Orly ‘Radical Optimism’ Spring 2019 Collection Swatches

We’re continuing on with spring reviews! (As it continues snowing here as well). My apartment was being shown all weekend, so I definitely got less swatching than I wanted done. But of course, posts will still be coming, don’t you worry about that. For now, shall we talk about this polish?

Today I have the Orly Spring collection! This is called the ‘Radical Optimism’ collection, and came in the Orly Color Pass.

Funny story, this box actually came to me free! I got a delivery notification for it, and was confused as I hadn’t renewed my Color Pass yet (but was fully planning to later). I hadn’t gotten charged for it, so I emailed customer service to see what happened. And turns out they had sent it to me accidentally! They told me to go ahead and keep it – super quick response and lovely customer service. It was just a lovely surprise for me. I had fully planned on renewing and getting this box myself, so I wasn’t mad!


As always, here I am to talk about how much I love the Color Pass. If you’re looking to have all 4 Orly collections throughout the year – it’s the best deal. It’s $119 for all 4 boxes shipped for each season, and they include the polishes and lil goodies in each box. I go on enough about it, but if you’re interested, here’s the link to learn more: Orly Color Pass (I’m not affiliated or anything, I just love it and have had it for over a year now).

Anyways, let’s get into what’s in the Spring box. You get the ‘Radical Optimism’ collection, a Nail Growth treatment, a lil sample moisturizer, and this fun sticker.


I’m nursing a nasty break on one nail, so I’m excited to try this base coat out! It’s got a little rosy tint to it, but is mainly clear.


Now let’s get into the polish! There are 6 creams in the collection, and two of them have shimmer, though it’s very subtle both in the bottle and on the nails.


First up, we have the lightest shade ‘Lovella’. This is a super light nude cream shade, with just the lightest touch of mauve to it. This had a more sheer 1st coat, which is a little more expected with such a light shade. But, this can be opaque in a 2nd thicker coat – I did a 3rd because there were still some uneven patches on my super ridgey nails. If you have smooth nails, you should be good with 2.

This is a polish you don’t want to manipulate too much, as you can create uneven spots. It’s a thicker formula, so you can easily just float it onto the nail, leave it alone, and then it’s smooth. Nice little palette cleanser if you’ve just been wearing dark winter shades like me.


‘Everything’s Peachy’ is a nice creamsicle orangey-peach cream shade. This had another lil more sheer 1st coat. It can pool a little at the end of the nails, so you don’t want to do too thick of coats. I again did 3 coats on this one since there were still some patches after 2, but I think you can get away with 2 if you have smoother nails.

But look how squishy.


‘Positive Coral-ation’ is a bright, well, coral orange shade. This one can lean on the more peachy-orange side of corals, but it’s got that coral pop in it that would be a great transition for spring into summer.

This had a thinner formula, so it can flood the cuticles if you put on too thick of a coat. I still had some visible nail line and ridges on the 2nd coat, so I added a 3rd. Not my favorite formula, but I loved it for that color. It almost has some dustiness to it that makes it perfect for spring. And the 3 coats honestly weren’t too bad to work with. You’ll just have to set aside a little more manicure time for this one.


‘Coming Up Roses’ is a beautiful rosy neutral cream shade. This, like the others, had a more sheer first coat, but it surprised me when it was pretty well opaque in 2 easy coats. It’s such a soft color, and I think it’s perfect for springtime! So simple, but one of my favorites of the collection.


‘Spirit Junkie’ is a light lilac purple shade with very subtle purple shimmer throughout. I will say the shimmer is barely noticeable, but it gives just a little shine to the color.

Another easy formula that was pretty well opaque in 2 easy coats (I did 3 for the ridges on my nails). This was so fun and bright – and can you say, perfect for spring?


Last but not least you have my favorite shade of the bunch. This is ‘Glass Half Full’ and it’s a bright blue cream with subtle silver shimmer. Again, I do wish the shimmer was more noticeable on the nails. But, I still love the base color.

This one had the easiest formula as well, being opaque in 2 coats, even with the ridges on my nails. Absolutely stunning, and if you only pick up 1 shade, make it this one.


So that’s the Orly Spring 2019 collection!

I will admit that overall, it’s not the most exciting collection. If you’re looking for wild colors, this won’t satisfy that. BUT, I think this is perfect for that soft spring transition. I’m not quite ready for super bright colors (especially while it’s still snowing down here), so these shades are perfect for that!

Of course, I have to be honest, and I can’t sugarcoat here. I know you guys come here for unbiased honest reviews. These shades did have thinner formulas, even by Orly’s standards. Half took 3 coats to cover my ridges, and they could be a little streaky. If you work with them, and float them onto the nails, you can do it in 2 coats. It might have to do with their 12 free formula, or them being lighter shades, but they do take a little more work. I love Orly’s other cream shades they’ve had, so I know these are just a little thinner. They’re not crazy, but with how much polish I swatch, I tend to be a little more picky, and I want to make sure you guys know everything ahead of time!

I do love the more colorful shades, especially ‘Spirit Junkie’ and ‘Glass Half Full’ – though their shimmer gets lost, the base shades are beautiful anyways. Those are the two most unique, and I very much recommend them.

For the lighter shades, they can take an extra coat, but they have a nice squishy look to them that I like. They’re nice neutrals, and really not too much extra work – just a little extra time!

I still love Orly, and there’s nothing here that was even terrible. They just took a little extra love. Nothing too wild.


I’ll have a post on Valentine’s Day with the 3 Essie Valentine’s Day shades I picked up! Do you have any romantic plans? Dinner, and of course lots of chocolate? Better be at least the chocolate.

Lots of reviews continuing to come, so of course, stay tuned for more!


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5 thoughts on “Orly ‘Radical Optimism’ Spring 2019 Collection Swatches

  1. Hi Gingerly!!! Love your review & I’m so grateful. I’m on a beauty budget and it’s nice to know how a product performs before I by it. The only one I will consider buying is ‘Coming up Roses’

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad to hear this! I know I’m the same way and love to be a little more picky about the things I buy, and it’s a big reason why I started this blog too – to try something out and pass it on to others! So I’m glad to hear it’s helpful! It always makes me so happy 😁


    • I know, they’re so pretty! I love it.
      And they look better than they are, I promise! It’s been a liter of hand lotion and cuticle creams all the time, and I always apply a lil Burt’s Bees cuticle cream with a brush right before a photo! Definitely makes them look a little less crusty than they are! 😂Everything has been so dry, especially hands this winter.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, Spot on review! I was very underwhelmed by the Radical Optimism collection. So much pooling at the cuticles. I did like a few of the colors. I just received the Euphoria collection and I’m not crazy about this one either. Looks as though a few of the polishes were ones that didn’t make it into the Spring collection. I love the dark blue and bright red, although they’re hardly unique. I am crazy about the Colorpass subscription though and I look forward to Orly returning to the gorgeous colors and formulas that make it my favorite mainstream polish brand.

    Liked by 1 person

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