Sinful Colors ‘Color Symbolic’ Collection – New Shades

It can be hard to keep up and keep straight what collections Sinful Colors currently has out, and what is new and everything. I’m here to straighten it all out.

Alright, Sinful Colors has done the thing again where they release 3 new collections all underneath one big title. They did this for the Spring, with their ‘Spring Trippin’ theme. This included the ‘Desert Divas’ polishes, with the stoned-crystal shimmers finish (see my post here). They also had the ‘Chic Chicas’ which were bright creams with Spanish-themed names, (I posted about three that I found here), and the Sinful Shine collection called ‘Bayou Babes’ (again, find the post here).

They’ve done the same thing for summer with their ’80s Flashback’ theme. There are 3 different collections underneath that: ‘Color Eccentric’, ‘Color Rebellious’ and ‘Color Symbolic’.

‘Color Eccentric’ is their neon collection – I won’t be picking those up at all. If I’m being honest, I can’t be bothered with the white base coat to add another 3 coats on it – and I’ve seen swatches of these and they’re only okay. Idk I haven’t gotten into neons yet. Maybe someday my mind will be changed, nay, I hope someday my mind is changed.

‘Color Rebellious’ has only 3 new shades, and they’re the ‘Moon Metal’ finish – I’ll be posting about those soon!

And last but not least, ‘Color Symbolic’ is the Sinful Shine collection, and what I’m reviewing today! There are only 4 new shades and I have those for you today! Let’s get into the swatches.

The first one is 2242 – ‘Cranberry Craze’. This is a beautiful, well cranberry, jelly-like cream with pink and blue shimmer throughout. This had an easy, smooth first coat. In a hurry, this could be good on 1 coat. However, 2 coats deepens and richens the color, and makes it more juicy on the nails. The shimmer is pretty prominent on the nail as well.


Up next 2243 – ‘Rule My World’ is a bright yellow gold with lots of shimmer. In fact, on my notes I wrote ‘Sparkle bath’. Because your nails are just bathing in the sparkles. This weirdly made me feel like royalty and like I was suddenly better than others. 2 easy coats to opaque.


From what I’ve seen so far, this next one, 2244 – ‘Funky Fierce’ is the crowd favorite. This is a light purple shade with an insane amount of gold shimmer to it. Just look at it. It does take 2-3 thin coats depending on your application, but that shimmer just makes it worth it. They’re smooth, easy coats, so it’s nothing terrible either.




Last but not least is 2245 – ‘So Symbolic’. This is a deep navy blue with all sorts of different colors of shimmer in it. This can be opaque in 1 thicker coat – but, with a dark shimmery color like this, a thick runny coat can be scary to control and subsequently clean up. So I suggest slow and steady thin coats with this one. The sparkles really pop in this, and I can tell it would be an absolutely beautiful polish for fall and winter.


So there’s the ‘Color Symbolic’ side of the collection! I guess with all of the shimmer you can get sort of an 80s vibe with these polishes, right? I honestly didn’t have a single bad thing to say with these – just depends on your finish and color preference whether you pick them up, huh?

I found these at my local Meijer, but they’re also available in Walgreens and Walmart as well! Will you be picking up any shades?

Stay tuned for my other Sinful Colors posts coming soon! – because there’s lots of them coming up.


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