Essie Rocky Rose Collection COMPARISONS

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It’s another comparison post! I want to continue posting these for every collection I swatch. I know they’re helpful to me, especially when it comes to destashing and making sure I don’t have duplicates. And helpful to others when they’re deciding to buy!

And I’ve had this done, but apparently I forgot to post this earlier! I know this collection is still fairly recent, so I wanted to post it up anyways. I know it’ll still be helpful, especially with all the dupes I found within my own collection this time! At this point I have enough polishes that with a collection of all creams, there’s bound to be some dupes hiding out in there.

As always, I didn’t find a dupe for every single shade. So this post is just highlighting the ones that had close comparisons! If I didn’t have any polishes that come close, I don’t include them. So let’s get right into the swatches!

This was the first comparison I was asked about, and the one I was most interested in seeing! First up, we have ‘Rocky Rose’ vs. OPI’s ‘Yank My Doodle’ that came out in the Washington D.C. collection for Fall 2016 (still one of my favorite nail polish names of all time because I’m immature). 


Annnnnnd, it’s our first dupe! As you can see, these polishes were pretty much exact dupes, and I couldn’t find any difference between the two.


Maybe if I’m being SUPER generous, ‘Yank My Doodle’ could be the tiniest bit dustier, but it’s not enough to keep them both. They both had an easy 2 coat formula, so basically just because of the name, I’m going to keep ‘Yank My Doodle’.



Up next, we have more oranges! We’re looking at ‘Yes I Canyon’ from the collection versus 2 other Essie oranges – ‘At the Helm’ from the Spring 2018 collection and ‘Claim to Flame’ from this year’s Spring collection.


As you can see, they might have the same tones, but they’re very different colors. ‘Yes I Canyon’ is the deepest, with ‘At the Helm’ in the middle and ‘Claim to Flame’ being the lightest. (This would be a nice ombre main though).



Now looking at ‘Into the A-Bliss’. I first compared it to 2 OPI shades from the Tokyo collection that came out this spring, ‘Another Ramen-tic Evening’ and ‘Rice, Rice Baby’.


‘Another Ramen-tic Evening’ was much lighter, so we’re looking at just ‘Into the A-Bliss’ vs. ‘Rice, Rice Baby’. And it’s another dupe! As you can see, we have the same color.


(Ignore my bad labeling here, Rice Rice baby is on the ring finger), but as you can see, they’re basically interchangeable and you wouldn’t be able to tell. Again similar formulas, so I’ll be destashing one!



Up next, we’re comparing shades to ‘Cliff Hanger’. The closest shade I could find was ‘Suit & Tied’, also from Essie, released for Winter 2017.


‘Suit & Tied’ is lighter and a touch more pink toned than ‘Cliff Hanger’. No dupes here!



Up next, looking at ‘Bed Rock & Roll’. I compared it to Essie’s ‘Hear Me Aurora’ from their Winter 2018 collection, as well as OPI’s ‘Como Se Llama?’ that released in their Peru collection for fall 2018.


‘Hear Me Aurora’ is definitely more red leaning than ‘Bed Rock & Roll’. BUT, ‘Como Se Llama?’ is pretty damn close. It’s a touch deeper with the tiniest more amount of red to it, but for all intents and purposes, they’re the same. I’m trying to be more cutthroat with destashing, so I can’t keep em both. Again, 2 great formulas, so I’ll have to decide on name alone.



Last but not least, we have one more! Looking at ‘No Shade Here’ vs. China Glaze’s ‘Bodysuit Yourself’ from their Chic Physique collection for Spring 2018 collection. Annnnd she’s another dupe!


‘Bodysuit Yourself’ might be a tiny bit brighter, but again, not enough for me to keep both. I love the wider brush on the Essie shade, so it’ll be staying!



Lots more duplicates this time around than we’ve had in previous collections! I don’t know why, but I always get excited when I find a duplicate shade. Sure, it means I have multiples of the same color in my collection, but I always love seeing dupes. I almost feel like I’m uncovering something secret. Is that just me?

Lots more comparison posts are on their way – I’m catching up on fall collections I’ve swatched, so stay tuned!


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3 thoughts on “Essie Rocky Rose Collection COMPARISONS

  1. Thank you for this, I will definitely be leaving Rocky Rose and Bed Rock and Roll (great name) out of my collection! Yes I Canyon is still a possibility though, hehehe, yes! More burnt oranges for me! And I love your orange gradient with those comparisons, it looks flippin awesome. Definitely should wear that as a full mani!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Always glad to hear! As much as I love to enable, I do love to help people avoid dupes as well! And I’m already planning that fall orange gradient Mani! I need to get more into Skittle and ombre manis to use even more of my polishes!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Same here! I did one skittle mani this fall and felt so proud, like it’s an actual accomplishment to use 2 polishes in a mani that aren’t a base color and a topper 😛 I think dupes/comparison posts are fantastic inspiration for ombre ideas!

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