Zoya Sensual Fall 2019 COMPARISONS

See the original review post hereZoya ‘Sensual’ Fall 2019 Collection

I will admit, I fell a little behind on my comparison posts. With all the traveling I’ve done these past two months, they fell a little by the wayside in favor of actual collection posts. But every time I get back into pulling comparisons, I love it. And I’m surprised by dupes I find within my collections.

So don’t you worry, even if they happen to fall behind, they’ll never completely leave. THEY’RE TOO DANG HELPFUL AT THIS POINT.

Now I do want to point out, of course, I don’t do comparisons for every single collection. For ones that I know are completely unique finishes and won’t have dupes, like the Essie Glazed Days and Gorge-ous Geodes for example, I won’t do a comparison post. I know I won’t have anything like it in my collection, so there’s no need. Only if there are ones with similar finishes that will actually be worth comparing will I pull them.

We got a couple all cream-finish collections coming up, so there will be lots of comparisons on the way! Let’s get into it already.

We’re looking at the Zoya Sensual collection for Fall 2019 today! I had 7 shades from this collection that I pulled comparisons for. The others I didn’t find anything close.

We’re starting from the lightest shade and working our way down!

Up first, we’re looking at ‘Joss’. I thought for sure I would have more neutrals like this, but surprisingly I didn’t find any dupes in my collection for it! It was much lighter and more warm toned than all other neutrals I had.

The closest I found was Orly’s ‘Rose All Day’ from this year’s Summer collection. It’s the same lightness, but as you can see, a touch more pink and cool-toned than ‘Joss’.



Up next, we have ‘Kinsley’, compared to OPI’s ‘Barefoot in Barcelona’, a classic shade and Essie’s ‘Cliff Hanger’ from the newer Rocky Rose collection.

Again, surprisingly no dupes in my collection! Everything is much more cool toned or darker. ‘Barefoot in Barcelona’ is much more pink toned, and ‘Cliff Hanger’ has much more orange to it.



And now we’re about to get into the much closer comparisons as well as some dupes! Again, I was surprised I ended up finding so many in my collection!

Up now, we have ‘Briar’. This is compared to ‘Aurora Berry-alis’ from the OPI Iceland collection for Fall 2017, and then Essie’s ‘Stop, Drop & Shop’ for Fall 2018.

‘Aurora Berry-alis’ is much lighter and more cool-toned. BUT ding ding, we have an actual dupe in ‘Stop, Drop & Shop’.


These bad boys are far too close for me to keep both. I plan on keeping ‘Briar’ simply because of the wider brush Zoya has, and it’s a beautiful formula. ‘Stop, Drop & Shop’ is also a great formula, but the skinnier brush is never my favorite.



Continuing right on, we’re looking at ‘Ripley’. It’s compared to Orly ‘Black Cherry’ from the Velvet Dream collection for fall 2017; Essie’s ‘New Year New Hue’ from Winter 2017 and ‘Knee High Life’ from Fall 2017. A lot of my more berry shades were much warmer and more pink leaning.

‘Black Cherry’ and ‘Knee High Life’ were more warm berry toned than it. But ‘New Year New Hue’ came extremely close to and was practically a dupe!


‘New Year New Hue’ has a TOUCH more warmth to it, but they’re very close. I’ll have to compare these around again, and decide which one I truly want to keep. They’re close enough that I can’t fully justify having both of them.



And another dupe! Looking at ‘Michaela’, I’m comparing it to Essie’s ‘Making Harmony’ from the Summer 2018 collection.

Again, I’m glad I’ve started doing these posts as I didn’t even think of this color until I pulled it out and realized how similar it was.




It could be argued that ‘Michaela’ has the tiniest bit more warmth to it, but again they’re too close for me to justify having both of them. I think again, Zoya’s wider brush will win out this round.



Now we’re looking at ‘Elliot’ and the darker navy blues. I compared it with Essie’s ‘On Your Mistletoes’ from the Winter 2017 collection and ‘Booties on Broadway’ from the Fall 2018 collection.

These two were very close, but I found that ‘Elliot’ was a touch brighter than the other 2.


‘On Your Mistletoes’ also had a touch more dustiness to it as well. If I ever get super cutthroat with decluttering, I could see getting rid of one of these, but for now they’re all safe.



And our last comparison, we’re looking at ‘Etta’. I compared it to two China Glaze shades: ‘Royal Pain in the Ascot’ from the Fall 2017 collection and ‘Haute Blooded’ from the Fall 2018 collection!

When I first swatched ‘Etta’ I was blown away, and I loved it so much. A beautiful shimmery burgundy shade, and I thought I had nothing like it in my collection. Welp, I was WRONG. ‘Haute Blooded’ is a little lighter and more red toned, but ‘Royal Pain in the Ascot’ is a winner. They’re both that gorgeous shimmery burgundy, and I was so surprised that I had a dupe in my collection already without realizing it.


Once again, they’re similar enough that I can’t keep both, and have to let one go. And since they both have easy 2 coat formulas, simply for the name, I must keep ‘Royal Pain in the Ascot’.



Once again, I had more comparisons and similar shades in my own collection than I was expecting! I keep proving to just myself how useful these posts are, and it helps to keep my evergrowing collection at least a little bit under control. And it helps me to know my own collection even more, as I continue to familiarize myself with names, colors and collections.

I think I want to add in a slide of swatch sticks as well, even for ones that don’t have any duplicates or close shades, so I can expand the comparisons out even more. So even if something is not close, you can still see how the polish compares to other faves, in case you were looking for something deeper, lighter, etc. than something that came out before. It’s all just to expand out on resources and help you decide whether you truly need a color!

This is all to say that, as I also say in every single one of these posts: these comparisons will most definitely continue.


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2 thoughts on “Zoya Sensual Fall 2019 COMPARISONS

  1. Are you keeping the swatch sticks of the ones you destash? I could see that being helpful, even if you’ve already proven on your blog that two colors are already dupes (for example, you could compare both Etta and Royal Pain in the Ascot [amazing name, a favorite of mine too] to another color with swatch sticks even if you just have RPITA to show on the nail). It’s always nice to have more comparisons, you never know which one someone may have :] these are some of my favorite posts of yours, you and Olive Ave Nails are lifesavers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah, definitely I will be keeping the swatch sticks! Like I said, I want to include photos of just swatch sticks where I expand my comparisons out to like 5 or 6 colors and then swatch on the nails the super close ones or the dupes.
      And thank you, I’m so glad to hear that! I make these with the main purpose of being helpful to others 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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