Essie Glazed Days Collection


I posted this on my Instagram stories as well, but I’ve been a lot more motivated with my blogging lately. I got a planner at the beginning of July, and scheduling out my posts and what I need to be doing each night, whether it’s swatches, photos, or posts, has been doing wonders. I went from doing 2-5 posts every month to posting ELEVEN in July! It might seem like a little thing, but I’m proud of myself. I’m on more of a schedule and more consistent, and it’s feeling so good. I’m in love with blogging again, and can’t wait to continue posting for you guys! And I hope you’ve been loving the more consistent content!

I’m still working my way through a desk of polish collections that had built up, and we’re almost caught up and ready to get into FALL COLLECTIONS. It’s crazy to think about, since it’s only a few days into August, but polish brands are full on into the deep vampy colors. Fall’s my favorite season, so I can’t complain at all.

But it ain’t fall just yet! (I mean, it is still regularly above 80 degrees here). We still have a couple collections to talk about before that.

Essie has been BUSY this summer, and they’re released this collection, along with their summer collection AND a summer trilogy! Whew, that’s 4 collections all within the span of a couple months. They’re small collections, but we’ve got a lot of Essie coming up on the blog.

So we’re looking at some jelly polishes today! This is the ‘Glazed Days’ collection, and features 6 polishes in a sheer jelly finish. You can still find these on, and I picked up a few that I needed from CVS as well.

I originally wasn’t as interested in these because of the more sheer finish, but once I started seeing photos of them swatched out, I just couldn’t resist. I don’t have a lot of finishes like this in my collection, so they’re definitely unique and fun, and there was just something about the way they looked on the nails that I was so drawn to.

All of these are the same jelly finish, so they’re going to be squishy, and almost “candy like” on the nails. They won’t be fully opaque, and will show nail line through especially on my longer nails, so because of that I know these won’t be for everyone! I did 2-3 coats for pretty much all of these photos to show the color fully built up.

I found with this formula, it was better to do thinner coats to make sure it didn’t take forever to dry, and didn’t get too goopy and thick. They can be a little bit finicky, and seem a little more difficult to apply, so I suggest going slow and painting nice straight thinner coats. And then letting them fully dry in between each coat. They will just take a little more concentration and time, but it’s noting crazy.

They can definitely be a little messy on cleanup and removal, so it’s good to be careful and not twist when removing. It’s a different formula overall, so it might take a little getting used to when you first use them!

Onto the colors!


Up first, we have the namesake of the collection, ‘Glazed Days’. This is the red jelly. This was one that I did a little bit thicker coats for, as it can skip a little if there’s not enough polish on the brush.


It was little uneven on the first coat, where the polish gathered more at certain places, but with 2 and 3 coats it evened out and was smooth.



Up next is ‘Confection Affection’. This is the bright orange. This was one I stuck to thinner coats with, as it looked better and thicker ones can flood the cuticles.


(Ignore those little cotton ball fluff hairs that decided to plague me this swatching time)



The yellow shade is ‘Sweet Supply’. This is obviously the most sheer, and shows the most nail line because of the color. This is 3 coats built up on the nails.


This one definitely gave me jolly rancher vibes, just look at that squish.



On the opposite end of opacity, we have the green shade, ‘But First, Candy’. Like with the red shade, and the other darker shades in the collection, I found this one skipped when there wasn’t enough on the brush, so I went in with a little bit of thicker coats. This was good and squishy on two coats.


On my middle nail I had a dent, so I did a 3rd, and you can see it darkens up the polish and makes it even more opaque. So you can wear it either way depending on your preferences! This is one of the only shades that can build up to cover the nail line.



‘Ooh La Lolly’ is the blue shade. This one was definitely thinner and more “watery” than the other shades, so it was super easy to control and glided onto the nails with thinner coats.


This was two coats, and in my brighter lights it does look thinner overall, and probably could have used one more coat to build it up even more. But I still did like the more sheer look.



Last but not least is ‘Sweet Not Sour’, the purple. This is definitely lighter and more warm-toned than it appears in the bottle. This was definitely the thinnest formula, even more so than ‘Ooh La Lolly’ above.


This was 3 thin coats built up and again, it’s not as thick as the others, but gives that nice squishy jelly look.



And that’s the Glazed Days collection! In direct sunlight, these are even more beautiful! I’m so intrigued to try these in jelly sandwiches as well – where you “sandwich” a layer of glitter between two layers of one of these polishes. I think there’s definitely still a lot of playing to be had with these!

Like I said, they’re definitely not for everyone, so this is a prime example of deciding with your own preferences and wants whether or not you would actually use and like these. You’ll either love em or hate em. It’s always up to you ultimately whether or not to buy a polish!


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3 thoughts on “Essie Glazed Days Collection

  1. I’ve almost bought these so many times! They look fun to play with but I know I will never get around to experimenting for a million years. Confection Affection is just so juicy, your swatch is making me want it so badly :O

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m the same way, with so much to swatch I know I won’t get to experiment really. But I’ve seen a lot of cool jelly sandwiches with them on Instagram! And that one was just stunning! It really impressed me most from bottle to nail!

      Liked by 1 person

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