Pure Ice ‘Star Spangled Glamour’ 4th of July Collection

4th of July is right around the corner (it still feels like only June 1st), and that means fun patriotic collections from nail companies! And even better, drugstore nail companies!

I saw advertising for Pure Ice’s 4th of July collection, and just had to find it. This year it’s called the ‘Star Spangled Glamour’ collection and includes 3 polishes – 2 toppers and a cream.

If you’re not familiar with Pure Ice, they can be found at Walmart and retail for $2 each. And so far I’ve had really good luck with them, and they’ve had beautiful formulas.

It took me going to 2 different Walmarts, but I found the 3 polishes and was so excited to swatch them. Let’s get into it!

First up, we have 1470 – ‘Let Freedom Bling’. This is a glitter topper. It’s a clear base with small dark blue metallic glitter, larger metallic red and matte light blue glitters, and larger white star glitters. This was 2 coats, and as you can see there’s a really good distribution of glitter and it’s easy to smooth on. The stars of course sink to the bottom, so you do have to fish for them a little bit, but it’s nothing terrible. A really fun topper.



Here you can see the stars sinking to the bottom. Usually if you just flip the bottle upside down for a little bit before you paint, you can more easily fish them out.


Here it is over a polish I talk about later on. These two pair perfectly together honestly, with the colors complimenting each other nicely. Very easy patriotic manicure idea.


Up next is another topper. This is 1471 – ‘Sparkle City’. This was 2 coats and it’s obvious it’s meant to be a topper – or if you just want sparkly glitter nails. This is a clear base with gold shimmer, round metallic blue pieces, and iridescent flakies in it. On its own its nice on the nail, but it really pops over darker colors.




Here (oh hey different nail shape, I didn’t take this photo after I changed my nails nooo) I topped the blue polish from the collection with ‘Sparkle City’. Now the gold shimmer shifts to pink, and it becomes more dimensional. Just to give you an idea how it pairs with the other polish!


And finally, we have 1472 – ‘Inbluential’, which I mentioned up above. This blue. This COBALT BLUE. This blue .. is incredible. So absolutely smooth and a wonderful formula. This was almost a one coater, and was just so rich in color. And it lasted so long. I had this on my nails, and it only just started to chip after 3-4 days. The best news about it? IT DOESN’T STAIN. It did not stain my nails at all, even wearing it for multiple days. Absolutely incredible, and only $2. What more could you ask for. I weep in joy just looking at it.


Overall, this is a fun little collection for the 4th of July. If you only had to get one from this collection, find that blue. It’s an incredible formula and gives you that rich cobalt blue cream everyone is crazy about these days. Stunning.

I love Pure Ice polishes, and I’ve loved their collections they’ve put out.

Find these at Walmart!

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