Sinful Colors ‘Indie Soul’ Collection

Sinful Colors is doing that thing again where they bring out lots of collections all at once. And lemme tell you I never hate it. Sinful Colors is just so affordable so of course I’ll just pick up every single thing they ever do. Please love me.

So they’ve put out two separate 3 piece collections that are boho/indie themed. This one I found is called ‘Indie Soul’ and has 3 shimmery tones. ‘Boho Beat’ is another 3 piece collection and has some darker shimmers and creams.

I have ‘Indie Soul’ today, and like I said, it’s a little 3 piece collection, so it’s going to be a nice short post! Let’s get into it.

Up first we have ‘Jelly Ellie’, a bright more coral toned pink shade. (Don’t worry, she’s not really a jelly). In fact, this could almost well be opaque in 1 thicker coat. I did an easy 2 coats for the picture here. It’s got pink and gold shimmers in it, but those don’t show up too much on the nail. They mainly give this a nice depth and shine to it. Overall, really nice formula, and perfect for spring.


‘Positive Vibez’ – yes, it’s with a Z, I can’t change that. This is shimmery bright pink-toned purple shade. This was another that was opaque in 1 thicker coat. All of these formulas are stunning, and 1-2 coats. The silver and pink shimmer in this give it a more frosty look to it, but I love it. Just look how bright that is!


Even though its shimmery, you don’t get brush strokes, which is a definite plus.


Last but not least is my favorite, ‘Rave New World’. This is a bright summery blue with a purple shimmer through it. The shimmer is more subtle on the nails than in the bottle, but it shines in the sun and bright light.

This did have a more sheer first coat, with some nail line showing through. You don’t want to manipulate it too much or you’ll get some streaks. It evened out and was opaque on 2 coats for me – but if you do thinner coats you might need 3. But that color, I can’t ever be mad at. I do wish the shimmer was a little more obvious, but it’s stunning overall.



So those are the 3 shades in the ‘Indie Soul’ collection. I found these at Target in a display with their new core shades (I’ll be finally putting up swatches of those soon as well).

Overall, they had nice, easy formulas, and all built up easily in 2 coats. I always love Sinful Colors, so I love all the new shades they’ve been putting out lately! They’ve really stepped it up with the formulas, so if you see them, I can’t help but recommend them!

Coming up next will be the hyped up Vanessa Hudgens collection, as well as the new core shades. It’s a Sinful Colors week, y’all. What can I say, they have my heart, and my wallet at their beck and call.

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