glance I did mix them up. They are very similar, especially being clear based topper with those black pieces all throughout.

‘Get Off My Cold Case’ is on the pointer and middle fingers while ‘Arrest in Peace’ is on the ringer and pinky fingers. As you can see ‘Cold Case’ has the smaller, more dense red-orange shimmer, while ‘Arrest in Peace’ has larger metallic red pieces and those large black hexagons.


I didn’t love that the two toppers in the collection were so similar. They are more different if you build them up, but with 1 coat they can show a little similar. Especially being only a 6 piece collection, I did feel like they could have switched one up just a little more. So it definitely depends on your preferences and which one you like more of the two!

Otherwise we had some stunning formulas and interesting finishes! I thought this collection fit the season well, and I always love China Glaze’s Halloween polishes – they always kill it. Bring out more Halloween collections for 2020, please. I understand that some of these are more seasonally appropriate than others, but I still think there are others that can be worn all year!

Are you interested in any of these shades?


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