Essie Spring 2019 Collection


It’s finally getting -and staying- warm and I am THRIVING. I moved from a basement apartment up into a 3rd floor apartment this April, and the difference in natural light in the apartment is incredible. I’m loving having my windows and curtains open, and just letting the daylight and fresh air in. As much as fall is my favorite season, I do absolutely love the warmer weather. So with all of this sunlight and not having to wear a jacket, I AM A NEW WOMAN.

Of course with the warmer weather, we have summer collections rolling right into the nail polish community. But for now, we have this last spring collection to talk about! We’re catching up on reviews y’all, we’re on our way.

This is the Essie collection for Spring 2019. It’s their standard 6 piece collection, and features lots of shimmers and soft neutrals. Let’s talk about these spring babies, shall we?

‘Stirring Secrets’ is a very light peachy nude shade. This had a more sheer 1st coat, but it’s to be expected with lighter, white-based shades like this. But it did even out and become pretty well opaque nicely in 2 coats. For my super ridged nails, I did 3 easy ones. A nice soft neutral on the nails, and perfect for warmer days.



‘Pinkies Out’ is a creamsicle orange with an orangey-red shimmer throughout.


This had some visible nail line, so it will need at least a  2nd coat. It could be good with a 2nd thicker coat, but it still felt a little uneven, so I added a 3rd to even out any last patches.


The shimmer was definitely more subtle on the nails than in the bottle unfortunately. I tried my best to capture that little bit of red flash there, but overall it just gives the polish more of a satin finish and adds some dimension.


It got a little thick with that 3rd coat, so definitely take some time and really let the coats in between dry well. Just an okay shade for me, and I feel like I have similar colors with better finishes. Not bad, but I think maybe my least favorite compared to the rest of the polishes in the collection.



‘Teacup Half Full’ is a milk chocolatey brown (idk maybe a stretch but I have a sweet tooth that can’t be tamed) shade with strong gold shimmer. The base color has some coolness to it, with a tiny touch of purple to it, but the golden shimmer warms it up overall.


There was a tiny bit of sheerness and nail line left after the 1st coat, so I did go ahead and add a 2nd (and I always do 2 coats no matter what). It was easily opaque after 2 coats. The color also deepens up and becomes more rich with the 2nd coat.


I love that gold shimmer throughout it, it just give it a lovely warmth that reminds me of sunshine just beaming as the sun goes down. I know, I like to get descriptive.


But look at that pretty.



‘Tiers of Joy’ was the one that definitely intrigued me the most in this collection. GIMME ALL THE CONTRASTING SHIMMERS. It’s a light purple lilac shade, with a gorgeous green shimmer.


With one coat of this shade, it’s what I like to call a Your Nails But Better shade – perfecting the nails and adding a little interest, but nowhere near opaque. (I want to make sure to start showing more photos of this when I bring it up). It adds a cool flash and would work for a quick nail look.


In two coats, it builds up so nicely and easily. This was so smooth and beautiful, and as you can see, that shimmer is so apparent and stunning.


Ugh I love this shimmer so you’re about to get so many photos of it, and you’re going to like it. I was so glad it was apparent on the nails, and didn’t just get lost in the bottle.


A true beaut.



Now onto the more shimmery shades!

Up first we have ‘A Touch of Sugar’. This is a peachy orange shade with tons of gold shimmer throughout. It’s a bigger shimmer than the other shades throughout, and gives the polish an overall shimmery look, instead of a creamy base with shimmer throughout.


With one coat it was a Your Nails But Better shade (of course, after I talk about having photos of that, I forgot to take a photo of this one, but just imagine it’s a nice gold shimmer over the nails).

It was pretty well good on 2 coats. Some nails still had the tiniest touch of visible nail line, so I did a 3rd thin coat to smooth out any last patchiness.


As you can see, the gold shimmer in this one is bigger than in ‘Teacup Half Full’ up above. Different finishes, and I enjoyed them both.




Last but not least, we have ‘Reign Check’. This is a cool shimmery slate gray base with larger gold sparkles all throughout.


This shade was almost opaque in 1 thicker coat. There was some nail line so I did an easy 2 coat, and it was fully smooth and even.


It’s not fully a metallic shade, and definitely reminds me of the finish of pencil lead. It’s also so smooth, and there are no brushstrokes.


The gold sparkles are more glittery in real life as well, and hard to fully capture on a photo. I’m a sucker for a gray shade, so this was one of my favorites!



And that’s it! That’s the Essie Spring 2019 collection, and the last spring collection to review! I love all of the shimmers and sparkles, and the colors just feel almost regal? Fitting because that’s the vibe I get from the names as well! They’re classy colors, and would be perfect if you needed something more modest for an office or event. And those hidden shimmers get me every time.

‘Tiers of Joy’ was my absolute favorite of the bunch, just for that green shimmer. The rest have good formulas, and no complaints. ‘Pinkies Out’ was maybe my least favorite, just because of the thicker finish that I had after using 3 coats. But overall, it’s a nice solid collection from Essie, that’ll nicely transition from Spring to summer.


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4 thoughts on “Essie Spring 2019 Collection

  1. I was so surprised when I wore Tiers of Joy, thought for sure it would be a three-coater, but even with my stingy coats still got it opaque in two. It’s such a stunner! I really love how Pinkies Out looks on your nails. I think I would be more interested in the polish if the shimmer didn’t look so prominent in the bottle and so not on the nail, it is a lovely shade of orange.

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