Orly ‘Pastel City’ Spring 2018 Collection

Yooooooo more spring collection posts! I know, I’m like the slowest nail blogger ever, especially as summer collections are being announced (looking at you OPI, and Essie.) But I’m trying to kick it into high gear and try to somehow get back on schedule (it’s funny that ‘on schedule’ in the swatching world is technically being a season ahead. But whatever, it’s the cross I chose to bear).

But anyways, let’s get right into this one. This is the Orly Spring 2018 collection. It’s a traditional 6 bottle collection and it’s called ‘Pastel City’. It’s made up of 3 light creams and 3 frosty shimmers.

I don’t know about you guys, but I still think Orly is just underrated. From their summer collection on last year, they’ve been putting out fabulous formulas. So I just always want to give them a place on my blog. They deserve it.

This is my first collection, and first experience with the Orly Color Pass! It’s where you pay up front ($119 – that equals to about $4 a bottle) for all 4 collections at the beginning of the year. And then, throughout the year, as collections are released, they’re automatically sent over to you. It’s super nice, and I love the idea of having all the collections already scheduled out to come to me. You can read more about it here. And each of the boxes comes with a fun little presentation, as well as other little items. The spring box came with a scrunchie and a bottle of cuticle oil. Super cute, and I’m here for it.

So let’s finally get into the collection, shall we?

Up first, we have the light nude shade appropriately called ‘Cyber Peach’. Its a nice peachy white nude. The first coat of this is streaky, which I wasn’t surprised at with this light of a nude shade. It has a smooth, easy to control formula, so it’s easy to paint on. This was pretty well good on 2, but some nails did need a 3rd. Depending on your application, if you manipulate it too much, or have super ridgey nails like me, you could need a 3rd coat.

But she’s a light springy pop to keep it light in the middle of all this snow! (That’s right, it’s April 16th and it snowed today, I’m not salty at all. I just want summer so I can instead complain about the heat.)


Up next we have our super light pink. This is really a white base with a few drops of pink in it. This is ‘Power Pastel’, and she’s a soft cotton candy pink that’s so light and airy on the nails. This had a good first coat. It was sheer, but smooth. Depending on the thickness of your coats (I did a thicker 2nd one), you’ll be good on 2 coats. But if you need a 3rd, it’s an easy formula, and it seems to dry pretty quickly, so 3 coats won’t be too difficult.


The last of the creams is ‘Pink Noise’, a darker peachy shade. This was obviously the most opaque of the 3, because it’s darker, and has less white in it. I got this opaque easily in 2 coats. This was another smooth, easy formula. And a lovely peach shade that I think is perfect for spring.


And now we get into the 3 shimmery, frosty shades! Warning: if you don’t like frosty finishes, you’re not going to like the next 3 shades, I’m just saying. 

Up first we have ‘Metallic Haze’, the light champagne gold shade. The first thing my notes say is “she frosty”, and she is.

This was a beautifully smooth formula to apply. I found I could dip in once, and paint all of my nails across without having to dip in again. It didn’t run down the brush either, and it was just so easy. Obviously in this shimmery formula, you’re going to get some brush strokes, so paint straight (which I obviously couldn’t on that ring finger). If you want to get rid of those, you can sponge on the final coat instead and smooth it out.


These next two shades are real frosty, so if you don’t like that, now might be a good time to go back up to the safety of the creams up there.

As for me, I weirdly love the frost? Maybe it’s vintage, and if so, call me Ethel.

This frosty beauty is ‘Lilac City’, a well, shimmery lilac shade. For this one, I got her opaque in one easy coat. Such good coverage for a metallic, I love it. In the photo I did 2 coats, because that’s just standard for me. Again, you know the drill about the brush strokes. It’s just going to happen, and you’ll have to accept it. But look how it just glows nicely on the nails. Purrty.


The last shade might just be the frostiest of them all. This is ‘Electric Jungle’ (is it just me, I don’t know if I get any sort of jungle theme from them? idk it’s just not as vivid green as I would imagine, but I digress). This is a shimmery soft silver blue shade. This one did need 2 coats. It seemed to be a little less pigmented than ‘Lilac City’ above, but 2 coats easily covered it. But it was another smooth formula that was easy to paint on. And we’ve already discussed the brush strokes, we don’t need to go there again.


So there’s your 2018 Orly Spring collection! This is half and half of light creams, and frosty shimmers. I know that the frostiness isn’t for everyone, and the creams aren’t groundbreaking shades. So if you’re just looking for a standard nude like above, you’ll be good.

I do love the frostiness for some reason, and I love the breaking away from ALLLL light pastels. The metallics were so easy to paint on, and just so smooth, so I ain’t mad. You keep doing you, Orly. You keep putting out good stuff.

(This is honestly what I wanted the La La Land collection from last spring to be. Thank god the formulas have been stepped up from then).

What do you think? How do you feel about frosty shimmers?

Lots more spring collections are on the way! And lots more from Sinful Colors! I have the new Vanessa Hudgens collection that’ll be on its way soon, as well as the new core shades (I know, FINALLY), as well as another 3 piece spring collection.

And so many eyeshadow palettes. Like I might have a problem. Might. I don’t have to fully face it yet, it’s fine.

Annnnnnnd I’ve been on the intense journey that has been getting allllll of my polishes swatched on swatch sticks. It’s been quite the project that’s really needed to be done for a while. So I’m using that as why my swatches have been a little slow lately – I’ve been tackling that head on. (Should I do a post about it? Even if it’s just to see some swatch stick porn? Lemme know). But I’m going to start cranking out some reviews!


Lots coming up! Stay tuned!


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7 thoughts on “Orly ‘Pastel City’ Spring 2018 Collection

  1. I love Orly polishes! They are quickly becoming one of my favourite nail brands! I haven’t seen this collection in stores around me though. Might have to track one or two of these down.

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