Untried Month: Zoya January

Well friends, it’s February 2019. Which is how long it took me to finally stop writing 2018 as the date on work projects.

One of my goals of this fine year was to use my collection more. This means both untried and unworn polishes, as well as polishes that I’ve swatched but haven’t used as a full manicure. It’ll be mainly untrieds though, as I still have far too many. To help this, I’ve started a series! It’ll be ongoing, and I’ll do lil update posts at the end of every month. As I posted the swatches throughout the month, I tagged them with #ZoyaJanuary.

Each month, I’m choosing a brand to wear. It’ll be brands I have large amounts of untrieds from first, and then smaller ones that I’ve maybe only swatched later on. Every other month will be Sinful Colors, since that’s the brand that will take the longest to get through.

Getting right into it, January was Zoya! I love Zoya, but they are a more expensive brand, so I pick them up on their main 2 sales of the year when they’re half off. Because I cannot review their full collections at this time, I get random polishes every so often, and they’re not featured as often. They were the perfect brand to start with.

Let’s get right into the polishes!

I started the year right out with a fun metallic. This was the very first nail polish I wore in 2019 as well as the first of #ZoyaJanuary.

This is ‘Cinnamon’. (I know my photo isn’t the best. It was a quick day and I was hurrying to get the photo up that day. It was New Years Day, you can’t blame me for not being on top of it. I’ll have to get a better swatch of it sometime, but you can still see the metallic goodness). I ordered this in the last Black Friday sale, and still hadn’t worn it yet. It’s some beautiful bronzey metallic goodness. This was an easy 2 coats.


Up next, I knew I had to pull out a scattered holographic. This is still my favorite finish that Zoya does, and there are some colors left in this finish that I want to pick up – including the 2 new colors!

But this beauty is ‘Merida’, and it honestly might be one of my favorites. It’s the deep forest green version of the scattered holographics. Just look at that sparkle. Another easy 2 coats.


This is one of the newest polishes that Zoya has released that I picked up. This is ‘Rumor’ and it’s from their 2018 Fall ‘Element’ collection, and again, I picked it up in their last Black Friday sale. ‘Rumor’ is a more frosty rosy neutral shade. Obviously that more pearly element could turn some people away, but I loved it. This was another easy 2 coats.


This is another one I picked up in my Black Friday haul (I normally do a whole post for that, but a polish came broken, so I had to wait for another to come, and by then it was so far past Black Friday that I decided to just throw these in as random swatches). ‘August’ is a perfect dove gray cream. I’ve had this bad boy on a wishlist for quite some time and am so glad I finally picked it up. Another easy 2 coats.


I’ve been on a mission to wear more of my textured polishes. I love the way they look, but I always hated removing them, because removing thick glitter is the worst. But I recently decided to buy a peel off base coat to make it easier. I’ve got too many PixieDusts to just let sit around.

The first is ‘Juniper’. This was from their recent Holiday 2018 ‘Jubilee’ collection, so the newest in my collection. It’s a dark teal base with lots of blue and green glitters. This was an easy 2 coats to build it up.


And here it is with a thick top coat. The sparkles jump out more when it’s glossy.


Up next is a lovely ugly-pretty color. Zoya has a couple of these more “puke green” shades and I’ve snatched them all up. They’re just unique and I love them.

This one is no exception. This is “Scout’ and she’s just a beauty. This is a bright pea green with more golden green shimmer. This one took 3 thinner coats to build up, but so worth it. I could see this color dividing people on opinion, but I’m on team ugly green.


The last one I wore this month was a crowd fav. This is ‘Wednesday’, a nice dusty robin egg blue cream. This was an easy 2 thicker coats, and I think perfect for any season.



So I was only able to try out 7 new polishes this month. There’s been a lot of craziness with things breaking and then getting fixed in my apartment, so I’ve been a little busier and not switching out my polish as often. And of course, swatching and just running out of time to put on polish at night is a big thing as well.

But I think it was still a good start! I did enjoy wearing some neglected polishes, and falling in love with Zoya again. I’m really enjoying this series and can’t wait to wear more! It made me fall in love with just sitting down and wearing a polish outside of swatching, and I’ll definitely be working on making more time for it.


So February is going to be Sinful Colors! I mentioned that SC is going to be every other month, just because I have so many unworn from them. So stay tuned!

And of course, there will be many reviews in between that as well. Lots of nail polish and makeup coming.


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