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Heyoooo it’s Makeup Sundays! Just like with Comparison Swatch Saturdays that I talked about in my last post, I’m trying to get on more organized and on more of a schedule for this blog. I’m not fully committing yet, and I know there will times and events I’ll have to move the schedule around, but let’s see how it sticks.

This blog will always be primarily nail polish, but as I’ve said before, I also love makeup just as much as nail polish. Since I’m constantly buying it as well as polish, I want to start posting about it more. I’m buying it anyways, so I might as well tell others how I feel about it! That’s why I’m bringing in Makeup Sundays, where I’m hoping to post just about makeup – if that’s not your thing, there will still be tons of nail reviews throughout the rest of the week. I only buy and review affordable makeup – whether that’s mainstream or indie. There’s so much good makeup out there that won’t break the bank, and that’s what I want to stick with!

As always let’s get right into the review already.

Today, we’re talking about the LA Girl Haute Heat palette! When this bad boy was teased and dropped, I was immediately intrigued. I love LA Girl for their foundation and eyeliners, and this palette looked unlike anything they had released so far, so I knew I had to try it. There are 2 different palettes. We’re talking about the on in ‘Aloha Vibes’, which has more blues and purples. They also have one called ‘Vacay Everyday’ that has rosier and warmer toned shades. They also have a highlighter palette in this same packaging.

This retails for $18 on the LA Girl website or $15 in store at CVS. I wasn’t expecting to find it at my local CVS, but I walked in one day and they had a full display of them. So there’s a chance it’s still up there. (You can see a full store list that stocks them here). They were available on Ulta’s website, but seem to have sold out there. I believe they’re still in Ulta stores though – and you can still buy it off LA Girl’s website.

As always, I’ll show you all the pictures, talk about the palette and packaging itself, and then have the full review and eye looks at the end! If you want to skip right to the eye looks, click here or the review part, you can click here.

This palette is much bigger and sturdier than I was expecting! It’s a heavy plastic packaging, with the plastic itself being designed. There’s no sticker or overlay, so you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off at all. It’s honestly quite a step up from packaging they’ve had in the past with their eyeshadow collections – which is reflected in the higher price. It clicks shut, and is pretty secure.


Inside it’s black plastic with a super large mirror up top. There’s no brush or anything included, which I’m okay with since I never use them.

The names of the shades themselves aren’t actually printed on the palette – they’re on an included plastic sheet that comes within the palette. That is a little annoying, and it can be lost easily and get in the way, so I do wish if the shades were going to be labeled, it would be right on the palette. It’s really only an issue when I’m blogging and pointing to specific shades, but to a normal everyday person, it won’t matter.


You also get a TON of product, with each shade being over the size of a quarter. It’s a little more expensive because of the better packaging, as well as the large amount of shadow you get.




To me, there are 3 main types of shades that I can separate these into – mattes, more satin shimmer shades, and super foiled shimmers.



There are 6 matte shades: ‘Tropics’, ‘Utopia’, ‘Sunlight’, ‘Spirit’, and ‘Serenity’. ‘Romance’, that deep teal shade, is technically a matte shade with small glitters throughout it, but when swatched and when used on the eyes, it performs as a matte, so I’m counting it as one as well.

Most of the others are the more satin shimmers, and then you can see the two more foiled and glittery shades. The satin shimmers are ‘Aloha’, ‘Orchid’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Sunshine’, ‘Island Life’, ‘Luau’, ‘Passion’, and ‘Plumeria’. The two more foiled and glittery shades are ‘Maui’ and ‘Bliss’. You can see the difference more when they’re swatched, especially in the closeup pictures. The more satin shades are smoother and do have a metallic look, while the two other shades are more foiled and metallic overall, and are thicker in texture. ‘Maui’ is absolutely stunning and maybe my favorite shades out of the palette.




And now for the eye looks! These always help to show what the shadows will actually look like applied.

Up first, the softer pink look. I used ‘Utopia’ in the crease with a little bit of ‘Paradise’ blended on top, ‘Sunlight’ in the inner corner, ‘Passion’ on the lid and ‘Bliss’ in the outer corner.


(Sorry for the lighting on these last two, I wasn’t able to take a photo in the daylight, and didn’t want to waste the look, so I used my lightbox lights). Look #2, I had to use the gorgeous teal shades. I used ‘Utopia’ in the crease, ‘Spirit’ in the outer corner, ‘Maui’ all over the lid, and ‘Island Life’ on the center of the lid.


And the last look was using the little purple corner. I of course blended ‘Utopia’ into the crease with a touch of ‘Luau’ blended on top, ‘Romance in the outer corner, ‘Orchid’ on the lid and ‘Aloha’ on the inner corner.


The mattes blend pretty well and smoothly. The lighter shades can be a little powdery, and can get a little messy in the crease if you get too crazy with blending, especially when blending multiple shades together. It can almost look muddy if you’re putting too many layers on top of each other. I would use the two bone colored shades to tone them down and clean it up when this happened. With the darker brown matte, ‘Spirit’, I did have some issues with pigmentation. It blended well, but it had to be built up, and didn’t give as much depth as shows in the pan. It can blend away and just wasn’t as deep as I was hoping for. I used ‘Romance’, the dark matte teal, and ‘Serenity’ the black to build up more depth in the looks, but they were definitely more cooler toned and smoky. Overall, the mattes are nice, and offer a good transition for any of the shimmers.

The shimmers are definitely a thicker formula – think Juvia’s Place shimmers. I use a denser flat packing brush to really pick up product, and then place and press it onto the eyes, without really dragging it. Or I found the most pigment and shine when I applied it with a finger, packing it on. I did get some fallout, just because I was packing a lot of pigment on, so I would suggest either doing your eyes first, or putting powder down to catch any fallout. I don’t mind using shimmers in the crease, however because these are thicker, they can get uneven and stick when trying to blend them out so I didn’t love them in the crease.

On the eyes, these shades wore well for a full workday plus. I didn’t have any fading or creasing, even on my hooded eyes, when worn over my normal primer.

Purely formula-wise, I think this is a vast improvement from any eyeshadow formula that LA Girl has put out before. Especially with the shimmers, I hope we continue to see this new improved formula from LA Girl, and other lower price drugstore brands. I think it’s a good palette for the price – you get a TON of eyeshadow – and it’s nice if you’re looking to add to a smaller collection.

Now, color story wise, this wasn’t my favorite. This is all personal preference, so it’s going to depend on what you’re looking for in a palette if this is for you! My biggest negative overall is with the matte shade choices. Out of 16 shades, you only get 6 mattes. 2 of those, ‘Tropics’ and ‘Sunlight’ are bone/browbone shades that are very light, and work mainly on my very fair skintone, and one, ‘Utopia’ is a very light transition. Especially with the darker brown shade that I talked about earlier not being as deep, that makes 4 of the 6 shades very light. And then the last 2 shades are very dark and smoky and cool-toned.

With these mattes, many of the looks come out the same way, with a light transition buffed into the crease, and then a shimmer on the lid. For me, I like to be more creative with my looks, so I just need more mattes, in different colors. This will be a great pairing palette for me, pulling in different mattes to pair with the shimmer shades. It’s a good palette, but not as versatile as I was hoping. I like to give someone all the information to consider it in their own collection before they decide to buy it, which is why I’m talking about this!

So if you’re looking for something to make a ton of different looks and be the most creative palette – this won’t be it. But if you’re looking for a good neutral palette, to start adding in color with some beautiful shimmers? I think this will be great! I don’t like to call things “beginner” palettes, but this can be less intimidating than others. It’s a good palette, but of course, know your own needs whether or not this would add value into your own collection.


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