China Glaze ‘The Arrangement’ Spring 2019 Collection


I was going to post a comment of “it’s still spring, so I’m still on time” but I don’t have to make excuses for not posting until now. I do this blog as a hobby outside of my full time job, and I have to learn to stop making excuses for myself. Sometimes life is busy, and that’s okay. As long as I’m still enjoying it, that’s all that matters. Okay I’m coming down off of my soapbox now. I’m just feeling inspired lately, and learning to love my blog no matter what.

I’m finishing up a couple more Spring collection posts, so we can move onto summer! Summer means warmth and sunshine, and I’m ready for it. But of course, spring is still here and full of lovely hues to still talk about!

Let’s get right into it. This is the China Glaze Spring 2019 collection called ‘The Arrangement’. It features 12 shades of soft brights and dusty shades, and it’s perfect for spring in my opinion. I sway between wanting bright shades to dust off winter, but still love a dusty shade for those rainy days.

I purchased this full collection off of! Now onto the individual shades!

Up first we have ‘Señora Flora’. This is a nice peachy pink cream shade. This was a little streaky on the first coat, so you’ll need at least 2.

As you can see this does dry with a satin matte finish. I liked doing thinner coats with this type of finish since thicker ones didn’t self level as well and could be a little uneven. It dries slow enough that you can work with it and paint on a smooth coat easily. This was pretty well good on 2 thinner coats – though I did 3 here to cover up my very ridgey nails.

Definitely a fitting spring color!


And of course, I topped it with a glossy top coat as well. I love both finishes, but of course, the satin finish in this color is unique to my collection. And I’m a sucker for any sort of matte/satin finish in any color.



Up next is ‘There She Rose Again’. This is a squishy fuchsia pink shade. This is more of a sheer, jelly formula, so I still had some visible nail line even after 2 coats. If you’re not picky, you can get away with this, but I added a 3rd coat. At that point it’s pretty well opaque, and ends up with this squishy look.

Another bright pick-me-up shade for spring.



This next one is the one I was most excited for. This is ‘Good as Marigold’ and she’s a beautiful mac n cheese orange cream shade. This had a standard 1st coat, with some nail line and ridges, but was easily opaque in 2 smooth coats. This didn’t disappoint, and I can’t wait to wear this during this entire week of rain we’re getting.



‘Show Em Who’s Blossom’ was another one I was so entirely for. This is a dusty sage green cream and I’m also a sucker for any shade with a hint of dustiness to it. Gimme that dust.

This was a little more crelly than cream, so it did need at least 2 coats. But it was an easy 2 coats, and another that had a nice squishy look to it. It’s a fav and it didn’t disappoint. Honestly might be my favorite of the collection, I mean just look at it.



‘Hydrangea Dangea’ is a light baby blue shade with just the slightest touch of coolness to it.

This one had a little bit of a messy formula, so it just took a little more cleanup than the others. I was able to get this opaque with a 2nd thicker coat – some of my nails needed a 3rd one if I used thinner coats because of the ridges in my nails. Not my favorite of the bunch, but by no means a bad formula.


It also had very subtle silver shimmer that’s basically entirely lost on the nails. I was able to see it up close in person, but couldn’t capture it in photos. So I do wish that was more of a thing.



‘Lavenduh!’ (dumb puns like this always make me laugh) is a nice lavender cream shade. This was another that was a little thinner, so it will need 2 – but it was an easy 2 coats to opaque and so smooth on the nails. Nice and easy.




‘This is Ranunculus’ (I googled and she’s a pretty flower, love the dedication to the floral puns) is a more grey toned blue shade with shimmery silver flakies all throughout. Idk why, this reminds me of a grey sky right before a thunderstorm, the flakies remind me of raindrops. Anyone else?

ANYWAYS. This had a more sheer coat, so it will definitely need at least 2. I could get it opaque with a 2nd thicker one, though I did do 3 thinner ones on some nails. The color did deepen a little on that 2nd and 3rd coats. A tiny bit more work, but still a pretty shade.


There’s even a tiny bit of green shimmer in there – again just a little too subtle for my tastes, if they’re going to put it in there, I want it to be apparent on my nails and not just barely showing up in my close-ups.



‘Saved by the Bluebell’ is a deeper denim blue shade and is another that’s a little more of a crelly formula. It’s got a sheer 1st coat, but builds up nicely in a 2nd coat. It has a thicker formula, so it won’t flood the cuticles and is easy to control with thicker coats. The color deepens on the 2nd and 3rd coats as well.

As you can see it does dry a little more satin, so you can hit it with a top coat for a glossy look as well.



‘I Still Beleaf’ is a dirty, almost olive green shade with tons of gold and darker brown glitters. It’s a unique finish and I feel like it reminds me of something, though I just can’t put my finger on it. Like copper that’s been almost rusted? You know that greenish speckled look?

Another that was easily opaque in 2 coats, so smooth and fun on the nails.


Just look at this pretty, I just love looking at it.



Our other more metallic shade is ‘What’s Up Bittercup’ (me during these cold snaps we’re still having in spring’. This doesn’t quite feel like a copper, yet not quite a gold, and it feels just right in between. A golden copper if you will.

This was thinner than I was expecting on the 1st coat for a metallic shade. However it built up nicely in 2 coats, and was fully opaque and metallic. She worried me with that 1st coat, but then brought it back in the end.


Smooth and no brushstrokes to be seen.



Now onto the 2 topper shades! Both of these are too thin to build up on their own, so I showed them over other shades in the collection!

Up first we have ‘Better Than Nectar’. This is a clear base with lots of peachy pink shimmer throughout. Here I placed one coat over ‘Saved by the Bluebell’.


It’s clear enough to show the base color underneath. As you can see one coat distributes the glitter nicely and smoothly, adding a fun and easy look to any shade.

Isn’t that just a satisfying close-up?



Lastly we have ‘Wildflower Hour’. This is a clear base with rose gold and silver glitter. This is 1 coat over ‘Señora Flora’.

I’ll be honest and say this wasn’t my fav. It’s definitely a very subtle and sparse topper look – just a little something to top without going too crazy. As you can see, the base isn’t super glossy, so for a shade like ‘Señora Flora’, you’ll still need a glossy top coat over it to really make it shine.


It’s just my personal preference that I don’t use these toppers very often, so it wasn’t my fav. If you love toppers this could be fun, but it’s just okay and didn’t fully wow me.



And that’s the China Glaze Spring collection! I honestly really liked these! They may look boring to some, but there were some fun nuances and formulas that made these stand out a little more. ‘Show Em Who’s Blossom’ and ‘Good as Marigold’ were two of my favorites. I could honestly skip the toppers, and I don’t know how often I’ll use them, just because of my own preferences. But overall, a solid collection!


Purchased from


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  1. I just wore Show Em Who’s Blossom and adored it! I thought it was a weird shade for spring until I actually put it on – definitely perfect for this time of the year! I’m excited to try This is Ranunculus though I didn’t even realize looking at the bottle that it had green shimmer – definitely wish that was stronger!

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