Review: OPI ‘Iceland’ Fall 2017

Yo girl is here with another fall collection review. I’m currently in my bed home from work today, so in between falling asleep, I finally was able to finish up this review. (Don’t worry, I’ll be back at work and raring to go again after lots of good sleep, just took one sick day). I already had all the photos done, so I just needed to put them together and here they are!

I’ll be honest with you guys, I wasn’t fully in love with the spring and summer collections from OPI this year. I thought the formulas weren’t exactly top notch, and the colors were just okay.

But this fall collection… there’s a reason fall is my favorite season. When I saw promos for this collection, I was honestly quite excited. All of the colors looked perfect for fall, and if we remember the Washington D.C. collection from last fall, the formulas are stunning.

This is the OPI Iceland collection for fall, based on Iceland the country, obvi, so of course we have OPI’s beautiful puns in all the names. It’s a standard 12 piece collection, and is full of 9 creams, 2 shimmers and 1 metallic.

These didn’t disappoint. OPI, you’re back to yourself.

I know I’m going to be a bit of a broken record here with this review, as I found most of these had a very similar formula – and spoiler alert, it’s beautiful.

All of these had incredibly smooth and easy formulas, with all but 1 needing only 2 coats. OPI did it again with the creams and I’m so in love. So let’s just get into me gushing about this collection.

First up is ‘I’ll Have a Gin and Techtonic’, a peachy cream shade. This was the one that might take 3 coats, depending on how thickly you apply each coat. After 2 coats, most nails were good, but I used 3 on a few to even out any last streaks. I did find all of these formulas dry really quickly as well, so 3 coats wasn’t a bother.


Up next is ‘Aurora Berry-alis’, a beautiful berry cream. This was almost opaque in 1 thicker coat, but the color deepens a little on 2. A stunning formula, and I’m just in love with the color.


‘One Heckla of a Color’ is a bright lavender cream. It’s unexpected for fall, but it fits so surprisingly well. This will also be perfect for the dull winter months when you need a pop of color. Another smooth easy 2 coats.


‘This Isn’t Greenland!’ is a dusty sage green cream. This was an unexpected color and I was surprised how much I ended up loving it. And for a light green, it had another beautiful smooth 2 coats.


Now we’re onto the browns! There’s 3 in the collection, but they’re all very different, duh. So if you needed to build up your brown stash in your collection, here are 3 more beautiful formulas to add!

First up is ‘Icelanded a Bottle of OPI’, a light milky brown cream. This reminds me of hot chocolate on the nails, and it was so smooth and easy to apply. This collection went so fast for me on swatching because they were all such easy formulas, and I fell in love with each shade as I put it on.


Next is ‘Krona-logical Order’, a purple based taupey brown cream. Another easy 2 coats, there’s nothing mroe for me to say but compliments for these polishes.


The last of the browns is a deeper chocolate brown called ‘That’s What Friends are Thor’. And, you guessed it, another beautiful 2 coat formula.

Did I mention I love brown nail polishes?


There’s also 2 darker blues. This is ‘Less is Norse’, and it seems this is a fan favorite, and I understand why. This is a rich dusty dark blue cream.

And yes, yes, yes, another beautiful 2 coat formula – this was one that can even be opaque in 1 thicker coat. All of these formulas are so smooth to control, so if you go with thicker coats you don’t have to worry about flooding your cuticles at all.


The other dark blue is ‘Suzi & the Arctic Fox’, a gray toned dark blue. And just, my heart, stunning. A beautiful 2 coat formula – have you heard that enough yet?


The last 3 are shimmers and a metallic, and while I do love a good cream collection, I love the little pops of different finishes they put in.

‘Check out the Old Gey-sirs’ is a light blue cream with a gorgeous deep blue shimmer. I tried to capture the shimmer, but its a little more subtle on the nails. If you’re looking very close you can see it, but otherwise it adds a lovely dimension to the nails. This had a good first coat, and evened out beautifully with 2.

It’s dustiness makes it unique from the other sky blues I have in my collection – it really reminds me of a cold winter sky in January.


This next one is my absolute favorite of the collection, and seems to be everyone else’s favorite. And I mean, just look at it.

‘Turn on the Northern Lights’ is a dark blue-purple cream base with stunning red-pink shimmer. AND ITS ACTUALLY VISIBLE ON THE NAILS PEOPLE. That takes a lot. It really does just look like a beautiful Northern sky (where I went to college, every so often you could faintly see the Northern lights in the sky. Though it wasn’t as bright as this polish, it’s almost sentimental and brings me back to watching them on the beach with my friends. Sappy much?)

The shimmer is absolutely beautiful in direct lights, and adds a beautiful dimension in normal lighting. Absolutely gorgeous 2 coat formula, and I’m so glad I could capture the shimmer in my photo as well.


Last but not least we have the one metallic of the bunch. This is ‘Reykjavik Has all the Hot Spots’ and its rosy metallic with lots of different colored shimmers throughout it. This had a smooth sheer first coat – it’s one of those ones that you could do 1 coat for a nice perfected nail look, you can still see your nail line, but it just makes it elegant and smoothed.

To build it up, it was an easy 2 coats to cover the nail line. It’s a metallic so it will show brush strokes a little bit, but I found most leveled out on their own as they dried. I loved this so much when I had it on, and it just feels like an elegant holiday season polish. Can’t wait to wear this more.


And that’s your OPI Fall 2017 collection! I was honestly so in love with all of these shades, and I don’t have a bad thing to say about these – as this is right up in my tastes for colors as well. If you see a color in this collection that you really like, definitely pick it up because the formulas are amazing.

After a meh spring and summer collection, OPI has made me fall in love all over again with this fall collection. It has a ton of stunning creams that will add to any collection, with those lovely pops of shimmer.

Have you picked any up from this collection?

Lastly, I’ll have the China Glaze fall collection review coming up, and then I’ll finally be through all of the fall collections, and then we can hop right into holiday collections! And you know, I’ve picked up lots of products for Black Friday, and just new makeup, so lots of reviews on the way. Stay tuned!


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2 thoughts on “Review: OPI ‘Iceland’ Fall 2017

  1. This collection is stunning! I picked up only one shade, “Turn on the Northern Lights” (but of course) because it’s unique to my collection. The rest, while beautiful, I know I already have similar shades. The formulas of these look really good! I’m even tempted by “Reykjavik Has all the Hot Spots”…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know I had some similar ones but I couldn’t resist because they were all so stunning together. It’s for the blog, I always tell myself 😂 and that one surprised me with how much I ended up liking it


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