Orly Euphoria Summer 2019 Collection


Good God, it is HOT today. My sweet little Midwestern self can’t handle this heat. It’s 95 here today (with a heat index of 104), and I’m melting. You can bet I parked my happy lil butt right in front of the AC when I got home, electricity bills be damned! I was naive and thought the 70s we enjoyed for the past couple of days was here to stay, I just forgot the 90s we had the week before ever happened. Call me weak, but I live in a place that had a Polar Vortex this year. So yes, I’m going to comment on the heat as it continues on like a normal summer.

So it’s fitting that there’s a polish called ‘Muy Caliente’ in this collection we’re talking about today. HEYOOOOO.


I picked this collection up as part of their Color Pass program! I’ve talked about this in my other Orly posts, but a little refresher: it’s where you pay $119 up front, and then you get the 4 Orly collections for the year shipped to you as they release. You also get little fun extras in each box!

I’ve told many people, it’s definitely worth it if you’re planning on picking up all of these collections like I do. It can be a big cost up front, but it’s done and over with, and then you’re set for the rest of the year. You can start it at any time – however, you’ll only get the summer box if you sign up before July 14th! (Most likely, you would have to wait until the fall collection releases, and get the 4 collections starting then if you sign up after).

However, if you want to buy individual shades and aren’t looking for full collections, of course, this wouldn’t be your best value. I’ve found the best prices on transdesign.com for individual Orly shades!

Now, let’s talk about this box!

Like I said, if you sign up before July 14th, you’ll get the Euphoria box as your first box! This comes with the Euphoria collection, a full size bottle of their Bonder Base Coat, and sheets of nail decals. I was so excited to see Bonder in this box, as it’s something I’ve heard so much about, and have heard so many people love, and had never tried it out!


Now into the collection! This is the Euphoria collection for 2019. It features 6 shades – 4 creams, and 2 toppers. Let’s get right into swatches.


First up, ‘Rosé All Day’, a soft blush cream. This had a beautiful formula, and was almost opaque in 1 coat. It had some unevenness, but it was super easy and smooth in 2 coats. Especially with Orly’s wider brush, it was so nice to paint on the nails, and is a lovely neutral.



‘Muy Caliente’ is an accurate name for this super bright orange-red cream shade. It’s got a touch of a jelly feel to it, so it’s nice and squishy on the nails. There was some nail line after 1 coat, but it was smooth. 2 coats was easily opaque and it’s a perfect shade for the 95 degree day we’re having here.



Now we have the two blues. The first one is ‘On You Wavelength’, a super pale sky blue cream. This had a more sheer first coat, but it was still pretty even. It surprised me and was easily opaque in 2 coats. For such a light pastel shade, I was expecting a more difficult formula, but no complaints here!



The last of the creams, we have ‘It’s Britney, Beach’ (this name cracks me up, and just makes me think of the office with Michael driving up in his car). This is just like ‘Muy Caliente’ above, and has a touch of a jelly finish that gives it a nice squishy look on the nails. This was super pigmented and was easily opaque in 1 thicker coat. Because it’s so pigmented it can be a little messy with application – but I didn’t experience any staining or messiness with removal.



And now onto the two toppers!

First, we have ‘Warm it Up’ shown with one coat over ‘Rosé All Day’. This is a clear base with smaller peach glitters and largest hexagon glitters. It was easy to spread out and get a good amount of pieces and glitters on the nail without constantly dipping back in or placing them.


This is actually a thermal topper and the hexagons are white when it’s warm, and turn to a peachy color when they’re cold! Why yes, my fingers are wet here, between the hot weather and my warm nails, I didn’t have time to dry them off before it transitioned back into the cold shade. But as you can see, lil peachy stripes appear on the pieces when they get cold.


You can see it here even better. I loved this, and as I’ve said a million times before, anything unique like this that comes from a mainstream brand excites me. I want them to have more fun with their polishes, and I’ll snatch them all up!



The last topper is ‘What’s the Big Teal’ over ‘On Your Wavelength’. This is a clear base with smaller blue pieces, medium white hexagons and larger blue triangles. This one did take a little more fishing to get the triangles, but it was mainly swirling the brush around in the polish to grab em before painting it onto the nail. After that, they spread pretty easily.


And with one coat over ‘Muy Caliente’. I love how the toppers pair with all of these shades so well, and contrast so nicely!


And finally, my favorite combination, with 1 coat over ‘It’s Britney, Beach’. This just pops on the nail and is so fun!


I wore this as a manicure after swatching and loved it so much. It’s swaying me over to toppers…


And there’s the Euphoria collection!

Overall I ended up loving this collection! I loved the way they did red and blue, and they all paired together so nicely. It’s a collection with a clear color story, and it was done so well. All of the formulas were stunning as well.

I will, of course, be honest and say I don’t know how unique these cream shades are, but they have wonderful formulas that you can add to a growing collection. I also loved the toppers, as they definitely brought something more unique to it as well. A thermal topper was so interesting, and it’s something I haven’t seen before.


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4 thoughts on “Orly Euphoria Summer 2019 Collection

  1. I would love to know how you get on with Bonder! I’m thinking of grabbing a bottle myself (I have a reward to use at Sally Beauty) but cannot quite motivate myself to go for it.

    I was super impressed by this collection, usually there are only one or two shades in an Orly collection that make my eyes light up, but I think they really went for it with this one and it is just so much fun for summer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s hard for me to truly test out, since I switch out my polish so much, but I’ll def have to wear it and try it between swatches! I was so happy to get it in the box so I could finally test it out.
      And this was honestly one of my favorite collections! I loved the obvious theme to the polishes and how well they all worked together!

      Liked by 1 person

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