Sista Chic ‘They Say It’s Your Birthday’ and ‘Moulin Rouge’ Trios

It’s a truly snowy and chilly wintery weekend, so I’m using that as an opportunity to hole up in my apartment and get some swatching done. It’s 3 degrees today, so I’m not leaving. I am one that loves the snow, so when it finally blizzarded this weekend, I loved it so much. It had been so cold and gray for a while, and it was just a depressing winter. If it’s going to be this cold and gray, a little snow just helps it out a little. Especially when they’re big fluffy flakes just dropping down. I went to college way up North in Michigan, so maybe that’s why I love it.

There’s lots of fun polishes to talk about, so let’s just get into it.

We have two new trios from Sista Chic Lacquer to talk about today! As I always say with this brand, they are gifted to me for review, but of course, I will always talk about my honest thoughts and opinions. I never give a guaranteed positive review, and I’m fair to the formula compared to others.

Alright now that that’s over, let’s talk about the collections, shall we?

There are two new trios. All of the polishes will be available on (their own website, switched over from Etsy!) and will all retail for $10 each. As always part of the proceeds of all the polishes goes to Project Rescue, an organization that gives support to women and children rescued from sex trafficking.


The first of the two collections is the ‘They Say It’s Your Birthday’ trio. This one is launching on January 28th. This is celebrating the 1st anniversary of Sista Chic Lacquer, who started on January 28, 2018! Woo! BIRTHDAY.


It’s a collection of a cream with sparkle, a holographic polish, and a flakie topper.

Up first we have ‘I’m Still Standing’. This is a deep purple cream with scattered holographic shimmer. This was a lil sheer on the 1st coat, so it will need a 2nd. It’s also a little thicker of a formula, so make sure to have more product on the brush to make sure it doesn’t skip when applying it. It does take a little more careful application, but otherwise it’s a smooth formula. This does dry with a more satin finish, so I added a glossy top coat for the picture here!


Now this 2nd shade was absolutely my favorite. She’s an absolute beauty.

This is a pink linear holographic called ‘Number One with a Bullet’ (I see that Fall Out Boy reference there).


Oh lord, this one is stunning. I literally said ‘ooooooh’ out loud as I applied it for this picture. It’s a beautiful formula, and was basically a one coat formula. There’s so much holo, and it’s so apparent on the nails.


It’s pretty easy to see the rainbow holo look on your nails, and just stunning.


Just look at this beauty. Okay, I swear we’re moving onto the other polishes, but I wanted one last look.


The last of the anniversary trio is the namesake ‘They Say It’s Your Birthday’. This is a flaky topper with iridescent flakies and a stunning gold-green flash.


This is 3 coats built up on its own, and it offers this ethereal look to the nails. Though I’ll mostly be using this as a topper, it can be used on its own as well for a “your nails but better” look.



Here it is over a black cream shade, ‘Paris Nights’ (from the Moulin Rouge collection down below). As you can see, with one coat, especially over a darker polish, the green flash really just pops off the nails. It’s clear so with one coat it won’t really change the base color, and will just add this different look to anything you put it over.


I also show it over ‘I’m Still Standing’, and it just adds something so cool to any shade you throw it over. Love it.

That’s the ‘They Say It’s Your Birthday’ trio! It’s a fun little collection of different finishes and sparkles. All of the formulas are good, and I love that they’re a change up from traditional creams! They add something unique to your collection.

Launch Date: January 28th




The 2nd trio is the Valentine’s Day trio. This is the ‘Moulin Rouge’ trio and is, of course, based on the movie of the same name (I really need to watch that again). This trio is made up of 2 creams and a topper. This one will release on February 1st.


First up we have the namesake, ‘Moulin Rouge’. This is a juicy red cream shade. This has a lil bit of a crelly finish to it, so it dries so shiny and squishy. This was pretty well opaque in 1 thicker coat. Because of the more crelly like formula, depending on how apparent your nail tips are, you could still have some visible nail line that can be taken care of with a 2nd.


The other cream in the collection is ‘Paris Nights’ and this is a traditional black cream (I can never have too many of those to put underneath toppers). This is pretty well opaque on 1 thicker coat. If you load up more polish, and paint carefully, you can get it done in 1 coat. Otherwise, 2 thinner coats will do it easily.

This also dries with a more “patent leather shine” to it, and also just looks squishy and less threatening on the nails than other blacks.


Lastly, we have the topper ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ (can I change that to burritos?). This is a clear base with smaller metallic silver pieces, and bigger metallic hexagons.


Here it is with 1 coat over ‘Moulin Rouge’. It just adds a little sparkle to any cream base.


I especially love it over ‘Paris Nights’ or any black cream. The silver really pops. This was a thicker concentration of the smaller shimmers so I could get more of the bigger hexagons. They’re a little sparse, but you can pick them up pretty easily in the bottle. They might need a little placing to get them off the brush onto the nail, but it’s nothing too crazy.


I do wish there were a few more hexagons, but I love the delicate smaller shimmers! Reminds me of a night sky. I really gotta get more into toppers this year. There’s some fun ones here.


And that’s the ‘Moulin Rouge’ collection! I will of course say that the red and black creams are not the most unique and are very traditional colors – but they’re good formulas if you’re looking to add those staple colors to your collection.

The real star is definitely the topper. It does really look like crushed diamonds on the nails, and adds a fun touch to any polish underneath it.

Launch Date: February 1st



Those are the two new collections from Sista Chic Lacquer. They’re still a growing brand, (they’ve only been around for a year!), so I can’t wait to see what they continue to come up with. She keeps putting out more unique and fun formulas and polishes, and I’m enjoying trying out and supporting an indie brand. Sometimes there are misses, but not in these two collections.

If you only pick up one, make it that holo.



We’re back to regularly scheduled posting, I promise. After a broken fridge, and a break-in the upstairs apartment, it was a little TOO exciting around here for a little bit. But everyone’s alright and safe and getting back to normal, and that means back to posting. So don’t worry.

As always, lots of nail polish and eyeshadows on the way to review, including spring collections. That’s right, I can’t wait to swatch spring collections with a foot of snow on the ground. But tis the season for spring collections already! Stay tuned for it all!


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