Sinful Colors ‘Vanessa Hudgens’ Collection

Look at Sinful Colors just popping out collections again. With this many collections in a year, they’re going to fill up my Helmers so quickly. I’ll complain, but I’ll continue buying every single thing they ever do. It’s fine. Very healthy.

Anyways, they suddenly dropped this Vanessa Hudgens Festival collection on us. Like bam! There it is. They also did something different with this collection, and it was available at Ulta. You should be able to still find the big display up at Ulta stores (although apparently they might also be in the clearance bin already, so some hunting might be required). Or you can also buy most of the polishes on!

But I found them! This is a 12 piece collection, but I have 11 here currently. Sinful Colors did that thing where they released all but 1, and made that last shade, ‘Shimmy Shimmy’, a dark blue, a more hard to find one. I get it, but it’s also annoying. Anyway, I’ll of course update this when I have the last one, but for now I really wanted to get this up for the 11 that are available now.

It’s a full collection of shimmers and bright colors, so let’s just get into it!

Like I said there are 12 shades – 11 out now. They have the Vanessa Hudgens label on the caps, and as they’re a special collection, like the Kandee Johnson one, instead of $2 each they’re $3. So expensive, I know.

I started with the first two cream shades, and then went into the more shimmery ones – spoiler, there’s a lot of shimmer.

The first one is ‘Wonder’, and its a bright peachy-coral shade. Ugh, look at that baby. She’s so pretty.

This has a good 1st coat. It was more sheer, but it’s a thicker formula so it won’t flood your cuticles if you do a thicker coat. It was pretty well good on 2, but some spots may need a 3rd if you manipulate it too much and end up with some patches. But overall, it seemed to dry really fast, so 3 coats wasn’t too much of a problem.

Just look how pretty she is.


The other cream is called ‘Oh Wonder’ and is a nice sky blue. Another good 1st coat, it was smooth and almost fully opaque in just the one. Overall, it was an easy 2 coats, and had a beautiful formula. Another one that dries fast so those 2 coats are just too easy.


This is a nice bridge between the creams and the shimmers. ‘My Tribe’ is a bright red-orange with subtle silver shimmer in it. Another good 1st coat, with some nail line left. It was pretty well good on 2 coats – if you use a thinner 2nd coat, you might still see some nail line through. I did a thicker 2nd and it was completely covered, so all about application.


‘Spaced Out’ starts us on the shimmers. It’s a lilac purple shimmer and I don’t have any other colors like this in my collection. If you do one coat of this, it leaves a nice, perfected, almost ethereal look to the nails if you want a quick manicure. I got this opaque in a 2nd thicker coat. I did find that if you did two thin of a coat, it can almost look weird and streaky. But it’s a nice thicker formula that won’t flood with a thicker one.


‘Road Trip’ is a more aqua base with silver shimmer throughout. Now this one doesn’t have as thick of a formula, so a thicker coat can flood your cuticles a little if there’s too much polish on the nail. But it was pretty well good on 2 coats. There could be some nail line, or patches if you manipulate it too much, so a 3rd thinner coat might be needed.

But those sparkles.


‘Mystical’ is a bright red-toned coppery shade. I think I gasped when I put this on my nails because it’s so beautiful.

This was absolutely good on 1 coat and has a beautiful formula. From some angles it can do the thing where it looks patchy when it’s not but if that bothers you, you can go ahead and do a 2nd and it fixes it up. It didn’t really have brush strokes, and is just so lovely.


Another one because I love it.


Another favorite is ‘Beet Goes On’, a dark purple base with blue shimmers. This had a good 1st coat, but will definitely need 2. It was good on a thicker 2nd coat, and just look at those sparkles.


‘Festival Fairy’ is a bright shimmery white. This was another one that with 1 coat gives the nail a perfected, ethereal look. There is some nail line on 1 coat, but it was pretty well covered on 2. I did do 3 coats for the picture here, and that makes the base more opaque and white.

Another unique one to add to my collection!


The first of the 2 more yellow shades is ‘Desert Dreams’. This is the more orange-toned and smooth shimmer of the 2. This was another with a thicker, more easy to control formula. I do very much recommend 2 coats with this one. With just one, my nails had a weird yellow stained look to them – not the cutest. But with 2, it evened out the base and made it look better. I don’t know how well this works with my cool skin tone, but I do still love me a good yellow gold.


This next one is ‘About Last Night’ and is bright shimmery yellow gold. (It reminds me of a polish from the Color Symbolic collection… I’ll have to compare those later for sure).

This is super shimmery and very well good on 1 coat. It’s just like ‘Mystical’, where it can look patchy from certain angles, but again a 2nd coat takes care of that, and really punches up the shimmer.


It just really looks like gold on the nails. I feel so expensive in it.


Last (until I get ‘Shimmy Shimmy’ anyways) is ‘Hands Up’, a bright pink shimmer shade. This has another beautiful formula that is opaque on 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones. Another stunning shimmer.


So that’s the 11 pieces of the Vanessa Hudgens collection I have so far! I will definitely be updating this after I get my hands on ‘Shimmy Shimmy’, whenever they decide to finally drop that.

Overall it’s a lot of shimmers and bright colors, and I think they’re perfect for a festival! (Which I’m going to in June, so can’t wait to be a part of the glitter and craziness again). I didn’t really find a bad formula in the bunch! There was only a couple that could have required 3 coats, but the dry time was so good that 3 really wasn’t bad.

Have you picked any of these up?


Lots of new posts coming! I’m trying to get my butt into gear and get some of these reviews that have been piling up out. Sometimes I just suck. Working on that still. But stay tuned for all of the posts!


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