Sally Hansen x Crayola ‘Glam Rock’ Metallic Collection

Lord. It’s cold. I’m sitting in my basement apartment, with blankets shoved into cracks under doors and closet and any place I can feel any sort of cold air trying to weasel it’s way into my apartment. I also have a lil space heater pointed at me at all times and will be spending all of my time just bundled up in a nest of blankets. We’re heading into the POLAR VORTEX, y’all. Wednesday this week is calling for a HIGH of -11 and windchills down to -40 so I might actually die. I can’t wait to swatch bright spring collections with some double digit negative temps. BRING IT ON.

The Midwest can be wild and I’ll never leave. This is my fault for always wanting to live next to a lake for the rest of my life, and this is the burden I carry.

Now, anyways. Let’s talk about something great you can do inside, and that’s putting on pretty nail polish. That’s right, this is the perfect weather for me because now I have an excuse to just hide out in my apartment for all free hours and swatch and take pictures of nail polish. I did plan to have this review posted yesterday, but I needed to take the group shot, and broke my SD card and was not emotionally ready to go outside and buy a new one. But I did it today, got my life together, and shall I get into the collection already?

The collection I’m talking about today is a continuation of the Sally Hansen and Crayola Insta-Dri collaboration polishes. Sally Hansen went and popped on us and dropped 12 new metallic shades. And I had to have them all. I got them all, through a combination of muling by great friends and ordering off of Walmart’s website. It was all worth it and I have these babies in my grabby hands.

This is called the ‘Glam Rock’ collection and features 12 metallic finish shades. You can still find shades of these in various Walgreens and other random drugstores, as well as online at Walmart’s website. They retail for between $4-$5.

Spoiler: I love them all.

They have the same packaging as all of the other Crayola shades, with the lil Crayola stripe on the cap, and they match the color inside pretty well. They also have the wider brush, so that’s great to paint quickly and with few strokes. However, it’s a squared off wide brush, so it can be a lil tough to get around a rounded base of your nails without making a little bit of a mess. It’s a small burden that can definitely be worked with, but just wanted to mention it.

Every shade is the specific base color with metallic silver shimmer throughout, so they all have the same metallic finish.

They all have a very similar formula, so I’m summing it up here them, and it applies to all the shades unless I add little notes to specific colors later on in the post. So they were all opaque in 1 easy thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones. The formula dries fast, so even 2 coats was so quick. They have a tiny bit of brushstrokes showing, but they’re honestly so metallic that you can only tell under my bright lights and close up camera.

So metallic and shimmery! I’m honestly in love with these, and am so glad I managed to track them all down. Let’s get into the shades already.

Up first is 601 – ‘Razzmic Berry’. This is a bright warm-toned purple shade. 2 easy coats.


602 – ‘Shimmering Blush’ is a bright rosy magenta. 1 thicker coat or 2 thin ones.


603 – ‘Big Dip O’ Ruby’ is a deeper wine red shade. 1 easy coat.


604 – ‘Bittersweet Shimmer’ is a bright coral shade. 2 easy coats.


605 – ‘Alloy Orange’ is a dusty orange shade. 1 thicker coat or 2 thin ones.


606 – ‘Metallic Sunburst’ is a bright yellow toned gold shade. 1 thicker coat or 2 thin ones.


607 – ‘Sheen Green’ is a bright grass green shade. This one was a little more runny than the others. After one coat, there were some patches at certain angles, so this is one that definitely requires 2 coats.


608 – ‘Metallic Seaweed’ is a gorgeous teal blue shade (idk what seaweed is this color, but I digress’. 1 thicker coat or 2 thin ones.


609 – ‘B’Dazzled Blue’ is a deep navy blue shade. 1 easy coat, and absolutely stunning shade.


610 – ‘Sonic Silver’ is a smoky silver shade. This has a little more gray to it than most silvers. This was another that had a more sheer formula, so it had some uneven patches after just one coat, but 2 will cover it easily.


611 – ‘Deep Space Sparkle’ is a deep smoky gray shade, with just a touch more blue to it than ‘Sonic Silver’ above. 1 thicker coat or 2 thin ones.


And last but certainly not least is 612 – ‘Blast Off Bronze’. This is more of a chocolatey brown shade than bronze, but still a beauty. An easy two coats.


Ugh. Aren’t they all just stunning. I’m honestly in love with all of these shades and can’t wait to continue to wear them. They all had beautiful easy formulas, and the finishes are just so fun. I was wondering what SH x Crayola would continue with and they DELIVERED. I’m gushing, I love it so much, if you find these and a shade that tickles your fancy, you can buy it with no fear.

As mentioned, I’m swatching up the new OPI Spring collection this week, and it’s coming this week. That’s right, I’m on time with a spring collection, and still in the beginning of it being talked about and posted about. This is wild for me. 2019 is already looking up. (We’ll see if I still post this on time). I also have the Orly Spring collection in my room, so that’s coming, along with so many other pretties. Stay tuned for it all.

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2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen x Crayola ‘Glam Rock’ Metallic Collection

  1. This has been the best collection in the collab so far, imo! I still remember having a few of those metallic crayons as a kid and thought I was the coolest person alive :] I really like this finish, it looks amazing in every shade!

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