China Glaze ‘To Catch a Color’ Halloween 2019 Collection

Heyooooo, we got another post! We’re still finishing up a couple fall posts, and then we’re going straight on into Holiday reviews already. Scary, right?

SPEAKING OF SCARY, today we’re looking at the China Glaze Halloween release. (Seamless transition). Listen, I know it’s November 1st, Halloween was yesterday, blah blah blah I DON’T CARE. Since I’m celebrating this weekend, Halloween continues until this weekend, thank you.

And come on, we can all be spooky all winter. It’s spooky enough that it was snowing yesterday on Halloween.

So let’s talk about this China Glaze collection! This is a 6 polish collection called ‘To Catch a Color’ and it has a variety of true-crime inspired names. So of course, while swatching, I pulled up my trusty 21 streaming seasons of Law & Order: SVU. I know y’all love Benson & Stabler as much as I do. Again, combining my two loves of nail polish and true crime. LET’S GET INTO IT. DUN DUN.

I picked this whole collection up off (if you purchase anything from there, you can put in my name as who sent you – I don’t get any commission off this, it just helps the website to see where people come from). Now into the swatches!

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Wet N Wild Halloween 2019 Review – Palettes, Highlights & Lip Products

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‘The Boo Crew’ Palette
‘Coffin Break’ Palette
‘In the Smoke’ Palette
‘Wizards in Training’ Palette
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Zombie Blush
Lip Products

Happy Halloween and Happy spooky week, y’all! There’s still plenty of time to get spooky, and plenty of time to talk about some Halloween products! And still some more spooky posts to come!

I honestly love Halloween releases so much. I wish more companies did them really. I know they can be a little more out there, and less everyday than the normal person looks for, but I love how unique they get and how they allow me to experiment with new and different colors and finishes! This is my petition to have more companies come out with Halloween collections. MORE HALLOWEEN, I SAY.

And one of the companies that always comes out with lots of Halloween themed products is Wet N Wild. I was so excited when I saw their new Fantasy Makers released, and knew I had to get my hands on some of them.

As I’ve mentioned before, living in Chicago I only miss stores when they get limited edition releases. For example, Walmart. There are no large Walmarts around me in the city that get the bigger limited edition collections, so every time I go back to my parents house in Michigan, they’re very used to me disappearing to go scope out the local Walmarts for makeup and nail polish I normally wouldn’t be able to find. And I was so dang excited when I found the big ol’ display for the new Wet N Wild Halloween products!

This is in Walmarts and I’ve seen it in Walgreens as well. Otherwise, most of the individual products are still available on their website. I grabbed the products I was interested in from the display – there are a lot of other ones that I didn’t get, including lots of shades of lip products, liquid eyeshadows and cream eyeshadows – but I held myself back from ordering online. I’m trying to be a LITTLE better, okay

But I grabbed the 4 new eyeshadow palettes, 2 new highlighters, the Zombie blush and 2 lip products! Let’s talk about em!

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Sinful Colors Wicked Neons Halloween 2019

Halloween is right around the corner, and I’m very excited! What is your costume this year? It also means we have Halloween nail polishes to talk about! Including…

NEW SINFUL COLORSSSSS!!! If you all don’t know (and idk how you don’t as I mention it with every Sinful Colors post) but Sinful Colors is the brand I started my blog on, and at this point I’ve basically been able to swatch and post about every collection they’ve released since then, so they have a little sentimental place in my heart and always will.

So I always get too excited when they release something new. But they’re constantly coming out with new and unique finishes for such an affordable price, so can you blame me?

And I think you know where this is all going, WE HAVE A NEW SINFUL COLORS COLLECTION TO TALK ABOUT. We have 8 new polishes released in their ‘Wicked Neon’ collection for Halloween 2019. It contains 4 neon shades, and 4 toppers. This is once again in collaboration with Bebe Rexha, and 3 of the shades have the little sticker ‘Bebe’s Shade’ on them: ‘W*tch Please’, ‘Blue in the Dark’ and ‘Glow For It’. The rest of the caps have ‘Blacklight Technology’ on them. (I don’t show them in the blacklight, but I linked Accio Nail’s post down below where she does!)

I found these at Walmart in a large display and they were $1.99 each! Let’s get into the shades!

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