Zoya Earth Day Haul 2018!

It’s that time of year again where I have my Zoya Earth Day Haul! If you’re not aware of it, every year during the month of April for Earth Day, Zoya offers 50% off all of their polishes, making them $5 each.

I’m at the point where I honestly order from Zoya twice a year – during the Earth Day sale, and during the Black Friday sale. I never pay full price for polishes, so ordering them at $10 at any other point of the year is something I can’t bring myself to do yet.

I also love the Earth Day sale for the recycling aspect of it. After you order, you can send any polishes you don’t want, from any brand, back to Zoya with your invoice and they’ll safely recycle them for you. It really makes me sit down, and go through my collection, and get rid of polishes that I know I won’t wear, whether it’s because of formula or just not loving the color on me. It’s what inspired me to start getting my colors all down on swatch sticks as well! (That project has halted a little while I’m busy swatching).

So I went through my wishlist, and watched favorites videos from both JoyfulBeauty and PaintThosePiggies on YouTube (I have to credit them for a lot of my choices) and “narrowed” it down to 12 polishes.

I ordered these by color, because as you go down, there’s definitely a theme. I was very much feeling the springy, cool-toned shades… Enough rambling, we got a lot of polishes to swatch.

I swatched all of these right after I broke my ring finger nail down pretty far. Not wanting to lose the length of all of my other nails, I put on a fake nail on the ring finger – so far it’s working well! You’ll notice how that nail will look smoother than all my others – it’s just a temporary fix until I get some length back on it.

One of the first shades that was on my list and that I had to pick up was ‘Rue’. This is the one Zoya shade I’ve heard absolutely raved about, and I’m understanding why. This is a nice mauve neutral shade, and it’s honestly beautiful. It’s a perfect neutral shade for my skin tone, and cool undertones.

This was almost opaque in 1 thicker coat for me. 2 coats smoothed out any last uneven patches and it was another beautiful Zoya formula.


Up next is ‘Daisy’. This is a buttercup yellow with beautiful blue shimmer. The shimmer really stands out, and just makes it sparkle, like the sun’s reflection on water. This is different from any other yellows I have.

This had a good 1st coat, yet still had some nail line showing. After 2 coats, the nail line was pretty well covered, though you might need 3 coats if you manipulate it too much – but 3 coats is pretty standard for any yellow so I didn’t mind.


Now when I first saw photos of this one, I was so intrigued. It’s the most beautiful “ugly-pretty” color everywhere and I have to have the baby vomit on my nails immediately.

This is ‘Scout’, a fabulous shimmery pea soup color. Isn’t it pretty???? I surprisingly love this more than I thought I would. This baby has a smooth 1st coat – though there is still nail line showing. I got this opaque with a 2nd thicker coat – the formula is easy to control so thicker coats won’t flood your cuticles.

Accept the ugly green into your life.


Okay fine, we’ll go to nicer greens.

This is ‘Tiana’, a light pastel green. It had a good 1st coat – a little sheer, but it’s to be expected with a shade with this much white in it. This was pretty well good for me on 2 coats, although if you have ridgey nails like me, they might shine through. This is one of those thicker formulas that if you don’t have enough polish on the brush, it’ll skip and apply unevenly, so just load up the brush a little more.


I had to get a grass green. I was obviously on quite the green kick.

This is ‘Jace’, a perfect darker grassy green. But surprisingly with this darker cream shade, it had a more thinner, sheer formula. It was smooth, and almost well good with a 2nd thicker coat. I did still have some streaks and uneven patches after the 2nd coat, so I did do a 3rd.

Like I said, I was a *little* disappointed that a color this dark and vibrant had a more sheer formula, but it wasn’t terrible to apply the 3 coats. I’m obviously just more picky.


‘Blu’ is another shade that I heard recommended over and over again. It’s a super light pastel blue (ignore how I goofed it up on my pointer finger, you would think after all the swatching I’ve done, I wouldn’t. but you would be wrong).

‘Blu’ has a really good 1st coat, and is so smooth, again really nice for such a light color. It was opaque for me on a 2nd thicker coat, which was so nice for this pastel! Stunning formula, and I love the light nails.


‘Rayne’ is a beautiful shimmery aqua blue. I love how strong the shimmer is, and it gives it so much depth, like shimmery water. Perfect for summer.

It’s pretty well good on 2 coats, although you might see some nail line depending on how thin of coats you do. You might need 3 if you care about the visible nail line. But that color.


‘Robyn’ is a super bright, vibrant blue shade. This was another with a little more thin formula, but it’s still thin. But this was still opaque for me in 2 easy coats, even with the thinner formula. I probably have too many of these shades, but I can’t get over them. And a beautiful formula to boot.


The last of the blues is ‘Dream’. This is one of the scattered holographics that I didn’t have yet somehow. As always, these holographics are so stunning.

‘Dream’ is the dark blue version. It was an easy two cats. This would be pretty well good on 1 thicker one, but with the 2nd, you layer up the sparkle and just give it even more depth to the nails.


I’m just letting the pictures of this beautiful polish speak for itself.


Okay one more, I promise. This is with flash. In the sun the holographic particles just really pop even more. Trust me, these are the best finishes Zoya makes.


Onto the purples!

This first one is ‘Marley’. It’s a light lilac purple with silver shimmer. I do wish this shimmer was a little more visible on the nail – even in my bright lights it’s still pretty hidden.

But overall, the formula is still really nice. You can almost get this opaque on 1 thicker coat, or 2 easy ones.


This is ‘Leslie’. Leslie, Leslie, my girl, I have now words for your beauty.

My god, this polish is stunning. This came from the same collection as our girl ‘Daisy’ above, as you can tell by that vibrant blue shimmer. This is so stunning and I’m so glad I added this one to my collection. On the 1st coat, there is some nail line, but you can leave it for that classic “perfected nail look” I always mention. But it was opaque in 2 easy coats. Beautiful color, beautiful formula.


I saw a swatch pic of this bad boy, and immediately added it to my cart after I mean, look at how stunning this purple is.

This is ‘Lois’, a beautiful vibrant purple. This was pretty opaque in 1 easy coat, 2 thin ones if you really wanna make sure. Just unf, I drool over it. I just, have no other words.


So that’s my Earth day haul for this year! And after going through my collection, I’m recycling over 30 polishes! I’m so proud of myself for that, and keeping my collection manageable and full of polishes I know I’m going to wear and love. Have you done any declutters lately?

Coming up next is the China Glaze Spring 2018 collection, as well as the new Sally Hansen Crayola shades, and lots more fun! Tons of reviews coming up, so stay tuned!

Did you pick anything up in the Zoya sale? What are your top Zoya polishes?


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3 thoughts on “Zoya Earth Day Haul 2018!

  1. I don’t think I have seen a swatch of Leslie yet because OMG! How do I not have that? The shimmer is absolutely gorgeous. Daisy is so unique, I don’t love yellows but I can respect one like that. This post just reminded me of how much I love Zoya. Even the ones with the iffy formulas are usually so pretty or unique that you can’t really hate them πŸ˜€

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