Essie Spring 2018 Collection

It’s May and I’m finally getting through the last of the spring posts! Maybe someday after I talk about it so much, I’ll actually be “on time” with the collection reviews. Probably never. Really promoting myself, aren’t I?

Either way, here I am with the Essie Spring 2018 collection! Did you see they just dropped 2 new collections right on us? The Sea Glass Shimmers, as well as their Summer collection both seemed to pop out at once! (How am I ever going to catch up when they do me like this). Anyways, you can preview both of those here!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and go back to spring shall we? I mean, it’s not officially summer until June 21st after all.

As usual, it’s a 6 piece collection – after doing 12 piece collections, I almost weep when I just have to swatch a 6 piecer. This one is travel/naval themed, and features 5 creams, and one more shimmery finish. Let’s just get right into it!

The first polish is the lightest in color, as well as the sheerest.

This is ‘Pass-port to Sail’, a light shimmery pearl shade. Like I said, this is more sheer, so if you don’t love that, you won’t love this one. At 1 and 2 coats, you get a more “perfected” nail look, like a little something to clean up your nails without obvious color. After 3 coats, shown here in the picture, there is still nail line, but it’s a nice dainty color.

Formula overall is pretty smooth so wearing it as a more sheer look isn’t too much of a problem. If you manipulate it too much, you might get some patches or uneven spots, so just paint on straight and leave it. Not my favorite finish personally, but a good formula.


All right let’s get on into the opaque colors.

‘Perfect Mate’ is a nice dusty coral pink shade. This is opaque on 1 thicker coat – I did 2 here to help even out my ridgey nails, but a beautiful smooth formula.


‘At the Helm’ is a dusty (they all have a dusty theme to them, so maybe I’ll stop saying that) dark orange shade. This one was a little thinner formula than the previous one, so if you put on too thick of a coat you might end up flooding your cuticles, so just be careful. It’s almost good on the 1 – but I did have some of my ridges peeking through and a lil nail line. 2 coats solved it all up. Again, super smooth to control.


This one is the one I just had to put on right away when I got this collection. ‘Bon Boy-age’ is a love dusty (heh) sage green shade. I just love this shade as it’s honestly pretty unique to my collection.

Another easy 2 coats. This one is thicker than ‘At the Helm’ so you have less chance of flooding your cuticles with a thicker coat.


It reminds me of cool spring mornings, that are a lil gray, ja feel?


The next two are the deeper shades of the collection – definitely a little different for a spring release.

‘Stripes & Sails’ is a deep teal cream. Another one that can be opaque in 1 thicker coat. This was so easy to paint, and it just glides on the nails and love it. This will be perfect for the fall time as well.


Last but not least is ‘Anchor Down’. This is a more muted (I didn’t say dusty this time) grayed out blue shade. Just like ‘Stripes & Sails’, this was opaque on 1 thicker coat with a beautiful formula. These deep shades were just stunning. (And fitting for the random snowy days we had during this spring season).


So that’s your Essie Spring 2018! 5 creams, and 1 shimmer, and they’re beautiful. Though ‘Pass-port to Sail’ isn’t my favorite, it’s a good sheer polish if you’re looking for that dainty finish.

Otherwise the 5 creams are stunning and have beautiful formulas. I love the more muted and, you could say, dusty, color to them all. Perfect transition between spring and summer. And I felt this collection worked really well all together, you know? Looking at them all together, it’s a nice color palette. Lovely.


I’ve been swatching like a madman lately to get through the mountain of polishes and makeup that I’ve accumulated over these past couple of months. (You can see all the reviews coming up in my Instagram highlights if you’re curious). I have one more spring collection to get through, (I know it’s all about summer already), and then the Sally Hansen colors, as well as my Zoya Earth Day Haul! I’ll also have a couple eyeshadow palette reviews coming as well – as well as the new Wet N Wild collection! Did anyone pick that up? Lots of content coming!

It’s finally getting warmer around here, so it’s the perfect time to stay in and swatch! πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for all the reviews coming up!

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