Haul: Zoya Black Friday!

Look, I’m still posting things late, look at me go! But my birthday was on December 15 so now I’m one year older and wiser and will probably continue to post things late. It’s good to know one’s flaws.

I’m FINALLY posting about my Zoya Black Friday sale – all of these polishes are obviously still available, so if you see something that catches your eye, you can order it at any time off Zoya’s website.

Zoya has two big sales a year – their Black Friday sale and their Earth Day sale. I save buying from Zoya until these times, as they’re a little higher price. But when those sales come around, I allow myself to go a little nuts, since it’s only twice a year, and Zoya has really good formulas.

This year, their Black Friday sale was for 50% off – less than their 70% off extravaganza for last year, but still a great sale. I ended up picking up 10 polishes, mainly from their Fall collection, as well as a random few others that caught my eye.

They can be divided up into 3 categories: nudes, greens, and vampy colors. Apparently those were what I was itching for. So let’s get into the swatches!

‘Sage’ is a light green, well, sage, cream. This is one of their Satin finish polishes, so it dries right in between a cream and a gloss. (Ignore my goddamn terrible cuticles in this photo – it’s time to take care of them more, I know). But this applied with an easy 2 coats. Since it’s a Satin finish as well, it dries faster in between coats making it even easier to apply.

This is my 2nd Satin from them, and I want to get even more, because I love the soft finish they have. They just seem more delicate on the nails than others, and I love the pastel colors.


‘Arbor’ is a stunning olive green cream shade. This came out in their ‘Wanderlust’ collection for summer this year. I’ll be honest in that I can see myself wearing this shade all year round. It’s got elements to it that just fit every season in my eyes.

This was another beautiful cream formula, needing only 2 coats to be opaque. Such a unique “ugly-pretty” shade that I’m so glad to have in my collection now.


All of these next colors are from their Fall collection called the ‘Sophisticates’. I didn’t realize how many I had picked up from this collection, but they were all speaking to me!

This first one is a shimmery nude called ‘Mckenna’ – (this reminds me of ‘Pale to the Chief’ from OPI’s fall collection last year… I’ll have to compare them). It’s a perfect nude on my skin tone, but that shimmer in it makes it from looking flat and almost dead like. I did use 3 thinner coats for this one, but it’s a nude so those are often a little more sheer. It had an easy to control formula, so 3 coats wasn’t terrible.


‘Presley’ is a lovely rosy mauve cream shade. This was an easy 2 coats, and a color that is all the rage these days. An easy, no brainer shade for those days you want something a little more neutral.


This was the shade I was most excited for, and the shade that I knew I was making my Black Friday purchase for. This is ‘Beth’ and it’s a light brown taupe with amazing gold shimmer. This is absolutely stunning and just as beautiful as I thought it would be. An easy 2 coats, and the shimmer is just jumping out at you.

A beautiful unique color that I love having in my collection, and my favorite of the whole haul.


‘Gal’ is a shimmery olive green base with dark green and red sparkles throughout. It had a pretty sheer first coat, but covered smoothly. If you do thicker coats, you can build this up in 2 coats. However, I did thinner coats and found I needed 3 coats to completely cover the nail line. With each coat, the base color deepened and became more of a vibrant green metallic. It also doesn’t show brush strokes, so that is lovely.

With the color and metallic finish, this can be a love/hate shade for people. It surprised me a little, and I don’t know if I love it yet, but I will definitely wear it again.


‘Tabitha’ is a shimmery deep forest green, that so much reminds me of Christmas. You can almost get this opaque with 1 thicker coat. But it’s absolutely stunning in 2 coats. The base deepens on two, and the shimmer to it gives it a little dimension. It’s deep, but not deep enough that it looks like a black on your nails. I absolutely love this, and feel I’m going to be wearing it more for the holidays and winter.


‘Hadley’ is a super dark blue cream. This is one of those shades that’s just a shade or two above black, so it’s super vampy, without a little softness that a pure black doesn’t have. It can be opaque with one thicker coat, and it’s a thicker formula so it’s not going to flood your cuticles if you have more polish on the brush. It’s definitely opaque with 2 thinner coats as well, and is such a smooth beautiful formula. Another lovely vampy color for winter.


‘Blake’ is a deep blue cream base with lots of green, red and gold shimmer. This one came out with the Winter collection called ‘Party Girls’. I didn’t pick up more from that collection, because they hadn’t interested me as much, but after getting the swatch of ‘Tawny’, I might have to pick up more…

Anyways, the shimmer in ‘Blake’ isn’t super obvious on the nails, but it’s a polish where the shimmer gives it a little more dimensional look than just a plain cream. This is another one where you can get it completely opaque in just one thicker coat. I used 2 thinner coats for my pictures. I do wish that gold shimmer was as apparent on the nails as it is in the bottle though.


Can you tell I was apparently into the deeper vampier shades when I was picking out my colors?

Last but not least is ‘Godiva’. This is a beige base with lots of gold and silver sparkles. This is a PixieDust formula, which does mean its textured. But I found this one is definitely smoother than the other PixieDusts I have. It has a thinner watery formula as well, so it took 3 coats. But since it’s a PixieDust formula, it does dry super fast so 3 coats wasn’t an issue.

The photos don’t do it justice, as you can’t see the true sparkle and shimmer of it. The shimmer is a nice little pop on the nails.


This one is super unique. It’s both subtle with the nude base, but then the shimmer and texture add dimension and just a little glam to an otherwise boring color. This polish is so elegant and beautiful. It’s perfect if you have a more strict office dress code, but want a little extra shazam to your nails.


I also added a top coat, and that helps the shimmer pop out even more.


So that’s my haul from the Zoya Black Friday sale! What’re your favorite Zoya shades? I do have to start making my wishlist for the Earth Day sale…

I have lots of reviews coming up soon, of both nail polish and makeup – so stay tuned! I’ve picked up some new Elf items and some new Wet n Wild releases so I can’t wait to test them out, and write about them for you! As well as Holiday collections for sure!


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3 thoughts on “Haul: Zoya Black Friday!

  1. I really wish I had done my annual Zoya shopping spree, but I just have too much nail polish :,,,[

    Every single polish you picked looks perfect on your nails! You can pull off anything :] I am especially loving Sage and Tabitha. Sage almost looks like clay, such an interesting color!


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