Sinful Colors ‘Sinful Mattes’ Collection


My life is constantly saying I’ll catch up on popular shows and movies that I probably should have watched by now (see Game of Thrones), but I keep going back to shows that I’ve either watched, or don’t at all have to pay attention to – especially when writing these posts. Currently what’s been on in the background while I’ve been blogging has been It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 90 Day Fiancé. What are your “background” shows? I know we all have em so we don’t have to listen to the sounds of our quiet studio apartment. If I had a way to stop time, I would use it to catch up on all my shows and movies. And I guess, you know, to blog. I’m kidding, I would do both at the same time.

Enough wasting your precious Netflix time with a long intro, let’s get you into this blog post shall we?

Like I’ve said before, Sinful Colors has been putting out lots of new collections this year, and I am so happy because it really fulfills my requirement to buy 70 million new Sinful Colors a year. I just want to get my grabby hands on all the new polishes they put out. And as I’ve said before, it’s more exciting because you can buy these polishes online! They’re stocked on Amazon (and fully in stock and worked out in that way) as well as on Walmart’s website and it’s so much nicer to talk about polishes that you know, you can actually find. And if you don’t want to order online, they’ve also been popping up in Walmart stores.

This is the ‘Sinful Mattes’ collection, and as you can guess, contains 6 bright matte shades. The 6 pack retails for $16 currently and includes 5 of the shades and their matte top coat. Onto swatches!

For all of the shades I have 3 sets of swatches! First is the polish as it is and how it dries, with no top coat. Since most had more of a satin finish, I also did a swatch with a matte top coat on top (you’ll be able to see a difference with most of them), and then with a glossy top coat to show all of the finishes. Alright let’s get on into it.

First up, we have ‘Let’s Flamingle’. Now this is the one that is not included in the 6 pack sold on Amazon and Walmart’s website. But it is available individually at Walmart!

This is also the only one that I noticed with a more almost-shimmery looking base. It’s a bright fuchsia pink base with subtle pink shimmer. It had a thinner feeling formula, so there was still some nail line after 1 coat. But I was able to get it easily opaque in 2 coats. Super smooth to paint on, and it self levels nicely.


Like I said, this is the one with the most shimmer that I noticed, which you can really see with a glossy top coat.


And then the same shade with a matte top coat, and a glossy top coat. As you can see, these dry with an almost satin, almost velvety finish to it, so a matte top coat will be needed for that truly matte look. I loved it with a glossy top coat as well.


Up next we have ‘Dragonfly’. This is a super bright tomato red shade. It’s definitely a more warm-toned red, learning more towards orange.

There was some nail line again after 1 coat, but was easily covered in 2 easy coats. This had more of a squishy look to it than the others, and I loved it with the color. As you can see around my cuticles, it’s a little messy, so just be careful with application and cleanup.


This was one of the ones that was very easy to see the difference between the polish on its own, and the polish with a matte top coat. This is the most “glossy” of the collection, and will definitely need a top coat if you’re looking for a true matte finish.


‘Coral Craze’ (not sure about that name, wouldn’t call it coral) is a bright orange shade. This was a little bit of a thinner formula, so too thick of a coat on the nails can flood the cuticles and pool at the end of the nails – thinner coats are better. Even with that uneven thicker 1st coat, or with thinner coats, I was able to easily get this opaque in 2 coats.


Another with a more satin finish that you can see truly mattify with a matte top coat. Here it is with matte top coat and glossy top coat.


‘State-mint’ is a bright minty blue-green shade. Just like the others, this one seemed sheer on the 1st coat, but was easily opaque in 2 easy coats. It also had a thicker formula, so unlike ‘Coral Craze’ above, if you do thicker coats on the nails, it’s easier to control and won’t flood the cuticles.


Here it is with matte top coat as well as a glossy top coat.


‘Blue Me Away’ is a dark cobalt blue shade. I will be honest, this one seemed like it would be brighter in the bottle than it was on the nails. I was surprised it didn’t have as much “punch” as I was expecting. But still a beautiful color, and I loved it with the velvety finish.

This had a more thin formula, and also wasn’t as pigmented on first go as I was expecting from it. I did get it opaque with a 2nd thicker coat, you might need a 3rd with thinner coats. Overall, nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t “blue me away” (I’m sorry) like I thought it would.


This was one of the more “matte” shades in the bunch as well, so you almost don’t need a matte top coat with it.


Lastly, we have ‘Purplexed’. This is a soft, medium lilac purple shade. Another that I absolutely love in the matte finish. This was also a thinner formula than the others, and was like ‘Blue Me Away’ above. I was able to get it opaque with a 2nd thicker coat, but it might need a 3rd with thinner coats.


I didn’t include a picture of the swatch with the matte top coat because it honestly looked the same as the normal finish. This was the most matte of the bunch, and dries velvety smooth on its own. But of course, here it is with a glossy top coat as well.



And that’s a wrap! Overall, I’m a sucker for matte polishes, and especially Sinful Colors mattes so I couldn’t wait to pick these up. I got all of the polishes opaque in 2 coats, and can’t complain about the formulas – they self level beautifully for matte polishes and dry smooth even on my ridgey nails.

If I want to nitpick, I will say some of the shades are the most matte. If you want a super matte finish, you will have to top em with a matte top coat, or else they have more of a satin finish. I did expect ‘Blue Me Away’ to be brighter, but it’s still a beautiful color overall.


Like I said, these are available in a pack of 5 polish colors + top coat on Amazon and Walmart‘s website now! ‘Let’s Flamingle’ isn’t included in that pack, so that will have to be bought individually. All of the shades are also being found in actual displays at Walmart. As I always say with these packs, if you’re looking to pick up all of the shades anyways, these are great deals. Otherwise, if you’re looking for just 1 or 2 shades, I would recommend finding them in store.


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