Zoya Barefoot Summer 2019 Collection


Zoya just released photos of their fall collection, so it’s only fitting that I’m finally swatching up the Summer 2019 collection! hahha. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m finally more organized and motivated, and on more of a schedule for this blog, so I’ve been catching up on reviews and making my way through all of the polish stacked up on my desk. And it’s finally time for the Barefoot collection!

I picked up this collection when Zoya offered their summer box. I HIGHLY recommend these boxes whenever they pop up, especially if you’re looking to pick up a whole collection (as a blogger like me will do), as you get the full 12 polishes, as well as other goodies for basically the price of 6 polishes. (Here’s the link to their Fall box, which you can pick up through the 31st!: Zoya Fall Box).

Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve swatched a 12 piece collection! All the other brands have been nice, and releasing little 6 and 8 piece collections that I could swatch in a day, but Zoya’s always here with their bigger collections! (Of course, those brands doing 6 piece collections have also put out like 3 collections in 3 months, looking at you, Essie).

This is the Zoya ‘Barefoot collection for Summer 2019, and it’s a traditional 12 piece like I talked about before. It features 11 full color polishes, and then 1 topper shade. Let’s get right into it, we got a lot of polishes to talk about!

I will say as a preface to all of these swatches, that I am using the wide brush from Zoya. When I picked up the box, it came with 12 of their new wider brushes, so I switched them out for the new collection. It can affect the amount of coats a touch, as the wider brush helps me get a smoother coat on, and manipulate the polish less once it’s on the nail. I noted which polishes definitely applied better with it. They’re available for $2, or there’s often deals for packs of them. Now into the swatches!


Up first we have ‘Joey’. This a light peachy pink cream shade. This had a streaky first coat, which I expected with a lighter white-based shade like this. But it was smooth overall in 2 easy coats. Depending on the application, it could need a 3rd – this is shade that you don’t want to overly manipulate or it’ll get uneven and streaky.



Next we have ‘Tessa’. This is a darker, much more peachy shade than ‘Joey’ above. It also has gold glitters all throughout. This was pretty well good on 2 coats. It’s another that could need a 3rd depending on your application, and if it’s still streaky or not.

I do wish the glitters were more prominent on the nails. They’re very subtle, and only really pop in my bright lighting. If you’re gonna put glitter in something, COMMIT, MAKE ‘ER SPAKLE, THAT’S ALL IM LOOKIN’ FOR.



Now this shade was one I was really excited for when this collection released. Couldn’t wait to get my grabby hands onto an almost “ugly pretty” color, gimme that weird brown, sandy color.

This is ‘Keira’ and she’s a lovely sandy brown color with red shimmer with a gold flash. It had a sheer 1st coat, but it was opaque in 2 coats. It was a very easy and smooth formula, and I’m in love. A unique color for a summer collection, but it would go along with the China Glaze Body & Sol shades that were released this year.



This was another shade I was very excited for, as I’m a sucker for any yellow from any brand. Yellows are hard to get down, so I had to put this one to the test.

This is ‘Bee’ and she’s a bright butter yellow cream. Annnnd, she impressed me! This was an easy two coats, which is a feat for a light yellow like this one. It had an easy formula and I loved it.

This was one where the wide brush came in handy, as I found it could skip if there wasn’t enough polish on the brush. So it helped to load it up more, and paint on a smooth coat over the whole nail. If you’re looking for a light yellow to add to your collection, this was a good one!



‘Eleni’ is a bright sky blue cream. It had a streaky first coat – again to be expected with such a light cream like this. But I was able to get it pretty well opaque in 2 coats for most nails – I used a 3rd for others to cover any last streaks or ridges that poked through. Overall so nice to work with on the nails.



‘Walker’ (will always remind me of @oliveave_nails on Instagram – her name is Walker and she’s the expert on Zoya, so if you want to see comparisons of a ton of Zoyas, check out her profile!) is a bright cobalt blue cream. This had a touch of jelly-ness to it, so the first coat was a little more sheer than I was expecting. It was an easy two coats though, and that jelly feel gave it such a squishy look on the nails. I’m always a sucker for blues like this.

(Also this polish smells really strongly? Like even more strongly than normal nail polish, enough that I can tell a difference – but I think that can happen with darker blues like this. It wasn’t anything unusable, but of course wanted to point it out).



Now we’re onto the parade of pinks and reds for this collection.

Up first, we have ‘Dacey’, a bright medium toned pink cream. This had a standard Zoya cream formula, and was easily opaque in 2 coats. Super easy, and a good staple pink for anyone to add to their collection.



‘Liza’ is a stunning berry cream shade (perfect for fall as well). This had a stunning formula, and was opaque in 1 thicker coat. I ended up loving this shade, and it’s more unique to my collection! So pretty!



The last of the creams is ‘Rie’, a nice warm-toned purple cream shade. Another that had a stunning formula and was opaque in 1 thicker coat. You do need to be careful with this shade, as too thick of a coat can flood the cuticles. So if you’re doing thicker coats, definitely paint slowly and carefully to control it more.



Now we have the two shimmery, more foiled shades. First up is ‘Robbie’. Robbie is a bright raspberry shade with larger gold shimmers, almost flakies all throughout. It has a nice “candy wrapper” finish that they’ve put out before.

This was a thicker formula that was smooth and easy to control, but it will still need 2 coats to be fully opaque.


Another shade that I think could be great for fall, or even holidays (though I don’t even want to speak that word yet).



The final of the opaque colors is ‘Marcy’, a bright orange-red shimmer. This had a smooth formula that was more sheer. After 2 coats it was pretty well opaque, though I had some nail line peeking through. It’ll depend on your nails and your preferences whether you’ll want to add that 3rd and fully cover it up.


But she just glows on the nails, so any extra coats are worth it. You’ll get a touch of brushstrokes since it’s a more shimmery color, but it’s nothing you’ll notice in everyday wear.



And onto the final polish in the collection, ‘Dallas’. This is the topper, and it’s a clear base with various sizes of white and silver hexagon pieces.

I ended up liking this more than I thought I would! This is 1 coat over ‘Walker’ and it distributes a ton of the shapes, with no fishing or placing. Normal painting on and pieces smooth on the nails, and it adds a fun little effect to any shade underneath!


And here it is as 1 coat over ‘Rie’.


It’ll definitely be bests over creams, especially darker creams, so the pieces can show fully. There have been some good toppers out this summer!


And that’s a wrap! It’s a big collection, but it definitely reminded of why I love Zoya’s cream formulas! We had some stunning ones in there, and I ended up loving that topper. This collection is available on Zoya’s website.


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