Sinful Colors Wicked Neons Halloween 2019

Halloween is right around the corner, and I’m very excited! What is your costume this year? It also means we have Halloween nail polishes to talk about! Including…

NEW SINFUL COLORSSSSS!!! If you all don’t know (and idk how you don’t as I mention it with every Sinful Colors post) but Sinful Colors is the brand I started my blog on, and at this point I’ve basically been able to swatch and post about every collection they’ve released since then, so they have a little sentimental place in my heart and always will.

So I always get too excited when they release something new. But they’re constantly coming out with new and unique finishes for such an affordable price, so can you blame me?

And I think you know where this is all going, WE HAVE A NEW SINFUL COLORS COLLECTION TO TALK ABOUT. We have 8 new polishes released in their ‘Wicked Neon’ collection for Halloween 2019. It contains 4 neon shades, and 4 toppers. This is once again in collaboration with Bebe Rexha, and 3 of the shades have the little sticker ‘Bebe’s Shade’ on them: ‘W*tch Please’, ‘Blue in the Dark’ and ‘Glow For It’. The rest of the caps have ‘Blacklight Technology’ on them. (I don’t show them in the blacklight, but I linked Accio Nail’s post down below where she does!)

I found these at Walmart in a large display and they were $1.99 each! Let’s get into the shades!

I noticed that the 4 color shades had a very similar formula across the board. They were all a more jelly-crelly sheerer finish – much like a lot of neon formulas can be. I ended up doing 3 thicker coats for all of them – there will be nail line still. So if you’re looking to cover that up or create a brighter color, it’ll need a white base. Like I said, this like most neon formulas I’ve encountered before so I wasn’t surprised. They were still smooth and bright on the nails, so I still enjoyed them! Onto the individual shades.

First up, we have ‘W*tch Please’, the bright pink. As I mentioned above, I used 3 coats for this. I did thicker coats as well to help with coverage even more. The formula is easy to control, so thicker coats won’t flood the cuticles, and it’s smooth and self leveling. There is still nail line, so a white base would be needed to cover that fully up. But I still loved how it ended up looking.

Also just like other neons, these shades all dry with a more satin-matte finish. The thicker coats can take a little bit longer to dry, but I would say it’s about the same as a normal coat of nail polish. Not unbearable, and 3 coats won’t take you all night.

Sinful Colors – W*tch Please


Up next we have ‘Witch’s Brew’, the bright green. Same story, 3 thicker coats and you’ll still have nail line. This one is more of a traditional Halloween color if you’re looking for it.

Sinful Colors – Witch’s Brew


‘Blue in the Dark’ is the bright sky blue shade. I found this to be the most sheer of the 4, as you can see with the nail line. It’ll all depend on your preferences and whether or not you want that covered. I personally don’t mind for these neon shades, but a good white base will get you fuller coverage.

Sinful Colors – Blue in the Dark


The last of the color shades is ‘Techno Violet’, the bright purple shade. Same formula, 3 thicker coats.

Sinful Colors – Techno Violet


Now we get into the 4 topper shades! These are all various colored metallic pieces in a clear base. They all have smaller metallic hexagons in colors that match with the colors of the crelly bases. Like the neons above, I found these all had a similar formula! They picked up easily and distributed pretty well on the nails.

There were a couple times that I needed to place the pieces a bit to fully distribute them, as they could tend to bunch up, but they picked us easily with the brush from the bottle, and they could just be dropped onto the nails wherever you wanted to place them. And now into the shades!


First up, we have ‘Glow For It’. This is the only one of the 4 toppers that has the metallic hexagons, as well as larger rose gold shard pieces. I liked the different look, and it ended up being my favorite with the different sizes and shapes.

I showed each shade over it’s matching base, with different coats built up, as well as 1 coat over a variety of bases.

Sinful Colors – Glow For It

As you can see, with 1 coat, it can be harder to grab those rose gold pieces, so you might have to fish for those a touch. It can get a little chunky as it builds up, but I do love the textured look of it.

Sinful Colors – Glow For It

And then here is 1 coat on it’s own, over ‘Blue in the Dark’, over white and over black. I do love how this one (and how all of them) pop over a black base.

Sinful Colors – Glow For It


‘Wicked Gaze’ is the deep forest green metallic topper. You can see a little bit here where the pieces can bunch up and be uneven (especially with 2 coats), so they might need to be placed a little. If you want this shade to be fully built up on its own, it will need quite a few coats, or to be sponged on, so I definitely recommend it as a topper. I also found the clear base can take a little longer to dry, so if you’re building up coats, make sure to give a lot of time in between coats.

Sinful Colors – Wicked Gaze

1 coat of ‘Wicked Gaze’ on it’s own, over ‘W*tch Please’, white and black.

Sinful Colors – Wicked Gaze


Up next, ‘Magic Hack’, the deep blue metallic. Again, same formula as ‘Wicked Gaze’ above.

Sinful Colors – Magic Hack

And then 1 coat on it’s own, over ‘Techno Violet’ and white and black. Like I said before, I love the look of these over black, it’s such a cool look.

Sinful Colors – Magic Hack


And last we have ‘Cyber Witch’, the deep purple. And of course, it had the same formula and notes as the other 3 above.

Sinful Colors – Cyber Witch

1 coat on it’s own, over ‘Witch’s Brew’, white and black. I actually loved this over a base of the green – it’s a perfect and easy Halloween look! They paired so well together.

Sinful Colors – Cyber Witch


And that’s the collection! It’s a unique twist on a normal Halloween collection, and though the colors might not be what you first think of for Halloween, I enjoyed the change, and thought it was fun! I also loved how the toppers paired up with the bases and made it easy to create a fun combo!

Overall, this collection will depend on your tastes and preferences! Not everyone will love neons and their more finicky formulas, and not everyone will love toppers. Neons can definitely be harder to do so not everyone will be here for the 3 coats and sheerness, but I’m still here to deal with their attitude. As always, it’s ultimately up for you to decide whether these polishes are a good fit and addition to your collection!


Accio_nails (see her Instagram here) always kills it on swatches, especially for Sinful Colors. She was able to show these polishes underneath blacklight and how they look, so definitely check out her post for that! (And more beautiful photos).
Her post:


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4 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Wicked Neons Halloween 2019

  1. The only once I have is Techno Violet (saw it at Target and I have no self-control when it comes to Sinful Colors). I might be putting some undies on when I finally get around to wearing it, good to know they are squishy neons. I also bought a black light specifically for that one polish, now off to Accio Nails’ blog to see them in action (did not know she had a blog, I’m an idiot!).

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