OPI Neons 2019 – Comparisons


Alright y’all, we had the full collection swatch and review, so of course now we have the comparison post. I said in my last comparison post that I wanted to keep doing this for the collections I reviewed, both for reference for myself, and for others! I know it’s helpful for everyone to see, and always helps me when deciding whether to purchase. This blog was made with the intention of being a resource, so of course I want to provide that for you!

We’re talking about the comparisons for the OPI Neons 2019 collection today! I found some similar shades for 4 out of the 6 colors.

I picked up these shades from Polishpick.com. And as you can see, I’m now labeling it “purchased with discount”. I always want to be upfront and honest with all products I’m getting, so I’m posting that up there now. After purchasing from PolishPick multiple times on my own and talking about them with no incentive, the owner was kind enough to give me a blogging discount – I’m still purchasing the shades myself, but at an even cheaper price, which allows me to keep picking up the shades and showing them to you!

Even without the discount, PolishPick is still the place I’ve found with the cheapest prices for OPI – she also gets in the new collections right when they launch, and I’ve never had a problem with shipping or receiving products. Even without a discount, I would still be shopping there for each collection! That’s my spiel for the post.

Enough yammering, let’s get to nail polish.

For this post, I only pulled shades from my OPI collection to compare – with these posts I’m always thinking about most how the shades compare to previous things released from the brand, so that’s where we stuck.


Up first, looking at the pink shade ‘V-I-Pink Passes’. I compared it to ‘No Turning Back from Pink Street’ and ‘GPS I Love You’.

I’m really surprised I didn’t have more bright pinks from OPI! All these comparisons are doing is telling me there are obvious gaps in my collections and I’m fine to keep buying all the polish. Probably the opposite effect it should have really.



Now for the bright coral-peachy shade, ‘Orange You a Rockstar?’, I had a few closer shades, but no exact dupes either – these look even more different in person. ‘Time for a Napa’ was darker and more orange toned. And ‘Got Myself Into a Jam-balaya’ was lighter and more muted.



For the neon yellow, I knew I wouldn’t have any dupes, but I did still want to show it to two similar colors that came out recently. ‘How Does Your Zen Garden Grow’ is more green and cool-toned, and ‘Meet a Boy Cute as Can Be’ is more pastel.



Last but not least we have ‘Positive Vibes Only’ vs. ‘I Manicure for Beads’. This was the color I had in mind the whole time I was swatching ‘Positive Vibes Only’ so I was honestly surprised that they ended up being so different! ‘IMFB’ is much darker and opaque than ‘PFO’ on the nail, though they look more similar in the bottle.


I didn’t find any shades that were close for ‘Dance Party Teal Dawn’ (teal) or ‘Music is My Muse’ (blue) so those are more unique in the collection.


And those are the comparisons for the OPI Neons collection! Like I said above, I only pulled from my OPI collection for this post, but if you have any other comparisons you want to see, (if I have them) I can always swatch them separately and either add them to this post or show them on my Instagram!

As I said, I’m loving doing these comparisons. It’s helping me know my collection even better, and I know it’ll help others when deciding whether to buy! They’ll definitely be continuing!


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