Wet N Wild Halloween 2019 Review – Palettes, Highlights & Lip Products

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Happy Halloween and Happy spooky week, y’all! There’s still plenty of time to get spooky, and plenty of time to talk about some Halloween products! And still some more spooky posts to come!

I honestly love Halloween releases so much. I wish more companies did them really. I know they can be a little more out there, and less everyday than the normal person looks for, but I love how unique they get and how they allow me to experiment with new and different colors and finishes! This is my petition to have more companies come out with Halloween collections. MORE HALLOWEEN, I SAY.

And one of the companies that always comes out with lots of Halloween themed products is Wet N Wild. I was so excited when I saw their new Fantasy Makers released, and knew I had to get my hands on some of them.

As I’ve mentioned before, living in Chicago I only miss stores when they get limited edition releases. For example, Walmart. There are no large Walmarts around me in the city that get the bigger limited edition collections, so every time I go back to my parents house in Michigan, they’re very used to me disappearing to go scope out the local Walmarts for makeup and nail polish I normally wouldn’t be able to find. And I was so dang excited when I found the big ol’ display for the new Wet N Wild Halloween products!

This is in Walmarts and I’ve seen it in Walgreens as well. Otherwise, most of the individual products are still available on their website. I grabbed the products I was interested in from the display – there are a lot of other ones that I didn’t get, including lots of shades of lip products, liquid eyeshadows and cream eyeshadows – but I held myself back from ordering online. I’m trying to be a LITTLE better, okay

But I grabbed the 4 new eyeshadow palettes, 2 new highlighters, the Zombie blush and 2 lip products! Let’s talk about em!

First up, the products I was most excited for and knew I absolutely had to grab. These are the 4 new 10-pan palettes that were released. I’m not sure if these will be permanent or just limited edition for Halloween (their limited edition collections do tend to stick around for quite a while).

They retail for $5.99, the same as their other 10-pan palettes. They’re in the same packaging as all of their other palettes as well. As with all previous palettes, I do recommend to be careful with opening, as the names are on the stickers holding them closed, and if those come off you no longer have the name of the palette. More important for someone like me who is blogging, but something to keep in mind!

Now let’s get into the individual palettes. For each of these, I’ll give swatches, eye looks and then a review. I’ll point out the individual points about each palette, and then give a sum up of em all at the very end of the section. There’s a link at the top of this post if you want to skip to that overall review, or any of the individual palettes!



Now this first one was the one that really caught my eye, and I had to try. Blue and green palettes are having a moment this year, and I’m HERE FOR IT. I’m no stranger to colorful makeup, so the idea of having a super affordable one was very appealing.

This is ‘The Boo Crew’. It has 2 matte shades and 8 shimmers in a variety of greens, blues and browns.


You have some more traditional shimmery colors, and then some that have more glitter to them.


Annnnd here are the swatches. These are over no primer.


Immediately you can see that the shimmers vary wildly. The left side were hard pressed in the pan, and were more of glittery shades without much substance. The right side did look more promising and smooth.



(Sorry in advance for my lighting and eyeshadow pictures. With the sun setting earlier, my natural light I would usually use to take pictures is gone by the time I get home from work, so I’m still working on figuring out some artificial lighting. Have any of you tried a ring light? Might be time to invest in that).

I found the mattes in this one a little more lackluster. The brown was so light, that it took a lot of building to see it, even on my pale skin. I also found the teal more sheer. It would blend away, and I would have to rebuild it up and over and over. It definitely wasn’t as bold as you see it in the pan. You can see in both of my eye looks that it took a lot of building to get either transition to show up – even with patting it on the outside corner in the left eye look. The black matte shade was the best, and very pigmented and blended well.

This one also had the roughest shimmers, as you can see in that left column. They were incredibly crumbly and sheer. It was hard to build them up and get them to stick onto the eyelid, causing a lot of product to drop onto my cheeks, and were just overall disappointing. The ones on the right were better, but they developed hard pan very easily, and I had to really dig my brush into the shades to knock out product, and then place them onto my lid. I think these will benefit a lot from a stickier base or from being wetted and then placed onto the eye.


Next we have the most “everyday” and wearable palette of the 4. This is ‘Coffin Break’ and it has 4 mattes, 2 more satin shades and 4 shimmers. It features warm-toned browns and orangey shades, with a yellow and a brick red, and a black.


In this up close shot, you can see more of the textures in this palette. That soft champagne gold in the top left, and the yellow-orange are more satin shades. The gold on the right is a traditional shimmer, and that orange on the left has more of a foiled, glittery look to it.


And the swatches! This one definitely swatched the best out of the 4, with all of the shimmers picking up well.



(Lolz look at that scraggly after work brown on the right there. I know it’s a little rough, but I wanted to show you the look, and you can see that they work very well throughout the entire day – any fading was from me rubbing my eye are. THIS IS THE REAL STUFF HERE, PEOPLE).

I was definitely more impressed with the mattes in this palette. They were still powdery like all of their other shades and needed to be built up, but they built up easily and blended out well. I did find they could have trouble sticking on top of other shades, such as with the darker brown in the outer crease of the right look, but when I used them as the first shade on top of primer, they were great. I also enjoyed using the two more satin shades in this palette blended out in the crease as well.

These shimmers were a touch better overall, but I did find the same issues with these. They developed hard pan very quickly and were harder packed into the pans so it could be very difficult to pack color onto the lid. There was definite fallout as well as I packed the shades onto the lid, so I recommend doing your eyeshadow first. Again, these would benefit from a stickier base or from being wetted.


Moving right along, ‘In the Smoke’ definitely reminded me the most of a Halloween themed palette. This one features 4 mattes, 4 shimmers and one matte with glitter all throughout.

Wet N Wild – In the Smoke

And the swatches! Again, this one swatches pretty well, with those matte reds showing especially strong.



The mattes in this palette were great, but I was a little meh about the color choice. Both the matte white and matte yellow shades were very sheer and I found they didn’t really give an impact at all on my paler skin. They could be used to blend out and soften shades, but I wish one was changed. The two red shades work and blend out very well, but on the eye they can appear very similar, so again one could have been switched out. And that bottom right shade with glitters performed as a deeper matte and looked similar to the black on the eye. I did love the color story overall, but felt there was some redundancy.

The shimmers here had the same story as the others! Hard pressed and hard to pick up on the brush.


And last but not least, we have ‘Wizards in Training’. Another more colorful palette, this has 4 mattes and 6 shimmers.


And the swatches!



And those are all of the swatches and individual palettes! And now for the review.

Overall these palettes were just okay. I think Wet N Wild has a great matte formula, especially for a more affordable drugstore brand. Though they can be a little powdery and need to be built up, I don’t mind that in my eyeshadows. There were a few that were almost too light on my pale skin to be used as a transition, but this is where you could bring in other palettes and single matte shades.

However the shimmers are where these would drop. They would swatch out so well and look so promising. But then I found they would get hard pan almost immediately. A lot were harder packed, and almost all of them I would have to dig into the pan to break up product, and then press it onto my eyes. I had a lot of fallout doing this, so I definitely recommend doing your eyes first. Even trying to pick these up on my finger they were thicker, and it was hard to transfer the full color onto my lid.

I think these would benefit greatly from a sticky base, or from foiling them with water or setting spray. They just don’t hold together well and it took me a lot longer to build these shimmers up to full coverage. They’re very dry and also don’t stick well onto each other, so it was harder to layer these up.

I think you can et some nice looks and use out of these palettes – if you’re willing to put in the effort for them. They’ll take some extra work and love than other drugstore palettes, so it fully depends on how much you want to work for them. I think there are better choices out there, and I just know that Wet N Wild can have better shimmers.

I’ve been disappointed by a lot of Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes this year and they’ve had this same issues in the shimmers in lots of other palettes but I’LL KEEP BUYING THEM AS THEY COME OUT. Maybe I like to punish myself, who knows. But maybe just maybe, there will be a gem in there. It’s my goddamn morbid curiosity and love for this brand that keeps me doing it. This is for you guys. I’ll waste my money so you don’t have to. (These are things I keep telling myself). I just love Wet N Wild a lot as a brand and I can’t help it when it comes to their new releases!


Next up we have the two “highlighters”. I put that in quotations because one’s clearly a more traditional highlight shade, and then the other is well, a bright red. It could be a highlight if you’re looking for a statement Halloween look. But I more picked it up to be a statement blush or eyeshadow.

The 2 shades are ‘Vampy Dreams’, a red base with silver glitter throughout and then ‘Caught in Your Web’, an icy white base with a purple shift. ‘Caught in Your Web’ is a re-promote from last year that I didn’t pick up.


They’re both imprinted with the skull embossing, like their previous Halloween releases and the highlighters from the Goth-o-graphic collection.


Like I said, ‘Vampy Dreams’ is a bright red base with tons of silver microglitter all throughout.


And then we get ‘Caught in Your Web’ with that gorgeous purple shift.


And swatched up. ‘Caught in Your Web’ shows less of that icy white base, and appears as more of an icy lilac when buffed into the skin.


And here you can especially see the silver glitters in ‘Vampy Dreams’. Tapping off the brush before application will knock a lot of those glitters off, but you’ll still get some in application.


Overall these are very similar to Wet N Wild’s other limited edition highlighter releases. They have that thicker, drier texture and have to be buffed into the skin a little more. But they still both pick up on a brush easily, and I found they blended out nicely. I used these on a denser highlighter brush, and didn’t have issues picking up product. Both shades also wore well, lasting well after my full work day and when I got home.

I was a little worried that ‘Vampy Dreams’ would be too strong and hard to blend out. But this shade ended up surprising me and being one of my favorites that I picked up. It does look intimidating because of the color, but with the thicker, more dry formula, I found it was very buildable and a much softer look than I thought. I used this on my super fluffy Real Techniques blush brush, and with that I could go into the shade and straight onto my cheeks without looking like a clown. I was able to build it up slowly with a softer pigment and it blended out so easily. You can obviously layer it up for more of a statement look – I’ve recently gotten into statement blush looks and LOVE IT. But it’s easy to keep it more subtle and more of a flush, even on my super pale skin.

As mentioned above, you can knock off some of the glitter by tapping off your brush, but there will be glitter in the application. It’s not super noticeable unless you’re up close, but it will be there as the blush fades away. So if you’re not someone who likes glitter in your face products, this will be a pass. But if you’re looking for a new blush look in a more unique color, this was a surprising win!


Now I wanted to compare ‘Caught in Your Web’ to some other limited edition highlights I had.

I compared it to ‘Winter Falls in LA’ from their Fire Dragon & Ice Dragon collection and ‘White Raven’ from the Goth-o-Graphic collection.


I very strongly suspected that these were dupes, especially with the similar embossing and…


WHOOP, ‘Caught in Your Web’ and ‘White Raven’ are the exact same shade. They’re the exact same formula as well, so it’s very obvious this is just a repromoted shade that’s been renamed.

(Obviously ‘Winter Falls in LA’ has a strong blue shift, so it’s not at all close, but I wanted to still show the difference between the 2.)


I probably should have remembered that I had this and not bought ‘Caught in Your Web’. Oops. I’ll end up donating one to a friend or something, as there’s no way I’ll need both. With these a little goes a long way, so I’ll never finish it up.

So if you have ‘White Raven’, you don’t need ‘Caught in Your Web’. Or any icy white highlighter with a purple shift that they’ll surely release again.



And onto the ‘Zombie Blush’. This is another re-promoted product from last year and I missed out on it so it was high on my list this year. There are 2 other new shades in this “line” that intrigued me, ‘Ghoul Blush’ and ‘Vampy Blush’, but I made myself hold back. (Aren’t you proud?) (Although after trying this one I’m even more intrigued by the other shades…)

This retails for $5.99 and they call it a Shade Shifting Blush.


It’s a deeper brown red base with a green shift to it.


And here is the swatch! I showed it built up, as well as more blended out if you’re looking to use it as a blush.


This was another that ended up surprising me, and I would have just written it off until I used it! Just like ‘Vampy Dreams’ above, the color is more intimidating but because of the thicker texture, I was able to blend this out as a nice blush! I once again used my super fluffy Real Techniques blush, and it was so buildable. I actually had to build up a couple layers with the brush to get more of the bolder blush look that I like, and I ended up loving that about it. I like blushes that I can build up slowly, and especially with this color, it was so much easier to use.

It’s more of a reddish shade on the cheeks, making it a lovely neutral blush to go with different eye looks. I didn’t notice a green shift on my cheeks at all when it’s more sheered out. It blends out smoothly, and I didn’t have any issues with the thicker formula sticking on my cheeks. It lasted all day and faded smoothly as well.

And as you can see, it’s able to be packed onto the eyes for a lovely eyeshadow as well.

Overall I’m so glad I ended up grabbing this, and it was a great surprise product!



Lastly I grabbed 2 lip products. There were a couple more shades that I wanted, but they weren’t in the display (wow again with controlling myself obviously). But these 2 looked stunning and like shades I would wear!

These retail for $5.49 each. They released a ton more shades in both of these finishes, as well as the High Shine catsuits – which I also love.


I grabbed ‘Witch Please’, an olive green metallic shade, and ‘Hex-cellent’, a deep wine red matte shade.


Overall I was so impressed with these! Wet N Wild does lip products so well, and I can usually count on them, so I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed. They were super opaque and pigmented – you’ll definitely need to be careful on application with that. I do recommend a lip liner if you want a super crisp line and can’t get that with the applicator.

These also lasted very well on the lips. For both, I found they lasted well with light eating and drinking, with minimal transfer. I did need to reapply on the inner half after eating a full meal. With them being darker shades, when the inside wears off, the contrast between the lip product and my natural lip color was very apparent, so you’ll definitely need to watch and touch up as needed. But they reapplied well, and layered nicely on top of themselves without bunching up or getting cakey.

These are a little drying, since they are a liquid lip formula. But they’re not “make your lips fall off your face” level dry and I found they were comfortable throughout the day. If you like Wet N Wild’s liquid lip formula, these are the same and you’ll like these newer shades.

The metallic formula can be more hit and miss, so I’m glad to report this one was full coverage without needing to be built up, and wasn’t patchy or streaky. It also lasted well through snacking and drinking, and reapplied well as needed.

The lip products were definitely a positive part of this collection and I would be willing to pick up more shades!


Overall, there were some definite misses here. Unfortunately I can’t fully recommend any of the eyeshadow palettes. They were just a lot of work to create the looks, and I have those more colorful shades from just as affordable brands.

The 2 blush shades ended up surprising me and being some of my favorite parts! I wasn’t expecting to love them, but their formula ended up working so well with their color and made them more wearable than you would ever think. If you love bold blush looks like I do, I would definitely suggest these for a more unique look!

The lip products were also fantastic. They can be more hit and miss sometimes, but I’m glad to report this round was fantastic.

Are you interested in anything?


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