Sinful Colors x Vanessa Hudgens ‘Cosmic Dreams’ Collection


You know, sometimes you feel like you’re finally starting to get yourself together, you’ve got to-do lists you’re crossing off and scheduling out things and just getting it done and feeling like a true adult. And then you lose your bus pass after you told yourself not to leave it in your pocket because you would lose it. I’m trying my best here. Either way I had a fun field trip to the customer service office to get a new one. Adult life is about the small adventures.

Shall we talk about this collection then? At least I can pretend to have it together with my nails and in the swatches, right?


And with this collection, we can talk about this more exciting thing! I bought this collection online. That’s right. I didn’t have to madly search stores, or get them shipped in from other polish fanatics. I could order them right on Amazon! Sinful Colors listened to feedback and is now offering their newer collections online for purchase through an Amazon store. It’s so much easier for me to recommend and show them to you when I can point you to a website to buy them!

You can only buy the full 6 piece collection right now for $18 here, and hopefully individual shades come in soon online as well! It’s a process as they’re figuring out selling online for the first time, so I’m still happy that the polishes are available in the first place. Slow and steady progress.

Update: It also sounds like they’ll be popping up at Walmarts with the other new collections this year, so keep a look out for them!


Now, this particular collection. This is the newest collaboration with Vanessa Hudgens. This is 3rd U.S. collection they’ve released in collaboration with her now (there were a couple Australia only collections as well that I heard whispers about).

This is the ‘Cosmic Dreams’ collection and features 6 shimmery space themed shades. There are 2 other shades that have popped up, but I’m not sure where they’re available – as mentioned above it sounds like they’ll be popping up at Walmart, so I’ll update the post if I’m able to snag them.

Let’s get on into these pretties!

Up first we have ‘Interstellar’. This is a peachy base with lots of gold flakes and shimmers all throughout. It has a cool almost flecked look to it.

At one coat, it had a, what I like to call “your nails but better” look. It perfected the nails and was smooth, but was still sheer. There was still some visible nail line after 2 coats, but a 3rd final one made it entirely opaque. It was thin coats and they dried quickly so it was still an easy application.


It’s got a cool speckled look. Almost spacey and cosmic one might say. This could remind me of a planet.



‘Galaxy’ is a bright purple shade with a blue flash to it.

This had a sheer 1st coat. But I was able to get it opaque in 2 thicker coats – it has a thicker formula, so you can use those thicker coats without flooding the cuticles. If you’re using thinner coats, I did need a 3rd. Again it dries faster, so it wasn’t a difficult application.


She’s got some soft purple flakes there that aren’t super noticeable on the nails, and just give it a little more depth.



‘Space Dust’ is a bright pearly white shade with a touch of gray to it. It does almost look like it has a red to gold shimmer in the bottle, but it didn’t appear on the nails.

This again had a thinner 1st coat, with visible nail line. However, I was surprised it was opaque in just 2 easy coats, as usually with brighter shades like this it takes some more work and elbow grease. I was also pleasantly surprised that there weren’t really any brush strokes on a more frosty shade like this.

Overall all surprises in a good way!


I love the subtle silver look to this in different lights – it shifts from an off white to an almost silver for me depending on the angle or the lighting.



‘Aquarius’ is a deep green with a beautiful bright emerald shimmer throughout.

Another that was a little thin on the first coat, but still smooth. But again an easy 2 coat formula. The color deepens on the 2nd coat as well, and it’s just so nice to work with. The shimmer isn’t super crazy, but it’s enough to give life and some nice depth to the polish.




‘Aurora’ is a deep cobalt blue metallic shade with tiny holographic sparkles all throughout. The sparkles were a little more noticeable in person but scattered – they give the polish a nice little glimmer.

This had a thicker formula, so it could almost be opaque in 1 thicker coat. I did 2 easy coats here, and another that was just so nice to work with! There’s a tiny amount of brushstrokes, but overall, a smooth finish.


See, up real close you can see those little holographic sparkles. Like little stars in a night sky. Maybe a city sky, since they’re a little subtle.



Last but not least, we have ‘Celestial’. This a grape purple with a bright almost pink flash to it, with the same scattered holographic sparkles as the previous.

This will need a 2nd coat as it’s a little more sheer than the previous one. But it’s smooth and easy to control, so those 2 coats were super easy to paint on.


Look at those little sparkles.



I think either ‘Space Dust’ or ‘Celestial’ is my favorite here. I’m a sucker for a good deep purple, and ‘Celestial’ is so pretty with that shimmer. But ‘Space Dust’ is such a unique shade and for me there’s just something about it.

There’s some fun shades in here, and all of the formulas aren’t bad at all! ‘Interstellar’ had the thinnest formula and was the only one that took me 3 coats to build up, so that could be one to skip. But overall, I like them all.

Are you interested in any of these shades?

Unfortunately, like I mentioned above, you can only buy these shades online in the set of 6 on Amazon. It’s a cheap price so if you like a majority of the shades, it won’t be a loss if you just pick up the pack. However, if you’re only looking for 1 or 2 here, the pack might not be the best option. As I always say on these posts, I’ll show you the polishes, and then it’s up to you to decide on your own preferences whether it’s good for your collection or not!

BUT. According to a Sinful Colors Instagram post, *select shades* will be popping up in Walmarts, so that sounds like an option to buy individual shades as well!


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