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I always joke that I get reviews up of Wet N Wild collections right when they’re about to drop a new one (I can’t WAIT for the new Pacman collection), and you know, I wish I could say this was an exception. As you can see, these are beasts of posts, so I’m still figuring out the best way to tackle them in a more efficient way. But as always, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. I knew I wouldn’t let this go by without a full review. Enough intro, it’s a lot to talk about so let’s get into it!

A new fun thing: As you can see I have links at the top to jump to different parts of the review! If you’re interested in only certain parts, click those to scroll on down!

We’re talking about the Crystal Cavern collection! This is a light, airy and shimmery collection based on crystals. This collection includes 4 new eyeshadow trios, 4 new lipglosses, 2 new highlighters, 4 new perfumes and a setting spray.

As with all of their other collections, they are selling the whole thing in a box for a discounted price. The full collection box is $49.99 and features all of the products (separately they retail all together for $74). They also have sets for each of the crystals, that include the specific eyeshadow trio, lipgloss and perfume, as well as the two highlighters and the setting spray for $19.99. You can also buy a set of the 4 perfumes for $23.

I was, of course, interested in trying all of the products, so I ended up just buying the whole collection box.

If you buy the whole collection, it comes in this big ol’ chunky crystal shaped box.


Honestly it’s a very cool presentation and I got to pretend I was a real booty guru receiving PR from Wet N Wild for a hot second (a true dream).

It has all of the pieces nicely secured, as well as information about the whole collection at the top. But unless you’re planning on keeping the box forever to display, it can be a lil chunky and overwhelming (especially when you’re living in a studio apartment and have it sitting by your recycling for 2 months oops). Of course, I love the attention to detail and the effort to present it.


ALRIGHT, HERE WE GO. Like I’ve said, it’s about to be a long one, as all of these posts are – there’s a lot of pieces to talk about and I love to give you thorough reviews. Like I said before, there are links above you can click to skip to specific parts of the review, or you can buckle on up and scroll through it all.

Overall, there are 4 different “sections” of the collection. Rose Quartz, Jade, Amethyst and Clear Quartz each have an eyeshadow palette, a lipgloss, and a perfume, so you’ll see that name repeated for each of those products.


Eyeshadow Trios: $4.99 each

Anytime Wet N Wild releases new eyeshadow palettes, I gotta hop on em. They have been a little hit and miss in the past, but I know I’ll continue buying no matter what. I’m a sucker for punishment (sometimes). Wet N Wild is one of those brands that I’m always interested in new stuff, no matter what, so I’m always intrigued to try new formulas.

There are 4 new lil trios in this collection and they each match one of the different “crystals”: Rose Quartz, Jade, Amethyst and Clear Quartz. They switched up the packaging again, and they come in these little triangles, with a border and a crystal sticker in the crystal’s color. As always, I’m here for the little details on each product.


Up first is Rose Quartz.


This has a satin soft rosy pink shade, a more shimmery soft taupe shade, and a glittery rose gold shade.



Here you can see the 3 different kind of finishes that appear in the trios: a more metallic shade (the top more taupe shade), a more glittery shade (the middle rose gold) and a satin shade (the bottom soft pink).


And of course, I have an eye look for each trio, to show how the shades look applied!

Since there are no mattes, I buffed the soft stain pink into the crease. It’s a very light shade, so it’s definitely harder to see. I used the rose gold shade on the inner and outer corners, and then the more taupe pink shade in the center of the lid.


I noticed with most of these trios, that after I swatched them, and then went to use them later, a shade or two in every trio developed a little part of hard pan. There was less pigmentation, and I had to scrape and dig into it to pick up product. I don’t know if it’s something different in the formula or what, but I will say that was a little bit annoying.

That said, I think this trio had the most pigmented and smooth shades. The light satin pink shade was the one I experienced hardpan with, but the other 2 shades picked up easily with a brush.

It’ll be a common theme with all of the palettes, but I found with the shades, I prefer to press and pack on the product to build up the color and the metallic look of it. And because you’re packing on color, I did experience fallout, so recommend doing your eyes first. They pop even more when wetted (I used the setting spray from this collection) and build up much more easily that way – especially the metallic pink-taupe shade.

Overall, I was able to get a pretty look, and I’ll use these shades to pair with other palettes.


Next, we have Jade.


In this quad we have a more satin olive green shade, a white-green duochrome shade,  and a darker forest green with green glitter throughout.


This quad was more metallic and shimmery overall than the other trios.



And now the eye look! I buffed the olive green shade all in the crease, as well as placing it on the center of the lid. I used the darker forest green to deepen the outer corner, and the white-green shade on the inner corner and on the browbone.

On its own dry, the white-green shade was very underwhelming. It was more chalky and just looked white and sheer. However, once I wet it with a setting spray, I think I gasped a little. Wetting it and packing it on, you can see that green flash just really pop, and the shade looks so much smoother, and is absolutely stunning.


Like with the Rose Quartz trio above, I don’t know what it is with those metallic shades. The metallic olive shade is STUNNING, but it’s developed hardpan, and I have to dig into it to get color after a few uses. When you’re able to scrape up some color, pressing and packing it on the lid, it looks stunning, but it’ll take more work.

The white shade is absolutely GORGEOUS when used wet, and is easy to place on the eyes and blend out. When it’s dry, it’s a little more sheer, and chalky. The darker glitter shade is also easy to pick up, and can be used as a deepening shade. Tapping the shade knocks off some of the glitters and I found I could buff it out like a more matte shade.

I got a ton of fallout with this trio, as I was packing and pressing the shades onto my eyes to build them up, so definitely recommend doing your eyes first.

In conclusion, this trio is very beautiful, but the shades definitely work better when wetted – especially that bright white-green. The olive shade takes more work to build up, and seems to develop hardpan and has to be dug into. Overall a really pretty look can be made with this one, and it’s my favorite color story, but it will take a little bit more time and effort with application. I think it’ll be nice to pair individual shades with other palettes.


Next, we have Amethyst, the purple trio.


The one has a more satin medium purple, a metallic lilac purple, and a darker purple with bright purple glitter.




For the eye look, I used the satin lilac shade in the crease and on the inner corner, the darker purple satin shade on the outer corner, and the more glittery purple shade on the center of the lid.


Like the other trios above, the satin lilac shade, and the deep cool purple shade are packed very hard in their pans. I don’t know if they developed hard pan or what, but I did feel like I was digging into them to pick up product. The satin lilac shade does pick up, and I was able to buff it into my crease and pack it on.

That medium purple shade, I’ll say it, was not good at all, and I was barely able to get any payoff from it. I don’t know if it was just my trio, but it hardened up and so hard to get any payoff close to how it looks in the pan. Even with digging into it, it applied sheerly. The dark glittery shade is smooth and easy to pick up, and can be packed on to look beautiful on the eyelid.

Since these shades had to be more pressed and packed onto the lids, like the other trios, I did get a lot of fallout. These are darker shades, so I do recommend doing your eyes first while using this trio, or putting something down to catch the fallout.

Overall, I liked 2/3 of this trio. Those 2 shades, I was able to pickup and use on the lid. Especially when wetted, or packed over a sticky base, those 2 were absolutely stunning. I was able to get a pretty look that I liked, with some relative ease. Based on this, and the shades, you can decide whether or not to pick it up.


And lastly for the eyeshadow trios is Clear Quartz.


This one has a soft silvery shade, a shimmery champagne, and a more satin brown shade.




This was the lightest trio, in both colors and pigmentation. The only sort of crease or deepening shade is that brown, and it’s lighter than appears in the pan. Because of that, and then the 2 super light shades, this is definitely a palette I wouldn’t be able to get a full look out of, and would have to pair with other ones – which is why I didn’t end up having an eye look for it. It was light and very natural, and easy to see how it performs from the swatches.

All 3 shades are very light, and packed harder in the pan so like the others, I did have to work to pick up more product and pack it on to have it show up. Even packed on, these shades aren’t going to be very bold, and will look natural. The 2 light shades do look very similar once on the eye, so I do wish there was more variety in the trio.

I think it’s overall a pass for me, just because of how light the shades are, and how limited you are in looks. It’ll be a pairing palette, and one I would only suggest grabbing if you’re looking for these specific shades.


In conclusion, for the eyeshadow trios, these were just okay. There were a couple shades in each one that were stunning, especially when wetted and packed onto the lid. But each trio had at least one shade that developed hard pan, and I needed to dig into the shade to pick up product. They can create pretty looks and work overall on the eyes, but it’ll be a little bit more work. So it’ll depend on your preferences, and whether you’re willing to work for the colors and shades. The two I liked the most were Jade and Rose Quartz. The one I can say is a complete pass is Clear Quartz, just because of all of the super light shades.


And onto the highlighters! I think the highlighters are tied with the eyeshadows with the releases from Wet N Wild I’m always most excited about. Unlike the eyeshadows, their highlighters are more consistent in quality, and usually stunning so I couldn’t wait to grab them. There are 2 in this collection – a cream shade, and then a loose “brightening rocks” illuminator. They’ve strayed from the traditional format, and I’m glad to try out some different formulas.

MegaGlo Cream Highlighter in ‘Crystal High’: $4.99

This comes in the same triangle packaging as the eyeshadow trios. It has holographic detailing all over, and is clear to show the product inside.


It also comes with a clear insert to put over the product, to help ensure that it stays nice and creamy and isn’t overly exposed to air. I didn’t hear it overly advertised as being a cream product, so I was surprised to swatch it and see it wasn’t a powder! It felt super creamy to the touch and picked up easily, so I was very intrigued to try it.


It’s a beautiful champagne shade. Here I have a straight finger swatch, as well as showing what it looks like more blended out.


I can say hands down, this is my favorite product of the whole collection. If you were to pick up one thing, I would highly recommend this highlighter. It’s so creamy, and blends so easily on the cheekbones. I use this over foundation, and I found it doesn’t move the product underneath or mess with the texture. I have used this over powder as well (when I forget to use it before) and that also didn’t move the product underneath or make the texture weird.

I do set this with powder, but it does dry down and set fairly quickly so it’s not completely necessary. It’s also easily seen underneath powder, unlike other cream highlighters I’ve had that disappear as soon as they’re set down.

And once she’s applied and set down, this highlighter LASTS. This has lasted through full work days, 10 hours+, and through the hot weather to still be glowing on my cheekbones. It wears so nicely, and fades away smoothly without breaking up weirdly. I’ve been using it constantly in this heat, and love it for a dewy look.

Now, the one drawback for some people is that it does contain smaller glitter all throughout. It adds to the sheen, and especially as it fades away, there will be glitter left behind on your cheekbones. It’s nothing crazy and isn’t super noticeable, but it is there. That’ll depend on your preferences and what you like, but that is one thing to keep in mind.


Megaglo Brightening Rocks in ‘Infinity Stones’: $6.99. 

This comes in a clear container with an opaque top – it’s similar packaging to their loose highlighters.


Inside, there is a sponge keeping the “rocks” held down so they don’t roll around and are more protected (I smashed one swatching it, so def be careful if you’re handling them).

As for the brightening rocks, there are 4 different colors of powder pressed into cubes.


For swatches, I showed each different colored cube swatched by itself (you can spot the one I accidentally crushed doing this), and then swirled them all together for the bottom swatch, which is what it’ll look like with normal use.


There is a shimmery green, a pure white, a pink and a purple. Swirled together it makes a soft cool-toned pink shade.


I also liked this highlighter as well! I use a denser highlighter brush to swirl around all of the rocks, and then apply it on my cheekbones. It’s smooth and lasts nicely on the cheeks, and picks up easily. This one is a little bit more glittery as well, even more so than the cream highlighter, so again it’ll depend on your preferences on whether you’ll like this.

It’s not super blinding on the cheeks, but will give a lovely glow! It looks more natural, and like a slightly dewy look, and I did end up really liking it. Definitely recommend.

It did seem like a small amount when I first got it – I’ve never had a “brightening rocks” type of product before, so the number of cubes can seem low. But even after using this a couple of times, there’s no dent in any of the cubes, so it’s going to last quite a long time.


MegaGlo Lipgloss: $3.99

Like the eyeshadow palettes, these come in the 4 different crystal sections: Rose Quartz, Jade, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz.

It’s the traditional lipgloss packaging for Wet N Wild, with a long clear tube. It’s a white cap with holographic crystal outlines on all of them, which matches the perfumes as well.


Rose Quartz is a bright orange-pink shade with pink shimmer.


Jade is a clear base with green shimmer all throughout.


Amethyst is a purple shade with blue shimmer.


And Clear Quartz is a clear base with blue shimmer.


Two of the shades, Amethyst and Rose Quartz, have colored bases and leave a more opaque color on the lips. The other 2 shades, Jade and Clear Quartz, have a clear base, and will leave a flash of shimmer on the lips.



Top: Rose Quartz & Jade
Bottom: Amethyst & Clear Quartz

This had the traditional Wet N Wild lipgloss formula that I enjoy, and seems the same as their other shades that have launched with previous collections. They go on easily, and the two more opaque shades apply smoothly with one coat without having to dip in again. If you put on too thick of a coat, they can be a little uneven, especially when you rub your lips together, but they can be smoothed out easily.

They have both a little bit of slip, and a little stickiness to the lips, but it’s nothing crazy. It seems a little thicker, like in the middle of the range of lipgloss stickiness, where it feels like a nice layer that’s going to stay on your lips and provide some hydration (nothing compared to the thickness of the Colourpop So Juicy glosses). I can slide my lips together, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to get everywhere or migrate outside my lip lines.

It is a lipgloss, so it’s going to be something you’ll have to reapply throughout the day. It doesn’t promise any longlasting properties and I wouldn’t expect a lipgloss to. It’ll come off with eating and drinking, and they all fade nicely and smoothly, including the more opaque shades.

All of the shades do contain glitter, but its not gritty on the lips and I can’t feel it all. As they fade away, the glitter is left behind on the lips, but it’s not overly noticeable and again is not gritty.

Overall, I really like them! Especially the two topper shades which offer more unique colors. Would recommend them.


Perfume Rollers, $5.99

We have a brand new product from Wet N Wild, and that is little perfume rollers! This is the first time I’ve ever seen these released, and just like the eyeshadow palettes and lipglosses, they’re labeled after the 4 different crystals.


These are glass vials, with white caps and holographic crystal detailing that match the lipglosses.


It’s a traditional little roller ball as well.


Each of the 4 shades also have “crystals” matching the name inside as well. I did like that little detail and made them feel a little more “bougie”.


For each scent, I put down the notes as described on the website – most had more to them, but I went the top notes, and then any others I was able to pick up. Perfumes are really hard to fully describe as I can’t take a picture of the scent, but hopefully I can give you a little more information about each one if you’re curious. I am in no way a professional when it comes to scents, and this is how they smell to my own body chemistry, but I’m trying my best to at least give you an idea.

Rose Quartz
Notes: Fruit, Nuts, and Coconut, with base notes of Musk & Vanilla.
I do definitely smell the musk and vanilla on this shade. I couldn’t really pick up on any fruitiness, and it was definitely a “Perfumey” scent. There was a tiny hint of Coconut once it was on the skin, but it wasn’t anything too apparent. As it sits on the skin, more of the vanilla comes out and it’s a warmer scent.

Notes: Lemon and Melon, with base notes of Musk & Amber
I believe I do smell the little bit of lemon and melon on this shade. It’s a little lighter and less perfume heavy than Rose Quartz. On the skin I can detect more of the amber as well, especially as it sits and develops. I noticed that as both sat on the skin, it smelled very similar to Rose Quartz.

Notes: Citrus and Melon, with heart notes of Sandalwood and Rose, and base notes of Musk
This one definitely has a more “beachy” feel to it right away, and I believe I’m picking up the Sandalwood and Rose. As it’s applied on the skin and sits and develops, I definitely pick up more of that citrus scent (not going to lie, it reminds me a touch of cleaning solution citrus). This was one of the strongest of the 4, and is noticeably different from the first 2. It was also the “warmest” scent of the 4 as it sat on the skin.

Clear Quartz
Notes: Citrus and Melon, with heart notes of Lily of the Valley and Rose, and base notes of Musk and Patchouli
I believe I got more of a fruity scent, but I swear I’m smelling strong notes of banana??? I can’t explain it but it reminds me of those Runtz bananas. Or maybe it’s more coconuty and beachy, kind of like sunscreen. As it sits on the skin, I believe I’m picking up the Patchouli as it feels almost spicy. It also ended up smelling similar to Amethyst as it developed.

That was a lot of scents, and my arms are covered with em all, and maybe I’m a little high from sniffing them all. The things I do in the name of the blog.

As for whether I would recommend these? Well, I definitely will say you don’t need all 4. As they sit on the skin, I noticed that Rose Quartz and Jade started to smell similar, as did Amethyst and Clear Quartz. Many of them have the same top notes and base note elements, so they’re not going to be wildly different from each other. As I used them throughout the week, I grabbed each one at random, and honestly couldn’t remember enough to distinguish them from each other just by name. Only as I sat here, really sniffing them and getting deep into the notes and what I could smell for the blog, would I be able to tell the differences and be able to think specifically of just one when choosing a scent for the day.

And for $6.99 for a perfume, I think this is an example of you get what you pay for. These are, well, cheap perfumes, and so I wasn’t expecting anything life changing with these. When I first applied these to the skin, there was an overpowering scent of alcohol, which went away as the product dried down on the skin, and revealed the actual scent. They’re not incredibly strong. I would only smell them throughout the day when pressing my nose right up to the area I applied them – even when applying them to get notes for this post, I had to get right up next to them to smell them. I also found they only lasted a couple hours on the skin before fading.

Perfumes are very dependent on one’s body chemistry. What smells nice to one person, might smell completely different once it’s on your own skin and reacts with your own body chemistry. These could be good if you wanted to pick up 1 or 2 – if you wanted to test out a certain scent or notes to see if they wear well on you or to figure out what you like and could be your “signature” scent, or to have a nice subtle scent to put on.

Overall though, I think they’re a pass. They were just so subtle and didn’t last long on the skin, and I found myself just forgetting to wear them as they didn’t add much overall. I’ll use them up, just so they don’t go to waste, but that’s it.



MegaGlo Face Mist in ‘Aura Booster’, $4.99

Lastly, we have the setting spray. This comes in traditional packaging with silver holographic detailing (I know, I know, I put the French side up for the photos, the English side isn’t that different).


It has a nice sprayer – it gave a nice even mist, and wasn’t something that was so light I could barely feel it on my face, but also didn’t completely douse my face with moisture. I did notice a light scent, and the way I can describe it is it smells like a hair salon, I know you all know that smell. It’s not unpleasant, and not noticeable after spraying.


Now, I’m no expert on setting sprays. I don’t use them regularly, and haven’t found noticeable results in the longevity of my makeup when using them. I don’t go out of my way to purchase them, but when I have one, I’ll make sure to use it up. I like them for setting down the powderiness on my face, and for cooling down my face in the warmer weather.

This was good for a last step to meld the powders together, but I didn’t notice anything lifechanging with my makeup lasting longer. I did enjoy it to wet the eyeshadows in the trios, so I might continue to pick up setting sprays for that use!



Whew. Always a lot to talk about, and a lot of information, but as always I hope this helps you to make a more informed decision and purchase! It’s the reason I put so much work into these posts, because I know they can help someone else when deciding what to buy. I bought it myself, so I might as well pass on the information.

All products are still available on Wet N Wild’s website.

Lots more makeup reviews are on the way, in between, of course, lots of nail polish posts. Stay tuned!


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