Zoya Earth Day Haul 2019

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I’m thoroughly enjoying my day off by lazing around, listening to the storm outside, and writing blog posts. How have you celebrated?

I might have said this before, but it was 80 degrees this past Saturday and I was THRIVING. I absolutely love the warm weather, and especially after moving to a new place where I can just have the windows open all the time, it’s been fabulous. You would think that if I loved the warm weather so much, I would move away from the area that had a literal polar vortex this year. But as much as I love the warm weather, I need those 4 separate seasons as well. I like having set weather for different time periods, you feel? I CAN’T EVER GIVE UP FALL.

Give me a solid 80 degree day any day. Shall we talk about polish now?

It’s been about a month since I picked these up, but I still wanted to show you my Zoya Earth Day haul! If you don’t know, every year Zoya does an Earth Day sale, that usually runs for the entire month of April. During that time, you can get any 6+ shades for half off, or $5 a bottle. It’s a great price, and I always pick up at least 6 shades that I’ve had my eye on for the year.

Another big part of it is that with any order, you can send back any old shades or polish that has gone bad back into Zoya, and they’ll recycle the bottles and polish safely! It’s a great way to get rid of any old or dried up polish in a safe and healthy way.

I ended picking up less than originally planned because I also purchased their summer box at the same time (you’ll see a post about this soon), but I still got the minimum 6 polishes.

I ended up buying the 3 shades that really caught my attention from their spring collection called ‘Innocence’. So let’s talk about those first!

Let’s start with the only cream I picked up in this round. (I tried to make sure to hold myself back on creams, and only pick up colors that are truly unique to my collection.)

This is ‘Aire’ and she’s a lovely shade right in between a blue and a purple. She’s got a little dustiness to it, and I just love her.


This had an absolutely beautiful formula as well. It was opaque in 1 thicker coat. It’s a thicker formula, so if you’re putting more polish on the nail, it’ll be easy to control. (You can see a little bit on my index finger, since it’s a thicker polish if you don’t have enough polish on the rush it can skip a little. So don’t be afraid to load it up).



And onto the other finishes. This first one is ‘Fern’. This is a soft dove gray base with beautiful greenish-gold shimmer.


This was another that had a super easy formula – another that was pretty well opaque in 1 thicker coat. I did 2 thinner ones here, and it was so smooth on the nails.


Unfortunately as you can see, you do lose some of that beautiful shimmer when it’s on the nails. Shifting back and forth in direct light, you’ll get a nice little peak that just adds a little sparkle and depth to it. She’s there, but not as vibrant as in the bottle.




This is one shade from the Innocence collection that I knew I wanted to pick up for sure. This is ‘Theo’ and she’s a smorgasbord of sparkles and flakies and fun. ‘Theo’ is a gay base with tons of blue-sliver shimmer, larger black glitters, and gray flakies. It’s a unique finish for Zoya, and I love when mainstream brands get creative. I’ll always snatch that up any day.


This did have a lil bit of a thinner formula – I’m sure to help show all that shimmer and the flakie pieces through. And because it’s thinner, it can flood the cuticles a little and be uneven if you put on too thick of a coat. So thin layering is key for this polish, but not too thin – you want enough so it doesn’t skip on the nails. There’s a sweet spot of polish, and you’ll feel it. Don’t overthink it, just love this polish.


Overall, I got it opaque in 2 easy coats. The flakies can be a little harder to pick up, just since they’re heavier and will sink down. But if you swirl your brush around, you can pick up a few – I also would wipe em off, then grab them from the neck of the bottle with the tip of the brush so they were easier to place on the nails. As you can see, my nails weren’t chock full of them, but I was able to pick some up with just normal painting.


All in all, I love it for its unique finish. It seems to be a polarizing polish – either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it. If you love some weird ones, this is one for you. What do you think of it?



Now the other 3 I picked up were their trio called the ‘Winter Holos’. It was the 3 new shades of the scattered holographics they released. ‘Brighton’ came first, and then ‘Cadence’ and ‘Everly’.

The scattered holographics are my favorite finish that Zoya does, and I just want to collect them all, as I love their effect. So let’s talk about em.


Like I said, ‘Brighton’ was the first one to be released. This is a soft champagne nude scattered holographic. (I did hear rumors that the first release of this was more holographic than this one… hmmmm).


Well, even if the first one was supposedly different, I still love this shade. This is the scattered holographic finish, but in a more modest and classic version you can wear to the office or events.


1 coat still had some visible nail line, but it was easily opaque in 2 easy coats. It was so smooth and easy to paint on the nails, and just look at that finish. I love these for a more toned down nail look that still has a little sparkle to it.


You’re going to get a million different photos of each of these because I love the scattered holographics so much and I just can’t stop starin at em. Pls enjoy as much as I do.




Up next is ‘Cadence’, the bright pink version.


This one had a more jelly like formula, so it really lets the sparkles come through and layer up nicely on themselves. There was some nail line after the 1st coat, but it built up easily in 2 coats.


Super squishy and just that sparkle. I’m going to keep saying it, because I do, I LOVE THE SPARKLE.





The last of the scattered holographics, and the last of my haul, that I picked up is ‘Everly’. This is the bright warm toned red version.


This one, unsurprisingly, had pretty much the same formula as ‘Cadence’. There was some nail line after 1 coat, but 2 easy coats made it opaque. It’s a little more jelly, but it gives it a beautiful layered finish and look to it.



Brb will just keep staring at these photos forever.



It’s no secret that I love scattered holographics and will continue to collect every color that Zoya comes out with in this finish. Do a bright yellow gold or a lime green, I dare you Zoya.

I love all of the shades that I picked up this round of sales. I was proud of myself for holding back a little more, and really added items that were unique to my collection. These were all so fun, and I can’t wait to wear them more!


I know Zoya can seem a little more overwhelming with their huge selection, and higher prices. But they always have 2 major sales a year – Earth Day and Black Friday, where it’s easy to dive in or stock up on some favorites. And they constantly have bundles and deals when new collections launch! If you need a jumping off place, obviously, their scattered holographics are beautiful. Their creams, like ‘Aire’ above, also have beautiful formulas. I would love to keep featuring more Zoya on the blog, because their formulas are so beautiful and I’ve loved all that I’ve tried from them. Have you tried Zoya? What are your favorite shades?


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2 thoughts on “Zoya Earth Day Haul 2019

  1. Yes, Zoya needs to give us the lime green scattered holo we deserve! I would also love a bright turquoise one, a grey one, and a burnt orange one, but maybe that’s getting a little greedy :]

    Theo is amazing, Zoya definitely took inspiration from the indie world and did such a great job! There is always room on my nails and in my heart for the weird polishes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We can only hope that they’re going to keep doing all the colors! I mean, there’s no way they can just stop now! hahha
      And I love Theo! I’m so glad mainstream polishes have started getting a little more creative! They know they have to impress us even more.

      Liked by 1 person

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