Review: Wet ‘N Wild Highlighting Palette

Hey! This is my 100th post on here! Crazy! You would think I would know what I’m doing by now. Buy here I am.

Heyooooo a makeup review! All of the brands have been dropping new products like crazy lately, and it’s hard to keep up with them. But don’t worry, I have a shopping addiction so I’ve been buying a lot of new stuff to play with, and will have lots of reviews coming up!

I’ve got new stuff from Elf, more stuff from Wet N Wild, and Colourpop, and I want to find some of the new Maybelline and L’Oreal things as well. So much new makeup, so little money that I’ll be spending anyways. Oh well, I’m young with a new job. It’s fine. It could be worse. It could be cocaine. (this is what I keep telling myself).

Anyways, let’s get into this product!

When Wet N Wild dropped this palette, as well as their new highlighter shades (I have a review coming up on those as well) I got so excited. 1. I’m highlighter nuts and will buy them all and never get sick of it. 2. A highlighting palette from Wet N Wild! Music to my ears.

This is the Megaglo Highlighting Palette, and features 4 new shades of highlight.


Here I am holding it, so you can see it’s a pretty good size. It comes with 4 shades, and comes in a studier cardboard package. It doesn’t have a mirror or anything, which I never use anyways, and retails for $15. I picked mine up off of Wet N Wild’s website.

These 4 shades are the same size as their individual pans of highlighter, so you’re getting 4 highlighters in one palette together. So you’re basically getting 4 highlighters for the price of 3, if you want to think of it that way.


It offers some unique shades for sure, an icy blue, and a more green-toned gold, as well as 2 more wearable shades, a light pink and a peach.


So here are the swatches! From bottom to top:

‘Sweet Peony’ is a very light pink shade. ‘Diamond Lily’ is an icy blue toned shade. ‘Wild Cosmos’ is a very unique shade, a more green-toned gold. When this one is buffed out on the skin, it gives off less of a true green look, and more of an antique gold feel. This one does have glitters in it as well. And the last shade is ‘Blushing Azalea’, a more subdued peachy shade. On my skin tone, this one is more subtle. This one also has some glitters in it.



I did find that the lightest pink shade is my favorite, and has the best formula. It’s smooth and creamy, and feels like their individual shades. It also gives off a very strong highlight shade with just a little bit.

The blue and green shades had similar feels to them. They have more of a thicker feel to them, and the product almost sticks to itself more. When you first apply these, they can take a little more buffing into the skin to look smoother. However, they are very intense. I do love the blue for a more unique, simply ice queen look. It’s bright and bold and packs a punch.

I’ll be honest in that I don’t love the green as much. Though its not entirely green on the skin, it’s a strong, very warm toned gold shade, that just doesn’t work well on my skin tone. I also found as it wore away, it left behind the pink sparkles on my face and I didn’t love just having glitter on my face. So kudos to them for trying a new shade, but leave out the glitter.

Lastly the peach shade feels even thicker and more dry than the other shades. It’s almost a little more chunky, and as you can see its more subtle than the other shades. There’s also glitter in this one as well, and because it’s darker, it doesn’t pop on my skin tone as well. This would work better for someone with a darker skin tone than mine.


Overall, I found these last very well on my skin though! I had a lot of hours of wear with them staying on my skin, and though some of the colors don’t work well on me, they all lasted well.

I do wish they had more of the same feel as the individual highlighters. I found the individuals just have a smoother, creamier formula. And two of the shades have glitter in them, that is left behind when they wear away, which I don’t love.

But they’re not horrible at all, and are really honestly good highlighters from the drugstore. I will say this palette is for you, if you’re a collector of highlighters and are looking for some new individual shades from the drugstore. Or if any of the shades really catch your eye.

Although, ‘Blossom Glow’ in the individuals is close to the light pink in the palette, and you can now buy ‘Diamond Lily’ in an individual. So the two best shades are available individually – something to keep in mind if you’re not interested in the other two shades.

Now here are all the shades of the palette compared with the individual highlighters! The palette shades are on top, and on the two ends, and as you can see they are all different tones from the individual shades, so you are truly getting new shades.

I also just saw that on Wet N Wild’s website you can buy ‘Diamond Lily’ on the top there as an individual – so if you just want that shade, you can pick it up. But overall, they’re all different and span a variety of shades and colors, so I’m sure you can find one that fits your color preferences!


So there’s the Wet N Wild highlighting palette!

Overall verdict: great if you’re looking for some unique shades – but some are a little chunkier, and some have glitter in them that gets left behind on your face. They can be buffed in nicely and last well on your face.

If they’re not up your color alley, there’s individuals in so many shades now that you can find something you prefer more.

I do love that Wet N Wild is stepping up the game with highlighting palettes, and is trying something new with the unique shades though.

So there’s the review!

I’ll be putting up a post about the new individuals soon, as well as so many other new products! So stay tuned!

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