OPI ‘Tokyo’ Spring 2019 Collection

It’s the first spring collection post! I think this is the earliest I’ve gotten a spring review up. 2019 is really my year, huh. 3rd year of blogging is really when I get it together, guys.

I’m also in the process of moving, and finding a new apartment, so sometimes browsing availabilities and showings can get in my way. But I’m going to make sure that I won’t get too far behind! I want to keep up this timeliness! I’m putting this down in writing to keep myself accountable! Exclamation points! All exciting things happening over here. No really, I’m actually really excited to move. I’m ready to have a place with more natural light (ergo more places for plants), and to decorate another little space.

But let’s talk about spring polish, shall we? It’s still full on winter here, with ice storms and freezing temps, but you know, I have some bright wonderful spring colors for you.

The first collection to talk about is from OPI! It’s the Spring 2019 collection, and it’s a 12 piece collection based on Tokyo. As always, the names are hilarious and so fitting for their inspiration. It’s full of bright pinks and other bright pops of colors that I’ve really been craving from OPI so I’m so excited to dive in. It’s made up of 9 creams and 3 shimmery shades.

Just like the other collections, I picked these up from polishpick.com. It’s still the best price for OPI I’ve found, and they always ship so fast! Check em out, will ya.

Let’s get right into the swatches.

‘Another Ramen-tic Evening’ is a nice bubblegum pink cream shade. This had a good 1st coat, but will need a 2nd. This was pretty well opaque on 2 coats, but because of the ridges on my nails, I used a 3rd to cover up any last patches. This is a shade you don’t want to manipulate too much, or you could end up pulling the polish and making it uneven. Just float it onto the nails.


‘Rice, Rice Baby’ is a deeper, more rosy toned mauve shade. In the bottle, this and the one above look extremely similar, so much so that I questioned whether I had gotten two of the same shade. But as you can see, once applied on the nails it’s deeper and dustier. This formula was thicker and so smooth, so it could have easily been opaque in 1 thicker coat. I did two thinner coats here.


‘Arigato from Tokyo’ is a more purple toned pink shade. This has a smooth easy first coat. A 2nd makes the color richer, and covers any last uneven patches I had from ridges. Easy 2 coats.


‘Hurry-juku Get This Color!’ is a bright magenta pink cream shade. Another easy smooth formula that is basically opaque on 1 thicker coat. The color deepens a lil on 2, but overall it’s beautiful.


‘All Your Dreams in Vending Machines’ is one of the 3 shimmery shades in the collection. This is a bright fuchsia shade with an almost purple flash to it. This one was pretty opaque, and you could almost get away with 1 thicker coat. I did two here to build up the color and the shimmer, and she basically glows on the nails.


‘Samurai Breaks a Nail’ is the 2nd shimmery shade of the collection. This is a darker purple shade with a blue-purple flash to it. This was one was a lil more sheer than ‘All Your Dreams in Vending Machines’ above. It has a sheer 1st coat, and can pool and look uneven if you put too thick of a coat on. The 2nd coat makes it pretty well even, though you might need a 3rd especially if you’re doing thinner ones.


The color deepens on the 2nd and 3rd coat as well.


The last of the 3 shimmery shades is ‘Chopsticks and Stones’. This is a deep blue base with beautiful blue shimmer. It’s a more squishy formula, a lil jelly-like, so there were some uneven patches, and visible nail line after one coat, but a 2nd thicker coat easily covered that up. It’s definitely pigmented, so make sure to be careful as you remove it. (You can see some of it around my cuticles where I did clean up as well).


Back onto the rest of the creams!

‘Kanpai OPI’ is a nice lavender cream shade. This was a thinner feeling formula, so it will definitely need at least 2. However, it did nicely surprise me that it covered pretty easily in 2 coats. Super smooth and easy to control.



‘Suzi-san Climbs Fuji-san’ (I love these names really) is a more robin’s egg blue shade. This is a medium blue with just a touch of green to it. This was another that was a little thinner, with more of a crelly formula, so it will need 2. But it was an easy 2 coats to get it opaque.


‘I’m On a Sushi Roll’ is one that can look close to ‘Suzi-san’ above in the bottle. But it definitely more green and dustier. Another thinner formula, but still an easy 2 coats. These creams just glide on.


‘How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?’ is the one I was definitely looking forward to the most. This is a bright lime green cream. This had a thinner, more streaky formula (though for lime greens this isn’t too surprising). It can take 2 thicker coats, or I did 3 thinner ones. This is a shade you definitely need to float the polish on and not manipulate too much, or you could cause streaks.

She’s a little more finicky, but so worth it for that color.


The last shade of the collection is ‘Tempura-ture is Rising’. This is a bright hot coral cream shade. This had some patches, and showed my ridges a little on one coat, but was easily opaque in 2 coats. This will be so fun for summer.


And that’s your OPI Spring 2019 collection! There’s really not a bad formula in there – with only 1 or 2 shades taking 3 coats, and I loved the more fun colors.

We might have seen some of the pinks before, but they’re something that OPI does really well. (I also have to remember that the average person doesn’t collect every shade like I do, so sometimes it’s okay to not have the more unique shades.) If a color strikes your fancy in this post, I recommend it! The formulas are solid.

It’s just the beginning of the spring posts, so there’s a lot more collection posts coming! I’m also buckling down and finally getting to eyeshadow palette reviews as well. I’ve been buying too many of them, so it’s about time I put them to good use and tell you all about them.

As always, stay tuned for lots of posts! I’m excited to show you some of the things I’ve been using!


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